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«The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism (Web Novel) - Chapter 963: Really Didn’t Lie

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Chapter 963: Really Didn’t Lie

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Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

Having walked for an entire day and night, Wu Zong couldn’t take it any longer. He stood in his spot and stared at Fangzheng. “Darn monk. You’ve followed me an entire day and night. I’ve had enough! F**k, I’m calling the cops!”

By now, Wu Zong no longer thought of Fangzheng as a ghost. Which ghost would have a shadow and still walk under the sun? There were just too many things that couldn’t be explained.

With that said, Wu Zong took out his cell phone and called the police.

“Hello, is this the police? My name is Wu Zong. I’m being pursued by a monk! Yes… What weapon is he using? Uh, he’s using a finger to flick my head… Hello? Hello!? Listen to me! I’m not making a prank call or trying to entertain you. I’m serious. He flicks my head over and over, and more importantly, it f**king hurts! Hello?”

Hearing the disconnected tone from the phone, Wu Zong had a look of grievance. He wasn’t lying! Those had been the most sincere and truthful words he had ever spoken in his life! Why didn’t they believe him?

Wu Zong looked at the monk smiling at him from behind as he was pushed to the brink of tears. He clenched his teeth and cursed. “F**k, if calling the police doesn’t work, I’ll head to the police station myself!”

With that said, Wu Zong slowly lumbered forward with his exhausted body.

“An arrest warrant has been handed down from above. A suspect is running in this direction. Take a look.” In a police station, a man handed over a notice to his colleague.

After his colleague scanned through it and was about to say something, he was suddenly taken aback. He saw a man looking exhausted walking in from outside. This wasn’t important; what was important was that the man looked rather similar to the person on the arrest warrant! The only difference was that the person on the warrant didn’t look as decadent. Nor did his head have so many bruises.

“Might I ask what is the matter?” the policeman asked, still half in a daze.

When the man heard that, he slowly looked up and the moment he saw the policeman in his uniform, he broke down and wailed. “I want to surrender myself! I want to sleep! I want to eat! I want to drink some water…”

The man’s sudden crying left the policemen taken aback. It wasn’t that they had never seen a man cry after all their years in the force, but seeing someone cry for no obvious reason while providing such a baffling request was a first for them.

Someone brought him water and food as Wu Zong sat on a chair and began wolfing down the food. He completely ignored the policemen who were gathered around him.

The policemen had confirmed his identity by now and knew that he was a suspect. However, they weren’t in a rush. Since there were so many people around him, how could he flee?

More importantly, Wu Zong didn’t seem to have any intention of running.

After Wu Zong finally finished his meal with great difficulty, he drank a huge mouthful of water and washed the food down. Leaning back in the chair, he narrowed his eyes in comfort. As he looked at the policemen in front of him, he felt for the first time that the police he had so often had to hide from were rather cute.

With the policemen around him, the monk no longer showed himself or flicked his forehead! Wu Zong felt liberated and extremely carefree and relaxed. He somewhat fell in love with this feeling.

“Are you Wu Zong?” a policeman asked. “Why are there bruises all over your head? Also, why were you so hungry?”

Wu Zong smacked his lips. He really didn’t wish to answer such bland questions he had answered several times. Just as he was wondering how to tread around the questions, he saw a white object moving behind the policemen. His heart tightened. Was the monk not gone?

Hence, Wu Zong didn’t hesitate to shout. “I’m Wu Zong! As for how I ended up like that, I’m afraid you wouldn’t believe me.”

“What a joke. Why wouldn’t we believe you? Tell us. Let’s see if we believe you or not.” A policeman was amused. They were in a small police station, and all they saw year in, year out was petty crimes. To have such a major criminal in front of them was a fresh experience for them.

With that, Wu Zong gave an honest account of everything without lying.

The policemen in front of him exchanged looks. Finally, an elderly policeman patted him on the shoulder and asked, “Is that all?”

“Yep.” Wu Zong was stunned. Did these people really believe him?

The elderly policeman shook his head. “That’s all just as we got to the exciting part? What a pity. I must say, you are pretty good at fabricating stories. Why don’t you write a novel? Who knows, it might get adapted into a television serial. That would earn you millions! Would you even need to go about scamming and abducting people then?”

Wu Zong initially thought that they believed him, but towards the end of the officer’s remark, his face turned ashen. However, on second thought, even he wouldn’t have believed it in their place, much less the police. Those fantastic scenes of a man flipping a van, not dying after being hit by a van and slashed by a knife… How could they be possible? He carefully thought about it and found it dreamlike as well. If not for his huge bruises, he might have written it off as a nightmare right then and there.

“Enough. Regardless of what story he cooks up, his accomplices in the county city have also surrendered themselves. Let’s send him and his story over and let the courts handle it,” someone said.

The other policemen nodded slightly and began contacting their colleagues to set up the handover.

Soon after, the county city police station was in silence. They had just watched the video of Wu Zong’s story and were collectively dumbfounded!

“These bunch of people are definitely well-organized criminals who act with strict anti-detective measures in place! Look, this story was cooked up so well I almost believe it. Although it’s like some fantasy story, all of them gave an identical account! Clearly, this was planned ahead of time and they are just regurgitating a script. I feel like their surrender isn’t sincere. What do you think?” a policeman asked.

“Me too,” another policeman said.

“Then, can this still be considered a surrender?” someone asked.

“These people called the cops themselves to get captured of their own volition, but their confession… Who would believe it if we handed this over to prosecution?”

Everyone shook their head in at the same time.

“However, they went into detail about the child abduction plan. It’s only their subsequent encounters that are rather fantastic. Why don’t we just delete the later parts and keep the first few parts. How about it?” someone suggested.

Everyone found the suggestion reasonable and nodded.

Hence, everyone replayed the video, and the entire operation of the suspects was revealed.

They were a family of conmen. They had learned to cheat and scam from a young age! Furthermore, they were rather famous even among cheats. They had plenty of acting skills and tricks up their sleeve. They were careful in what they did, never leaving behind any clues.

Hence, they had received a job. The target—He Qing’s son, Guai Guai!

Apparently, a patient with terminal heart disease was in desperate need for a heart transplant to save his life. The person spent large sums of money to search for a heart across the world. Unfortunately, everyone only had one heart, so who would sell their own heart? Even among the dead who gave up their organs, a match was rare. In the midst of this, an unscrupulous merchant had used certain channels to obtain Guai Guai’s information and realized that he was a perfect match in all aspects.

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