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Chapter 412

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Raon bit the inside of his cheek. He felt like his heart was splitting apart because of the Sword Demons frightening gaze, but he activated the Ring of Fire to endure it.

Hes a real deal.

He hadnt spread his pressure nor used his aura. The pressure came from his presence alone, which meant that the Sword Demons fame resounding throughout the continent wasnt exaggerated.


What did the expression that appeared on his face from time to time mean?

Even though the Sword Demon was overwhelmingly superior in every aspect, including might and willpower, his eyes were trembling like a lake with a pebble thrown into it.

Your pressure and confidence are befitting the name of White Sword Dragon at least.

The Sword Demon nodded. His eyes werent wavering as if a boulder was weighing down upon them anymore.

Alright, I accept that bet.

Its not exactly a bet.

Raon shook his head at the Sword Demon.

I just wanted to witness my seniors sword as a junior in the path of swordsmanship.

You can still talk after how arrogant you were!

Mustan fiercely glared at him like a savage beast looking at its prey.

Your sword is never going to reach my master because Ill be putting an end to it.

He threw away his pretense of politeness and ground his teeth.

We wont know until we actually fight.

Raon smiled faintly while meeting Mustans animosity-filled gaze.

Im sorry, but Im not about to stop with you since this is a great opportunity.

Mustan hadnt become famous yet but was powerful enough to be called the disciple of the Sword Demon. Raon could already gain a lot from fighting against him.

However, clashing against the Sword Demon a single time was far more beneficial for him in his realm.

He wasnt underestimating Mustan. He just wanted to catch the better opportunity.

Fine, draw your sword. Lets fight right awa


Mustan was about to draw his sword when the Sword Demon raised his hand.

Hes not in perfect condition yet.

Hed noticed at a glance that Raons might hadnt perfectly recovered yet.

Two days should be enough, right?


One day was enough for Raon thanks to the improved Sloth, but he simply nodded because he needed some time after that to get used to his growth.

Lets set the date for noon in two days.

The Sword Demon turned around after that and returned to his room.

Mustan didnt follow him, biting his lip tightly while glaring at Raon.

Im never going to lose to you.

He glared with a frightening glow in his eyes as if he were holding some grudge against Raon before he turned around to follow the Sword Demon.

Raon narrowed his eyes while looking at Mustan.

Why is he so angry? Its not simply because I requested a spar with the Sword Demon.

Mustans gaze was already hostile from the first encounter, and he could feel malice in his voice.

He definitely hated me even before we met.

Raon couldnt understand his reaction because theyd never met before.

Hes jealous.

Wrath snorted and rebuked him over the fact that he couldnt recognize human emotions even though he was also human.

You seriously dont look like a human.

Jealous? Why would he be jealous of me?

Raon couldnt understand why he would be jealous of anyone when he was the disciple of the Sword Demon that everyone looked up to.

Envy is one of the ugly instincts of human beings. The reason doesnt really matter.

Wrath murmured that he should wash himself already and start eating because it was obviously not an important reason.

Envy Maybe you are right.

Humans couldnt exactly tell their own emotions. Raon had the feeling that Mustan probably didnt even know why he was so angry.

Well, Ive gained the opportunity to spar against the Sword Demon thanks to him.

Raon washed his muddy hands and face before heading to the festival avenue.

Since enough time had passed, people were already getting tipsy and had scattered around to enjoy the festival.

The Light Wind squad wasnt the only one on the long table that Dorian had taken out. Milland, Borini Kitten, Morell, and even Trevin were drinking with them.

Everyones together.

Raon smiled faintly and walked up to the table.

Why are you bustling around so much?

Rimmer frowned. His face was completely red because hed already drunk so much.

Come here already and pour a drink for your great squad leader!

Sure, sure.

Raon ignored the drunkard and sat next to Milland.

Castellan, thank you for your help.

He bowed while pouring the drink into Millands empty glass.

How many times did you say that again?

Milland shook his head while accepting the glass.

This much is nothing compared to what youve done for Habun Castle.

He grinned, saying that the Habun Castle knights and swordsmen who came to help had volunteered for it.

Raons heart pounded upon hearing that everyone had volunteered to help him. It was a pleasant pounding that didnt feel repulsive at all.

Milland simply tapped his shoulder. He seemed to know that feeling.

It was the same for us.

Borini Kitten smiled while putting down his fork.

If it werent for you, our Owen wouldve been disgraced from being unable to stop the Fallen as the host of the Conference of the Six Kings. You saved our people and our honor at the same time. Nothing I do will be enough to repay that gratitude.

He bowed, saying that he wouldnt be able to repay that gratitude even if he tried for the rest of his life.

