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Chapter 3465: Amazing

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

She didn’t directly say to Principal Chen that Sun Ying had been taken care of. She only mentioned it vaguely. Principal Chen, who had a kind look in his eyes, already understood. He retracted his smile slightly and said in the same tone, “It’s good that they didn’t find anything on your side. You have to move forward in the future. Don’t be restrained by the past.

“What’s done is done. Now that everything has been settled, we have to put aside the past. Take every step well and look forward, understand?”

Principal Chen, who had no children, groomed Ye Jian step by step. In his heart, Ye Jian was actually his daughter. Every time he spoke to Ye Jian, he would guide her like a father. He used his life experience to guide Ye Jian so that she wouldn’t go astray.

Hence, Ye Jian was lucky in this life. She met Grandpa Gen and Principal Chen. She was able to get to where she was today because of her hard work. Without the careful guidance of the two elders, Ye Jian wouldn’t be where she was today.

Ye Jian smiled and listened quietly. She wasn’t impatient at all. Then, she smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll remember it. I’ll walk my own path in the future. I won’t disappoint you or myself.”

Ye Jian was actually a girl who adults didn’t need to worry over too much. She would do whatever she said. Principal Chen felt at ease about this.

The child he had groomed could now fly alone. Although he was a little reluctant, he was still proud.

“Good child. I believe in you. You’ll definitely go further and further. You won’t ever disappoint others. You just have to remember not to disappoint yourself.”

The young eagle had already grown up and had a pair of wings that allowed her to fly freely. As an elder, he could just watch silently at home.

After talking to Principal Chen for more than 20 minutes, Ye Jian said everything that could reassure Principal Chen.

She wasn’t the only one. She even asked Xia Jinyuan to say the same thing so that Principal Chen could feel at ease.

After receiving his girlfriend’s instructions, Lieutenant Colonel Xia comforted Principal Chen according to his request and expressed his feelings. He said that he would take good care of Ye Jian and not let her suffer grievances.

But as for not letting Ye Jian suffer… there was no guarantee.

How could a soldier not suffer, especially a special forces soldier? She would suffer many times more than ordinary soldiers.

After talking to Principal Chen and understanding the situation, the smile on Ye Jian’s face became brighter. Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help but lean over and kiss her secretly. The smile on his handsome face was gentle.

However, on the plane, Xia Jinyuan couldn’t smile anymore.


Looking at the name Ye Jian wrote for him with his deep black eyes, the smile on Lieutenant Colonel Xia’s face froze a little. He looked up at his girlfriend, who had been smiling. Unexpectedly, she was still secretly thinking about who the mastermind was. Lieutenant Colonel Xia sighed softly. “You’re right.”

Ye Jian laughed. “It’s not that I guessed it. Uncle told me about it before. However, he avoided bringing it up during the meeting. Also, Uncle said that it’s very likely, but everything is still under investigation. It made me think that the previous investigation was wrong.

“When you mentioned that the person I know knows the mastermind, I thought about what Uncle said and was certain that it was him. I didn’t expect it to really be him in the end.”

Ye Jian looked down at the name written on the paper and smiled bitterly. “What should my cousin do…”

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