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«The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 945: She Didn’t Hear from Him at All

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Chapter 945: She Didn’t Hear from Him at All

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Xi Xi didn’t understand what her mother was referring to. She only had a younger brother named Ye Chenyu but she didn’t think of him as her brother.

He Xiyan froze in shock and she felt her heart stop when her daughter mentioned that she didn’t have a brother.

She frowned and felt like something snap in her mind. She finally realized that Ye Hao had probably never mentioned Yuan Yuan’s existence to Xi Xi and Yuan Yuan didn’t know that he had a younger sister either because she had never heard Yuan Yuan mention that he had a younger sister.

Her heart twisted in pain and the pain was even more intense than when she realized that her two children have never met each other before, much less acknowledge each other as brother and sister.

“Xi Xi, you have an elder brother who is one year older than you. He attends a kindergarten that is located west of the city,” she said.

Then, she dug out her phone and clicked on Yuan Yuan’s photograph stored in her camera roll before she showed his photo to Xi Xi.

Xi Xi took a quick glance at the photo before she turned her head away.

“Mom, I don’t need a brother and neither do I have a brother,” she said coldly. She did not seem excited to have an elder brother.

She wasn’t interested in having an older or younger brother.

He Xiyan froze in the corner and her grip tightened around her phone. A complicated look crossed her eyes as she looked at her daughter.

Oh well, she would wait a few more days before she introduced the two children to each other.

Xi Xi seemed very sensitive so she didn’t want to agitate her daughter any further,

He Xiyan helped Xi Xi with her shower after they were done watching cartoons. All she needed to do was to help Xi Xi fill the tub and Xi Xi could wash and change her own clothes.

Xi Xi quickly slipped into a deep sleep at night while He Xiyan tossed and turned in bed. Her mind was filled with her memories over the past few years.

She had been treated coldly at the Mo family and Li Qin had constantly bullied her because of her poor family background and also because she was infertile. She had even forced her to consume all sorts of strange medication while Mo Yixuan had always treated her coldly and even had an affair with Xia Yuwei. Then, she married into the Ye family and only agreed to enter into a relationship with him because she trusted him. However, Ye Hao didn’t seem to put her first in their relationship and didn’t even trust her, so she felt like an outsider in the family.

She thought of Jiahang, a man whose life used to revolve around her, and also a man who was willing to oppose his family in order to be with her.

“I’m sorry!” she said as she looked in the direction of the window.

She didn’t know what else she could say other than ‘sorry’.

Some relationships ended not because there was no love between the couple, but because the couple didn’t have a future ahead. This was what was wrong with her relationship with Jiahang.

“Jiahang, I hope you’ll live well. Please don’t be hurt by my actions,” she said as she closed her eyes and concealed the pain and helplessness that was reflected in her eyes. This was how she chose to end this precious relationship.

This had been a beautiful relationship devoid of any quarrels, conflicts, or betrayals, so she wanted to treasure this beautiful memory.

She opened her WeChat app and looked at the screen after she logged in. To her surprise, she didn’t see any message notifications. She clicked on Jiahang’s display picture and saw that he hadn’t sent her any messages today.

He had truly stopped messaging her. This was the first time he did not message her in the 9 days since she had left him.

She suddenly sniffed and felt depressed for some reason.

But she smiled.

(Jiahang, I wish you all the best.)

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