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«The Mightiest Little Peasant (Web Novel) - Chapter 718: Triumphant Return

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Chapter 718: Triumphant Return

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Not long after, the last of the Nanyang shamans was killed.

Cheers erupted on the battlefield.

“All hail Senior Tang!”

“You’re too amazing, Senior Tang! My admiration for you is unending.”

The people from the cultivation families surrounded him and continuously flattered him.

The Taoist masters and heavenly masters looked awkward when they heard them call Tang Hao their senior.

They thought about it but eventually decided not to correct them.

Mu Xintong stood at the side and looked at that scene. The corners of her mouth lifted slightly, and a faint smile appeared on her face.

However, when she saw those from the Mu family go up and address Tang Hao as Senior Tang, her face stiffened, and she could not smile anymore.

“Let’s go and see if there’s any loot for us!” Taoist Master Qian Ji shouted.


The eyes of the Taoist masters lit up. They left no stone unturned in the entire island, and they almost excavated the place.

“Wow! So much gold!”

“Ooh! These are all Merrican dollars!”

They found many treasure vaults full of gold and jewelry, as well as Merrican dollars and Britannic pounds.

“We’re rich!”

The celestial masters who followed behind exclaimed.

“Get out of here! There’s no share for you, you cowards! These are ill-gotten gains that should be put into the charity foundation. I’ll beat you up if you dare to take a single cent.” Taoist Master Qian Ji shouted.

The celestial masters were unhappy, but they dared not say anything.

That guy was a half-step Perfected Person and was more powerful than all of them. They would not be able to defeat him in a fight.

They moved the loot onto the fishing vessels and set fire to the island.

Then, they pushed the fishing vessels back into the sea and set off on the return journey.

Soon, a few helicopters appeared in the night sky. They came to investigate the situation and were shocked when they saw fire cover the entire island.

“Oh my god! They’re all dead!”

When the news reached the command center, the generals trembled, and their faces turned pale.

Nanyang’s cultivation world was completely destroyed!

The news continued to spread.

Before they even reached South Beach, the news sent shockwaves around the world.

Even though many people had expected that Huaxia would win, they were nonetheless shocked when they heard the news.

An entire cultivation world was destroyed just like that. The impact was indescribable.

For a time, the entire world was in an uproar.

The reactions of all sides were different.

The Dongyingese side became even more terrified.

If they destroyed Nanyang today, were they going to destroy Dongying tomorrow?

Only one major force remained in the Dongyingese cultivation world. As long as Huaxia had the intention, they could destroy it at any time.

Hindustan was thinking of the same thing. However, they were also a little jealous.

Meanwhile, Europe was overjoyed.

They considered themselves good friends with Huaxia, and they shared their glory.

They even sent a congratulatory message to Huaxia.

In just a few hours, the fishing vessels returned to the base in South Beach.

By then, it was already past midnight.

The dock was brightly lit and full of people.

When the fishing vessels approached, the crowd burst into thunderous applause.

“Welcome the triumphant heroes!”

Someone shouted, and the atmosphere was very lively.

“Haha! Look, they call us heroes!”

The celestial masters were very excited.

The Taoist masters all rolled their eyes at them.

“Comrade Tang Hao, thank you for your hard work!”

General Bai took the lead and came up to them. Behind him were a row of leaders lined up waiting to shake hands with him.

“That was incredible!”

“Thank you for your hard work!”

They praised him endlessly.

It took Tang Hao a long time to shake hands with everyone, after which he let out a sigh of relief.

Behind him, Taoist Master Qian Ji and the others came down one by one and shook hands with the leaders.

After celebrating for a while, Tang Hao walked to the side and sat down.

He let out a long sigh of relief and finally relaxed.

At that moment, Mu Xintong also walked over and sat down against the wall not far from him.

Tang Hao looked at her but did not say anything.

She was too cold. She had not spoken to him ever since he arrived at the base.

She silently looked at the celebratory scene in front of her without saying a word.

“This is nice.”

Suddenly, she muttered.


Tang Hao was surprised and looked at her in confusion.

“I mean, this atmosphere is pretty nice,” she said.


Tang Hao nodded.

Then, they were silent again.

“Why… why didn’t you come and visit me before?” Suddenly, she asked again.

Tang Hao was surprised again and looked at her.

“You were in the Capital, right?” She stared at him unblinkingly.

Tang Hao opened his mouth, but he could not say anything.

Then, he scratched his head awkwardly.

She had mentioned before that he could visit her whenever he was in the Capital. However, he thought that it was only a casual remark and did not pay much attention to it.

He did not expect that she was serious.

“Well… it wasn’t convenient!” Tang Hao explained.

“OK.” She stared at Tang Hao for a long time before accepting the answer.

“Next time, remember to look for me!” She stood up and walked forward. After a few steps, she stopped and hesitated for a long time before turning around.

“Hey! Do you have a nice number?”

“Yes, I do…” Tang Hao said, “You want it?”

She nodded.

“I have 1 to 8 and 10. Which one do you want?”


“OK!” Tang Hao retrieved the identification pendant with the number 8 and handed it over.


She thanked him and left, leaving Tang Hao a graceful back view.

After hanging around for a while, Tang Hao said goodbye to General Bai, went to the airport, boarded the plane, and flew back to Province Z. When he got home, it was already early in the morning.

When he came to the door of his apartment, he was about to take the key when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps coming from inside.

Then, the door opened, and a head popped out.

Gorgeous and seductive, it was indeed Tamamo.

“You’re back, my dear little brother!”

She pursed her lips and smiled charmingly. Then, she grabbed Tang Hao’s hand and pulled him in.

“You must be very tired, my dear little brother! I’ve prepared the bathwater for you. It’s still hot! Go wash yourself up!”

As she said that, she pushed Tang Hao into the bathroom, flashed him a charming smile, threw him a flying kiss, and closed the door.

Tang Hao stood there, feeling helpless.

Then, he took off his clothes and got into the bathtub.

The water was still very hot as if it had just been filled.

‘How did she know that I’m coming back? Oh, right, she must have checked the flight information!’

It would be very easy for her to track flights.

He lay down comfortably and soaked his entire body in the bath.

Outside, she hummed softly in the kitchen while working on something.

But soon, there was no more sound. Then, he could hear footsteps outside of the bathroom.

The door was pushed open, and a beautiful figure wrapped in a towel walked in.

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