Moreover, this incident was a battle against the Specter, who was trying to take over the continent. Im the one who is grateful to you for giving this great experience to me and my knights.

Borini Kitten smiled gently, telling him to not consider it as a request.

Isnt it true, Your Highness?

Hmm? Ah! Yes! Of course!

The third prince was staring at Martha as she sipped her drink and awkwardly responded.

Hey! Why do you keep glaring at me?!


Martha shouted at him, and the third prince quickly averted his gaze, pretending he wasnt looking.


Raon chuckled while watching them, and Wrath suddenly appeared to grab his collar.

Stop talking! Please stop talking and start fucking eating already!

Wrath screamed while asking why he had to keep running his mouth when there was so much food around.

Which one do you want to start with?

Lets start with the pie right in front of you!

Raon nodded and put the blueberry pie in his mouth since Wrath wanted it so much.


The crispiness of multi-layered pastry and the sour-sweet flavor of blueberry filled the mouth.

The small pieces of almond scattered around added a nutty finisher and satisfaction welled up in him from a single bite.

This is pretty good.

He could understand why Wrath kept begging him to eat it.


Tears dropped from Wraths eyes as soon as he finished eating the pie.

Is that how much you loved it?

Its not just about the taste. The King of Essence couldnt help getting teary because of how much he had to suffer!

He patted his own shoulder, praising himself for enduring a hard life under the evil human.

Next up! Bring the grape jam sandwich and the clay-baked duck!

Wrath shouted the names of the next bit of food he wanted. Raon chuckled and granted all of his requests because he almost looked like he hadnt eaten for days.


Wrath smiled in satisfaction while leisurely lying on the ground with a potbelly.

This is the life!

His eyes were blinking because he got drowsy after the meal. Raon ignored him and went to Morell to pour some wine into his glass.

This wine is rather decent. I dont like everything else, though.

Morell licked his lips, saying that he might come back to drink the wine again.

Im glad it suits your palate.

Arianne's wine is priceless, after all.

He raised his gaze along with the glass.

Are you still not going to tell me?

What do you mean?

Im curious how you are controlling our donkey princess.

Im not controlling her. She simply promised that shed grant a few of my requests.

Raon smiled faintly and shook his head.

Well, I guess its not that important.

Morell sipped on the wine.

The fact that the donkey knelt in front of me and pleaded was good enough.

His lips rolled into a smile as he told him that it was his first time seeing that donkey princess bow to anyone even though hed known her ever since her childhood.

Im glad to hear that.

Raon chuckled. Morells reaction was natural because, considering her personality, Jayna wouldnt have acted differently in her kingdom.

Raon clinked glasses with Morell before going to the Warring Steel divisions table and sitting next to Trevin.

Are you enjoying the festival?

Its not bad.

Trevin nodded, saying that the food and liquor were good enough to justify his help.


He wasnt honest, but he couldnt bring himself to hate him. He was different from the other members of the direct line of Zieghart in many ways.

Thank you for coming.

I was just getting bored.

Trevin shook his hand, saying that he only came to help because he had nothing else to do.

Our division leader is doing it again.

You made a huge fuss because you wanted us to come to the rescue!

Lets be honest, please.

I wonder how long hes going to do that.

Shut up, all of you!

The Warring Steel swordsmen murmured, and Trevin slammed the table with a flushed face.

You dont need to thank me since we are swordsmen of Zieghart. Dont worry about it.

Trevin declared and guzzled down his drink.

Raons fingertips trembled as he watched Trevin keep wolfing down his drink.

I dont need to thank him because we are swordsmen of Zieghart

He wouldve sneered if it were another member of the direct line whod said that line.

However, because it was Trevin, who came to save the Light Wind squad without expecting anything in return, his heart pounded violently.

I want to remember that line.

Trevin was right. It was the houses job to save its members regardless of the situation or circumstance.

Raon wanted to make a house where people could trust each other like that if he ended up making one in the future.

Thank you.

Raon bowed to Trevin and the Warring Steel division once again before sitting at the table.


Wrath, whod been hanging on his shoulder like laundry, poked his head over his bulging belly.

Is it the second round? The King of Essence can keep eating!

My stomach is about to burst, though?

Nonsense! You might shove some Nadine bread into it if you have space left in your stomach! We need to fill even more!


Raon shook his head and filled his plate with food that he hadnt tasted yet.

By the way, what took you so long?

Martha was glaring at the third prince before she started to drink again and suddenly asked.

I know, right? You took so long in the swamp, and also when you washed yourself.

Burren tilted his head, asking what happened.

Did you fall asleep?

