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Chapter 734: Master of the fu family (3)

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A low, magnetic, and steady voice came from outside, familiar and clear to the young man’s ears. Fireflies in summer and moths were recklessly charging around under the street lights. The owner of the voice opened his mouth again, and his tone was firm and determined.”She, Fu Zhi, is Ouyang Zhui’s daughter! He should be the head of our Ouyang family!” The content of the voice was deafening, and the person who spoke made everyone who looked at the voice open their mouths in surprise. Then, everyone heard Ouyang Yue mumble softly,”father …” As if separated by a layer of time and space, the young man’s voice was vague and fragile. He looked straight at the man in a black robe in front of him. He wanted to be sure, but he was not sure.”You’re back?” You’re really back?” It had been 13 years since Ouyang sui left the Ouyang family in search of the next family head. Bai yuncang’s life had changed, but the only thing that had not changed was Ouyang Yue’s firm and resolute promise to Ouyang sui thirteen years ago that he would guard the position of family head for the young family head and wait for Ouyang sui to bring the young family head back home to regain the glory of the Ouyang family! He saw the man standing in the ruins with slightly white sideburns. He was wearing a long shirt and black cloth shoes, and there was a brown mole at the corner of his eye. When the other party smiled and nodded, and called him by his nickname, his eyes turned red. “Yue.” Dark clouds shrouded the moonlight. On the eve of the dawn, Ouyang sui cast an appreciative look at his son.”You did well.” “Father!” Ouyang Yue was finally pulled back to reality from his doubts. Hot tears rolled down his face. He was excited and full of admiration. He rushed forward. “What a great show of a loving father and filial son!” With great difficulty! He accepted the sudden fact that Ouyang sui had returned to the Ouyang family. Ouyang Jing coldly looked at this group of!! Stards trying to usurp his position as the head of the family. You actually dare to return to the Ouyang family!” Other than the first time he knew that Ouyang sui had left the head of the family to find Ouyang Zhui’s illegitimate son, he had not heard a word from him for the next ten years. If he had not met him today, Ouyang Jing would have thought that he had died outside! “Then I’ll have to disappoint you!” At the edge of the crowd, Ouyang sui patted Ouyang Yue’s shoulder to comfort his son. Then, he raised his leg and walked to the center of the crowd without hesitation. Then, he cleared his throat. Shen Cizhou subconsciously straightened his back and waited for Ouyang sui’s long speech. However, in the next second, He saw Ouyang sui take a step back, then another step back, and then another step back, step by step closer to Fu Zhi. When he was three meters away from Fu Zhi, he stood in front of a group of secret guards and maintained a distance of more than ten meters from Ouyang Feng. After making sure that he was safe, he flicked his sleeves and scolded with a strong sense of righteousness,”Why don’t you make a scene and look at yourself in the mirror to see how short and poor you look! In the past, he fought with my son for the position of the family head, and now he even wanted to fight for the family business with the true bloodline! You shameless thing, do you think you can dream of the patriarch position?” “This is because you run fast and stay far away from me. If you stand in front of me, I’ll slap you so that you won’t be able to see the moon tonight!” Shen Cizhou: “???” For a moment, he couldn’t tell whether Ouyang Yue’s father’s thick skin was inherited from the family or acquired through hard work. Face is a good thing, it’s not good to throw it away like this! Ouyang Jing’s face turned green and white at his sarcasm. He felt that this group of elders were not good people. They had all joined forces to scold him for fighting alone! “I’ll spit on your Orthodox bloodline! There’s no war, there’s no such thing as a liar!” Ouyang Jing threw the rifle in his hand and said angrily,””Stop being an alarmist and being so shameless! Ouyang Zhui didn’t even have a wife, so where did his daughter come from? Moreover, even if he randomly found a woman, unless he hit her in one shot, he would need time to give birth to this child! He’s a person who stays in the Ouyang family all day long, where would he have the time to go out and get a woman to have children?” “Moreover, it was the people from the TZ Research Institute who personally told us that Fu Zhi’s parents were researchers! She has a father and a mother. Even if you have to make up a story, you have to make up an orphan identity to acknowledge her ancestors! Only a nine - year - old who wet his bed could tell such a ridiculous lie! As long as you’re more mature and have never peed on your bed, you won’t believe your stupid words!” “???” “That can’t be. Elder Ouyang sui looks like a smart person. I didn’t wet my bed when I was nine, but he did when he was nine?” “Elder Ouyang Jing is older than him. He said that he watched Ouyang sui grow up, so if he says he peed, he must have peed!” “Ouyang