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«The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness (Web Novel) - Chapter 3322: Indomitable

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Chapter 3322: Indomitable

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Major General Yang’s eyelids twitched when he heard Xia Jinyuan’s words. He asked him in a low voice, “How ruthless?”

Xia Jinyuan retracted his expression. His deep voice was filled with ruthlessness. “They became top soldiers in their original military units and became the goal of every soldier. However, in the Xueyu unit… they’re far from enough.”

“Take Azure Bird as an example. She started training when she was 14 years old. From the start, the intensity of her training was based on the standards of a special forces soldier. After six and a half years, she’s only a reserve special forces soldier now. She might be kicked out by me at any time. She’s even more outstanding than them. If these male soldiers fail to see the reality of things, no matter how outstanding they are… the Xueyu unit won’t be able to keep them.

“You’re right. All of them are outstanding. I admit that they’re all outstanding, but… it’s not enough. Major General, it’s really not enough.”

His voice gradually became low. The sound of the helicopter rumbled. Xia Jinyuan said something else. Then, he turned his head and looked at G3. G3 also turned around and looked at the captain. He saw the serious look on Captain Xia’s face.

Major General Yang sighed after a while. Then, he said, “It’s fine as long as you know what you’re doing. I’ll leave them… to you.”

“I’ll let them become qualified special forces soldiers.” Xia Jinyuan closed the cabin door and instructed T6 to fly back to the base.

On the ground, Ye Jian raised her head and looked at the helicopter that was circling above her head just now. Now, it was spinning in the air and turning around. Her clear black eyes under the goggles smiled.

Captain Xia must be on the helicopter. When the helicopter lowered just now, he must have wanted to see how the male soldiers were doing.

He had always been very concerned about his comrades.

The progress of the 80-kilometer cross-country run was a little slow tonight, but no one gave up. They gritted their teeth and carried 20 kilograms of weight on their backs. Even when they were really tired, they didn’t put down their backpacks. They just leaned against the trees and rested for a while before continuing walking.

Azure Bird said that it was already good enough that they could just walk now. During her winter training with the veterans, there were many mobile combats along the way. They also had to face all kinds of unexpected situations. Those situations weren’t like when they were training in their original military units. It was as if they were on the battlefield. They couldn’t relax at all.

What kind of training was that?

The male soldiers no longer thought that their training was overkill. Instead, they thought about how to become qualified veterans and undergo the same training as the veterans.

They yearned to become stronger and become special forces soldiers like the veterans.

The kings of individual soldiers. This was their goal!

When they returned to the military unit after the 80-kilometer cross-country run, it was already four in the afternoon. It was two hours earlier than Xia Jinyuan’s expectations.

He said to Major General Yang, who hadn’t left and was waiting for the new recruits to come back, “Look, their potential is being stimulated. These are what top soldiers should do.

“Major General, on the path to becoming a strong soldier, one needs to train hard. These recruits need to use their actions to express their determination to live. They need to use their sweat to pave a path to become strong soldiers. Only then will they never forget their original intention and continue moving forward bravely.

“I hope that one day, the Xueyu unit will become the top special forces in the world. I hope that our comrades will work together to realize this goal…”

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