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«The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 1052: Gave Your Father A Lump Of Poop

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Chapter 1052: Gave Your Father A Lump Of Poop

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Xixi was talking on the phone at the moment, but because of too much noise, she had to hang up the phone in advance.

“Well, Dad, I know.”

After that, Xixi hung up.

He Xiyan picked up her daughter first, and then Yuanyuan came out ten minutes later.

There were many children in school, which was overcrowded every time after school.

He Xiyan got in the car with two children, helped them fasten their safety belts, and then started the car.

“Mom…” Xixi touched her hair. Thinking of something, she said, “Dad said that he would come see me later.”

Xixi smiled and waved happily in the car, looking very excited.

She hadn’t seen her father for days. She had thought that her father forgot her.

He Xiyan stopped. She frowned at her daughter’s words.

“Xixi…” She turned to look at her daughter and asked, “your father didn’t send me a message saying that he would come to see you.”

He Xiyan told Ye Hao and Mo Yixuan clearly that they should tell her first if they plan to see their children so that she can ask the maids at home to send them over.

How could it be that he was coming to see his child all of a sudden.

Xixi was smiling, showing her small teeth and her head shook from side to side.

“But Dad called me.” Xixi smiled said. Then she cast a look at Yuanyuan, as if she deliberately infuriated her brother, and said, “Yuanyuan, you see, your father doesn’t come to see you. Your father doesn’t miss you at all.”

Yuanyuan pursed his small mouth, his head having turned to the other side. At this time, his face was covered with frustration.

“My father will come to see me. He’s just on a business trip elsewhere.”

Yuanyuan also missed his father. He sent him messages and videos every day, but his father was always busy in other cities.

“Oh…” Xixi leaned over towards her brother, blinking a pair of bright eyes with her long eyelashes quivering.

“When your father comes, I’ll send him a lump of poop.” Xixi said, and then laughed out loud in the car upon seeing his brother’s red face.

Yuanyuan suddenly looked different. He was really infuriated, his small hands holding tightly.

“I’ll give one to your father first.” He snorted coldly, turning his head away, not wanting to talk with his sister.

He Xiyan, who was driving a car, was somewhat anxious. The thought of her two ex-husbands bothered her a lot. And she had no way to deal with them. The court also made a decision that they could visit their children at any time. She couldn’t prevent them from seeing their children. The children also had deep feelings for their fathers, so it was impossible for them not to meet their fathers.

She was upset at the thought of this.

They arrived at the castle about forty minutes later.

And far away, He Xiyan saw a car parked at the gate, a car she had seen before. Last time, Ye Hao was driving this car to pick up Xixi.

Xixi was very happy. She had untied her seat belt and rested at the car window.

Ye Hao had gone into the castle directly. After he left his car at the gate, he then came in from the guard room. Most of the people in the castle were his men, so no one here dared to stop him. He could come whenever he wanted.

“Dad…” Xixi had already seen her father in the hall.

She ran over happily, and hugged her father’s long straight legs.

Ye Hao held up the child. However, instead of excitement and happiness, his face was covered with a deep worry and anxiety.

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