sui also said that Fu Zhi is a child of the Ouyang family! This wasn’t even a definite answer! If it’s true, not to mention the secret guards listening to Fu Zhi, even more than 80% of the people in the Ouyang family will be biased towards Fu Zhi for the sake of Ouyang Zhui. Are we going to surrender or not?” “Vote my ass! A nine - year - old who still wet the bed was most likely a person with a weak kidney and a guilty heart who didn’t take any responsibility and didn’t speak the truth! A child like Fu Zhi must have been pampered by her parents just by looking at her temperament! I don’t think she’s the daughter of the previous master!” “But her shooting talent is as strong as the previous head of the family!” “Then Ouyang ya’s design talent is more like the previous master ‘s! In the end, it was just a coincidence! Let’s see, let’s see!” The senior instructors beside Ouyang Jing bent over and chattered to each other. It was unknown if they were trying to encourage each other or something else, but after they finished speaking, they immediately clenched the guns in their hands. They had originally planned to give up, but now they were struggling again! “Who wet the bed at the age of nine? Don’t try to confuse us! He’s trying to get away with it!” Ouyang sui noticed the change in the mood of the people around him. From the corner of his eye, he saw Ouyang Jing’s eyes flash. He sneered and flicked the non - existent dust on his sleeves. He mercilessly saw through his little trick and said,””I’ve been investigating for thirteen years. How can I not know the truth better than you, old man?” “Fu Zhi’s birthday is 18 this year! 18 years ago, our family head was taken away by the country and left for half a year. This period of time was enough for him to create a Fu Zhi!” Seeing that Ouyang Jing was about to refute, Ouyang sui quickly added,””Besides, technology is so advanced now. If you want a child, you don’t necessarily need the child to grow up in the mother’s womb!” “It’s true that Fu Zhi has other biological parents, but she’s also Ouyang Zhui’s child!” BOOM! What kind of earth - shattering gossip was this? He had parents, but he was also Ouyang Zhui’s child? So Fu Zhi’s mother had an affair with the old Ouyang next door? Ouyang Zhui was the patriarch of the Ouyang family, and his status was very high. No one present would believe that he could do something like seducing someone’s wife. He even felt that Ouyang sui’s words were disgusting. But Ouyang Jing’s expression changed. He had long known that Fu Zhi was a genetically synthesized super rice. He didn’t expect that the secret he had thought was a secret would be discovered by Ouyang sui! A sense of panic suddenly rose in his heart, as if the fear that had been condensed in his heart was finally about to sink to the bottom and stir up a shocking wave. The senior instructor next to Ouyang Jing pointed his gun at Ouyang sui.”You’re bullsh*tting!” He had a fiery temper and was straightforward.”Don’t take advantage of the fact that the old master is dead and can’t speak. You’re throwing all the dirty water on him! There’s no way he’d have a child with a married woman!” “Of course he’s not having a child with a married woman!” Ouyang sui took out a document signed and sealed by the country.”Fu Zhi is a test subject in the National genetic program, experiment 927! He’s a human who has combined the genes of outstanding talents from the fu family, the Ouyang family, and even various industries!” “The 927 experiment was first secretly established in foreign countries a hundred years ago. However, it was not carried out because genetic engineering consumed a lot of human and material resources, and the medical equipment and technology were not developed enough at that time! Later on, many of our country’s scientists began to research cloning technology, and then they focused on genetic modification! We’ll try our best to modify the defective genes of the human body and strengthen the various immune systems in the body!” “There will always be pioneers leading the experiment. Back then, the previous head of the family left home for half a year. It was because the 927 experiment sent news that this technology had matured that he went to contribute the genes and signed the agreement!” “So no matter from a biological or moral point of view, Fu Zhi is the child of the previous master! She’s the child of the fu family and the daughter of the country!” “F * ck you!” Seeing that everyone was completely convinced, Ouyang Jing was exasperated.”F * ck your country’s daughter! What nonsense are you talking about?!” Since when did medicine become so advanced that it’s even possible to fuse genes? this is really making people laugh their heads off!” He didn’t dare to let Ouyang sui continue his alarmist talk and hurriedly said,””Men! Take them down! Don’t let him cause trouble here!” “I’ll see who dares!” A hint of hostility suddenly appeared on Ouyang sui’s body. He held the document as a life - saving talisman and said,””Fu Zhi is a talent that the country has spent a lot of manpower and resources to cultivate. She’s worthy of being called a first - Class endangered protected animal on the verge of extinction. If you dare to kill her, you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison