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«The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 1348: Yixuan, Do You Like Me?

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Chapter 1348: Yixuan, Do You Like Me?

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Mo Yixuan, who seemed to be calm, also slightly flushed at this moment.

Although he was a man, such a thing only happened once.

He actually knew something about women’s physiology. She said that she had her period today.

He chuckled, reaching out his hand and combing through her long hair. Then he printed a light kiss on her bright white forehead.

“It’s OK. Don’t be nervous.”

In such a case, even if he wanted to, he would not do such a thing to her.

Turning around, he went to the bathroom. Since there was no clothes for him to change, he could only wear the same clothes after the shower.

He took a shower every day, no matter how cold it was. Without a shower, he could not sleep well.

In the evening, He Xiyan nestled sweetly in Mo Yixuan’s arms, resting her head on his strong arm.

At this moment, her heart seemed to be filled with honey, very warm.

“Yixuan, do you like me?” He Xiyan somehow asked this question that almost all girls asked their boyfriends.

After all, every girl wanted to hear the man she loved say, “I love you!”

Mo Yixuan was stunned. Under the light, something seemed to flash on his handsome face. He actually heard her question clearly.

Did he like her?

Like her?

He liked her thoughtfulness and kindness or liked her deep love for him?

Mo Yixuan was somewhat confused.

He hadn’t really thought about it.

He himself actually didn’t know whether he liked the girl in front of him or simply had some good feeling.

Anyway he still nodded and replied with two words, “I do.”

He thought that he would like her in the future, because she was the only girl he accepted for so many years.

He Xiyan chuckled. The tension and worry in her heart all disappeared the moment he nodded. Instead, she was now full of happiness.

In fact, she also believed that he liked her more or less, because with such good conditions, he actually could find a lot of girls who were more beautiful than her.

“I like you, too!” She said with a smile. For the first time, she had expressed her love so boldly in front of him, though this was not the first time she did so.

Mo Yixuan turned around and kissed her pink cheek. All of a sudden, he seemed to touch something, which was extremely soft.

He took a deep breath, which became a little hot. He quickly took back his hand and did not move on, because she was on her period.

He Xiyan, sensitive and delicate, soon found the change of the man beside her, and also felt that he was getting hotter and hotter.

He must be suffering, she thought.

She gently pushed his hands away, which were holding her, then she moved a little to the edge of the bed. However, it would be better if she did not move. Mo Yixuan actually felt more uncomfortable the moment she moved.

He pulled her back again, into his arms and held her tightly.

“Yi…” He Xiyan’s words drowned in the man’s lips and teeth.

The warm and soft feeling made every nerve in Mo Yixuan warm up. They kissed each other for nearly five minutes, until he could not help anymore. He then held her hand and said softly, “Yanyan, help me!”

(He Xiyan)…

He Xiyan flushed totally, and her breathing became disordered already. She looked at man’s watery eyes, heart pounding fast.

She frowned with doubts, as if she didn’t understand what he meant.

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