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«The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 1273: Goodbye, Yan Yan!

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Chapter 1273: Goodbye, Yan Yan!

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He Xiyan tried to persuade him to try to get better. She didn’t know how else to get through to him but she knew that he definitely cared about Yuan Yuan. She knew that he would slowly improve for Yuan Yuan’s sake.

The light in Mo Yixuan’s eyes dimmed and his lips curved into a small smile.

He didn’t give her a reply but he gave her a small nod.

He would agree to her request because this was what she wanted to see. He would promise to live well and he would never give up on himself.

She finally relaxed when she saw him smile. She continued, “Please take care of yourself. Please stop drinking and smoking and remember to sleep early every day. Let Mo Ling handle the company and don’t fret so much about work. You should head outside to relax after you get better. You didn’t have time to travel in the past, right? This is why you’ve missed out on so many beautiful views around the world.”

Mo Yixuan nodded but his lips twisted into a wry smile.

Now that she wasn’t by his side, there wouldn’t be any point in witnessing the world’s most beautiful view or going to the world’s most beautiful place alone.

She smiled and placed a small blanket over his legs.

“I’ll head back now. Remember to eat your meals on time,” she said.

She glanced at the clock and saw that she had spent two to three hours here. It was time for her to go home.

She turned, picked up her bag, and waved goodbye at Mo Yixuan.

He gave her a small nod and his eyes kept blinking as he watched her gradually walk further and further away. He watched as she walked out of the living room, headed out of the gates of the Mo mansion, and stared at her until he could no longer see her from the window.

He took a deep breath and tears rolled down his eyes as he blinked.

“Yan Yan…” he said softly but no one else could hear his voice.

He suddenly lifted his right hand and gently waved it. Then, he said very softly, “Goodbye!”

He Xiyan returned to the castle.

The employees at the castle were very busy. They were no longer the same people as those who had been employed by the Ye family 12 years ago. The castle was a little quiet because her husband was attending an important meeting in America and was only due to come home two days later and her daughter Ye Zixi was studying in England. She hadn’t been home in six months.

Her mother-in-law Xia Jingshu passed away two years ago. She had been 75 when she passed away.

She had enjoyed an amicable relationship with her mother-in-law after she remarried Ye Hao. They didn’t live in the same house as Xia Jingshu remained at Qin Garden and she had also passed away at Qin Garden.

She remembered that Xia Jingshu had passed away with a smile and her final words to her were, “Thank you!”

She was all alone in the castle with her child Mo Mo.

Mo Mo was very well-behaved. He was in fourth grade and would start working on his homework the moment he returned home after school. She didn’t need to fret over him.

She returned to her bedroom after she had dinner.

She slept very early that night and was already in bed before 9 PM.

She tossed and turned in bed but she couldn’t fall asleep. She thought about the past and the memories that she had been unwilling to touch for the past twenty years welled to the surface.

She thought that she had forgotten about it but when she reminisced about the past, she was surprised that she could remember the past so well. She could even clearly remember the details.

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