and your entire family will be slaughtered!” “You coward!” Ouyang Jing’s eyes widened, but he didn’t dare to act rashly, not to mention the other instructors around him who were risking their lives for him. Ouyang sui’s threat was very effective. There were also real documents to prove that his words were not false. Who would dare to touch Fu Zhi? Who could touch Fu Zhi? Although the theory of genes seemed to be illusory. However, there was one thing. Fu Zhi’s talent and ability were far from what a normal 18 - year - old child could have. She had Ouyang Zhui’s genes, so she could shoot without missing a shot. She had the fu brothers ‘genes, so when she had an accident in the Ouyang family, Fu Zhao’s Black face had rushed to save her without caring about his safety! It was precisely because she was born different from others that the game drawings and designs she casually drew were enough to establish the Gu group! It was precisely because she had the country’s backing that she could invite a group of retired big shots to watch and support her movie on the day it was released! No wonder! No wonder so many geniuses only called Fu Zhi their daughter on the National official website! The so - called National favoritism mentioned by the netizens and the nation’s jokes with Fu Zhi were clearly the daily interactions between a father and daughter! The things that were not clear in the past had finally been connected into a whole line today! Jiang Jinshu, who was beside li Nanli, was also petrified. He didn’t speak for a long time. He seemed to have thought of something and suddenly looked up at Fu Zhi.”What’s your relationship with God z?” Did God z give you the medicine to treat the neurotoxin?” Although it was a question, his tone was quite certain. Fu Zhi’s lips curled up and she glanced at Jiang Jinshu coldly. Then, she walked around li Nanli.”It’s rare that you have a brain.” She said,”she is me.” !!! Jiang Jinshu’s heart trembled, and she suddenly looked as if she had just eaten sh * t. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He thought of his admiration for God z and his mockery of Fu Zhi. He had repeatedly felt that Fu Zhi couldn’t help and even said that Fu Zhi would kill li Nanli’s subordinates if she treated them. And the result? At this moment, Jiang Jinshu suddenly felt very regretful … She was a little angry from embarrassment, but only angry at herself. Her idol was clearly standing in front of her, but she didn’t notice anything. She was dissing her idol every day like a fool … He was the most unsuccessful bootlicker in the medical circle. When the others heard Fu Zhi’s words, their faces changed. My Old Swan! In addition to the founder of the Gu group and the sea demon, you also have a miracle doctor? When Ouyang Jing heard this, he trembled with fear. He thought to himself, how did I offend a super rice plant? I’ve clearly offended a combination of a man - eating flower and a tyrant flower. It’s a tyrant man - eating flower! Seeing that several instructors under him were about to betray him, Ouyang Jing grabbed Ouyang ya, who had fainted on the ground, and shouted,”if you dare to force me, I’ll die with Ouyang ya and Wanwan!” Even if you get the Ouyang clan, you’ll lose the two geniuses who can bring the Ouyang clan the most benefits!” “But we’ve got an endangered Big Boss that’s worth more than ten of them!” At this moment, the instructors of the Ouyang family and the dark guards were not thinking about saving Ouyang ya, but … Since Fu Zhi and Ouyang ya had a conflict, why not let Ouyang ya die? It would also save her from being an eyesore to Fu Zhi. Why else would the dark guards not be willing to kill each other? They had all grown up wearing the same pair of pants, so they knew what each other was thinking when they looked at each other. One team immediately pointed their guns at Ouyang ya and Ouyang Jing, while the other team quickly hugged Fu Zhi’s thigh and said,””Master! Ouyang Jing should be killed for his insubordination! Ouyang ya tried to kill you, you deserve to die! Ouyang Huancheng was Ouyang Jing’s granddaughter, and she should be killed even if she implicated nine generations of her family! Patriarch, as long as you stay in the Ouyang family, our battlefield will be wherever you point!” “Master, I haven’t seen you suffer for more than ten years! I didn’t expect that there would still be people questioning your identity and ability after returning to the Ouyang family!” Everything happened too quickly. The light pole commander, Ouyang Jing, was shot in the thigh, while Ouyang ya was shot in the abdomen. The two of them were pressed to the ground. “Family head, the rebels have all been caught and executed. Whether you will be imprisoned or killed on the spot depends on your mood. As long as you stay in the Ouyang family and lead us to glory, we will be the sword in your hand, the bucket of rice, and the Tiger that returns to the mountain!” “Family head, as long as you don’t go to college and spend your time leading our Ouyang family, we’ll do anything to help you even if we have to attack America!” Fu Zhi was speechless. Ha, men, it’s not the time for you to say that I’m not worthy of being the head of the family.


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