Runaan asked if anyone gave him a blanket to sleep on the road.

Thats not it. I met the Sword Demon and his disciple on the way.

Why would you do that?

It just happened. We are going to have a spar.


Where is this even coming from?

The Light Wind members suddenly stood up and dropped their jaws, and the same went for the warriors from the other factions.

What happened was

Raon briefly explained what happened at the well.

A spar against the Sword Demon?

Thats an amazing opportunity!

Its an extraordinary occasion indeed, as hes the strongest of the Five Great Swordmasters and an expert in swordsmanship.

I-Im jealous

They licked their lips, jealous that Raon had a chance to spar against the Sword Demon.

Wait, no. You have to defeat his disciple beforehand.

He had an extraordinary pressure.

I could tell at a glance that he is a mighty warrior.

Moreover, there should be more than his realm since hes the Sword Demons disciple. He must be several times stronger than his realm.

But Raon is still going to win.

Indeed, he didnt earn the name of White Sword Dragon by gambling.

Everyone clinked their glasses and started to guess who was going to win the spar.


Rimmers eyes sparkled like a star even though hed been quietly drinking.

A spar

He quietly stood up from the table while holding his glass.

I shall make my preparations.



Raon picked up Heavenly Drive from next to the table and stood up. He clenched his right fist and nodded.

Im in perfect condition.

Hed rested for a day to recover his body and trained the next day to get used to his improved body and aura. He was certain that he was in his best condition.

You are still a weakling.

Raon looked aside upon hearing Wraths sneer. A plump cotton candy was jeering at him.

It was the result of eating everything he wanted for two days, as he had to get enough nutrition for recovery anyway.

Do your best so that you wont lose to a mere disciple.

I was planning to do so even if you didnt tell me to. I need to get stronger even faster.

He didnt even have a year and a half until the duel against the Axe King. Fighting Mustan was going to be educational, but he wanted to try facing the Sword Demon in order to advance even higher.

Raon changed into the combat uniform and equipped Heavenly Drive around his waist before leaving his room.

Because the rumor about the spar had already spread, lots of people were gathered around the training ground with a bunch of food vendors.

This is pretty much a festival.

Raon didnt expect it to happen, but House Arianne had become more energetic thanks to the spar.

There are chicken skewers over there! Clay-baked chicken skewers are rare delicacies! Lets go there and eat them!

Wrath licked his lips while looking at the clay-baked chicken skewers that were being sold at a stall on the right.

Im about to fight though

Eating before you fight will make you better!

I already ate though.

Snacks are a part of a meal!

Raon started at Wrath in bewilderment before he sighed. He couldnt understand why his wrath kept decreasing and his gluttony kept increasing instead.

Monarch of Useless Eating.

Raon came to the conclusion that hed picked the wrong name. He wanted to meet the one who gave him the name Monarch of Wrath.

Lets go already!

Im not.

Raon slapped Wrath away because he kept clinging to him and went towards the center of the castle while looking around the stalls.

One more beer!

I need popcorn!

Wow, Im looking forward to the match. I wonder who is going to win?

Do you even need to ask? Our benefactor is obviously going to win!

But his opponent is the disciple of the Sword Demon from the Five Great Swordmasters! And hes way older, too!

He has extraordinary skills, thats for sure.

People were trying to guess who was going to win the match while enjoying the food.


Raon was going towards the arena, but he found a large stall with even more people than the others.

Im going to bet on our benefactor, Sir Raon!

Me, too! Im obviously betting on the benefactor!

But the swordsman called Mustan was rather amazing. His eyes looked like a savage beasts!

Its understandable since the Sword Demon must know how to teach a disciple.

He could see a large amount of gold and silver coins being poured into the stall. They seemed to be gambling.

People would be gambling, of course.

Since the outcome wasnt obvious at all, it was only natural that people would gamble about it. Since it was part of the festival, there was no reason to stop them.

I wonder if the squad leader is there?

A dung fly wouldnt miss out on dung.


Raon figured that the punk elf mustve been there and tried to find him, but unexpectedly, he couldnt see him anywhere.

Did he already bet and get away?

He thought Rimmer would check the odds before betting, but he mustve bet before the others and left. Raon decided to leave them alone, but a familiar voice could be heard from inside the stall.

Hah! You ignorant fools. Raon didnt put an end to this war, I did. You cant tell who wins until it happens.

Raon looked at the stall once again upon hearing that loafers voice.

A red-haired elf was grinning from the shopkeepers seat.

Raon and Wraths jaws dropped as they found Rimmer, who was running the gambling house instead of simply betting on it.

How far is that elf planning to go?

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