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«The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism (Web Novel) - Chapter 1420: Three Treasures

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Chapter 1420: Three Treasures

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When Chang Le heard this, he recalled what Chang Jianghe had told him back then. His tears couldn’t help but flow down his cheeks. At the same time, he nodded vigorously and said, “Yes, Dad. I’ll eat more. I will be strong and healthy. You eat too. Let’s eat together.”

“I will…” Chang Jianghe chuckled. As usual, he would leave the dumpling filling behind, eat the skin, and pass the dumpling filling to Chang Le. He then said, “This filling has too much of a cloying taste. I can’t eat it. Lele, eat…”

Chang Le cried and ate…

Fangzheng watched from the side and sighed. He pressed his palms together. “Amitabha…”

In the end, Fangzheng silently retreated and turned to disappear at the end of the street.

“Master, why are you crying?” Salted Fish asked along the way.

Fangzheng looked up at the sky and said, “Nothing… Jingzhi, someone said that when a person dies, they will become a star in the sky. They will watch you from above, laugh when you laugh, and cry when you cry. Is that true?”

Salted Fish smacked his lips when he heard that. “Wahaha! Isn’t this bullsh*t!? This world doesn’t even have cultivation, and you’re talking about turning into a star… Why don’t you become a sun? Haha… Master, are you dumb?”

Fangzheng’s face darkened when he heard that. He slapped the fish head. “You don’t know how to read the situation…”

Fangzheng could not be bothered with the silly fish as he continued walking. He sighed as he walked.

After seeing Chang Jianghe and his son’s feelings, Fangzheng missed home too. He thought of the old monk on the mountain…

“Master, I just heard that having an elder at home is having a treasure. What does it mean? An elder is a treasure?” Salted Fish asked, perplexed.

Fangzheng thought for a moment and sighed. “Elders are surely treasures. And they are not ordinary treasures.”

“Why?” Salted Fish really couldn’t figure it out. The elderly don’t have the ability to work and needed someone to take care of them. How could they be considered treasures? Weren’t they a burden? However, he didn’t say it out loud for he was afraid of being beaten up.

Fangzheng said, “Jingzhi, if I let you live again and relive life with your memories, do you think you will lead a better life now?”

Salted Fish was taken aback before saying, “Aren’t you spouting nonsense? It will definitely be better than it is now!”

Fangzheng continued, “That’s right. Most people think so too. In fact, that’s indeed the case. With experience to lead you, one can walk the correct path with every step. They will never lose their direction and can even speed up, using the shortest amount of time to reach the highest point they can reach.

“But can humans relive their lives?”

Salted Fish said, “Even if it’s on Mount Numinous, it’s still a big problem. There’s definitely no way.”

Fangzheng nodded. “That’s right. Humans can’t relive life again…”

“What has this got to do with elders?” Salted Fish asked again.

Fangzheng smiled. “Elders are people with experience. They have reached the end of their lives, but they have also accumulated a lifetime of experience. Perhaps some of their experience is out of date and is no longer compatible with this era. However, some experiences are evergreen. For example, the principles of being a human, such as the choice between interests and character… On these matters, elders can give you the most accurate guidance.

“When lost, one can return home and tell the elders at home about their confusion. An elder would use their wealth of experience in life to help you dissect and give you a good answer. Or perhaps tell you what choices are good or bad, as well as the consequences.

“Isn’t a person who can guide you on the path ahead, and prevent you from stumbling and falling a treasure?”

Salted Fish thought about it and said, “It’s indeed a treasure. However, it’s unlikely for young people to listen to them.”

Fangzheng chuckled and said, “Young people will always have a period of despondency or they would be letting down their youth. Youth are the wounds from all that stumbling. Without these scars, it’s a little boring. But in the future, they will understand how precious the elders’ advice is.”

Salted Fish nodded. “That makes sense.”

Fangzheng continued, “That’s only the first aspect of a treasure. The second aspect of a treasure… Heh heh… When you were born, what did your parents call you?”

“Darling… Uh, I think so.” Salted Fish blushed.

Fangzheng nodded. “That’s right. Despite having a son looking like that, they still think he’s a darling. They love you so much that they wish they could crush themselves and give everything to you.”

“Master, can you not get personal? What do you mean by despite looking like that? I was cool and handsome before I was salted!” Salted Fish said unhappily.

Fangzheng said, “It’s no longer important whether you are handsome or not. In short, your parents love you, right?”

Salted Fish said, “Definitely. Although I haven’t seen them before…”

Fangzheng: “…”

Fangzheng continued, “They view us as precious treasures and will give their lives to us. Then, when they are old—their intelligence deteriorates and their memories fade, and their actions are like that of a child… When that happens, why can’t they be our darlings—our treasure?”

Salted Fish was taken aback as he said, “Master, although I’ve never met my parents, I feel that you are right. Be it the heart or karma, that should be the case.”

Fangzheng nodded and continued, “The third is where the treasure is most precious.”

“What?” Salted Fish asked.

Fangzheng said, “Home is where there are the elderly… Ever since you were born, they have protected you under their wing. They give you warmth and shelter you until you grow up. But when you grow up, does that mean you have a home? Heh heh… No matter how old you are, no matter how great you are, no matter how godly you are, you will only feel pure love when you return to your parents’ side! Pure love! Pure care and concern! In their eyes, you will forever be a baby in swaddling clothes…

“If an elder is no longer around, this experience will no longer exist…”

Salted Fish fell silent…

As they walked, Salted Fish suddenly said, “Master, have you seen your parents?”

Fangzheng shook his head. “No. Have you really not seen your parents?”

Salted Fish shook his head. “When I woke up, I was right in front of Buddha. Some people said that Buddha was the one who woke me up. According to this, Buddha is considered my parents. However, I’m talking about my birth parents who raised me.”

Fangzheng gently stroked Salted Fish’s head and said, “I’ve never seen them before. In my memory, they are two figures that departed. I can’t make them out clearly. In my memory, the person closest to me as parents is my master, Old Dad One Finger. Unfortunately, he passed away too early… If he hadn’t left, I could have been filial to him.”

Having said that, Fangzheng looked up at the sky and sighed. “The ancients often say that children may be filial, but the parents can’t afford to wait. In modern times, people often say that, but who would really consider this question carefully? Filial piety is definitely not as simple as crying to a coffin when the elderly leaves… Leave filial piety to the living and leave the crying to the dead…”

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