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«The Mightiest Little Peasant (Web Novel) - Chapter 997: Entering Thunder Cliff Mountain

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Chapter 997: Entering Thunder Cliff Mountain

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A streak of light pierced through the air like a bolt of lightning.

It passed through half of the Ninth Continent before finally descending and arriving at Broken Sword Mountain.

A disciple picked it up in front of the mountain gate. When he opened it, his expression changed drastically. He rode his sword toward the peak of the mountain.

A moment later, laughter could be heard coming from the great hall at the mountain peak.

“Hahaha! What luck!”

In the Hall, Gu Jianzi burst into ecstatic laughter.

He had been searching for clues about that kid to no avail, but a clue had come to him instead.

“Quickly gather all the elders and come to the great hall for a meeting.”

He shouted loudly. Then, he walked back and forth in the great hall excitedly, alternating between gritting his teeth and laughing happily.

A moment later, a group of elders rushed in.

“Sect leader, do you have any leads on that villain?”

Gu Jianzi laughed loudly. “Yes, the Mo Clan from the southern region has sent news. They said that they found the supreme treasure that had been robbed from Dao Jiu on a woman. That woman must be related to Nameless Qin.”

The group of elders was overjoyed.

“That woman is from Ritian Pavilion. It’s said that Ritian Pavilion is very famous in the southern region, so it must be related to Nameless Qin too,” Gu Jianzi said.

“Sect leader, should we secretly investigate first, or…”

“We don’t have time for that. If word gets out, that villain will run away. Why don’t we just destroy Ritian Pavilion and abduct that woman? That way, the villain will listen to what we say.”

“Good Idea! Let’s do it!”

Those people became excited. Gu Jianzi even laughed out loud, and his face was flushed red.

This time, he would definitely succeed. He would kill that kid and avenge the death of his disciple. The treasures on that kid’s body would all be his.

After obtaining those treasures, Broken Sword Mountain’s strength would definitely skyrocket. It was only a matter of time before they became the number one power in the Ninth Continent.

The more he thought about it, the happier he felt.

Very quickly, they began to mobilize. They gathered more than a hundred Nascent Soul and Golden Core cultivators. Led by Gu Jianzi, they prepared to charge toward the southern region.

Those people were filled with killing intent and fighting spirit.

Just as they were about to set off, a figure came out of the Hall of the Void Realm.

“Big news, Sect Leader!” That person shouted.

“What’s happening? Why are you making such a big fuss!” Gu Jianzi frowned unhappily and scolded.

“It’s about that villain, Sect Leader!” That person shouted.

Gu Jianzi was startled.

“Did he… go to the Void Realm?”

“No! That villain… declared war on us. No, it’s not just us. There’s also Primeval Mountain and the Di family. He declared war on all the major forces in the Ninth Continent.”


Gu Jianzi was stunned.

The elders were also confused.

“Where did you hear that? It must be fake. How can you believe it? !” Gu Jianzi rolled his eyes.

“It’s true, Sect Leader. That villain has revealed his identity. His name is Tang Ritian, and he’s from Ritian Pavilion in the southern region. The southern region is already in an uproar. All the other sects know about it,” the person said anxiously.

Gu Jianzi was dumbfounded.

Then, his face twitched a few times, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

‘F*ck! I’ve been happy for nothing! That villain must have known that his identity was going to be exposed, so he took the initiative to reveal himself. If we go there now, the trip will be for nothing!’

The group of elders was also disappointed.

“What’s going on with that declaration of war?” Gu Jianzi asked.

“That villain, no, Tang Ritian published the news in the Southern Daily. He said that in a month’s time, he would have a decisive battle with all the major sects in the Ninth Continent at Ritian Valley,” that person said.

“Decisive battle? Haha! He overestimates himself!” Gu Jianzi laughed mockingly. “No matter how powerful he is, he is only a single brat. What can he do other than running fast?

“Good! Then in a month’s time, we will kill that brat at Ritian Valley!”

He pondered for a moment, then pointed at an elder and said, “Go to the southern region and spread the word. Tell the other sects to behave themselves. That brat belongs to our Broken Sword Mountain.”


The elder received the order, turned around, and flew away on his sword.

Meanwhile, all the major sects in the Ninth Continent had received the news. After being shocked for a while, they began to discuss countermeasures.

The first question was to determine whether the declaration of war was real or just a ruse.

If it were only a ruse, the kid must have run away. It would be a waste of time to go there.

On the other hand, if it were real, that kid must still be in the southern region. Should they take the initiative to hunt the kid down?

They shut their doors and discussed it for a long time.

After that, the sect leaders and family heads went up to the Void Realm to meet.

The final conclusion was that they would wait for a month before gathering at Ritian Valley.

The news gradually spread throughout the Ninth Continent in the days to come, causing a stir.

The decision of the major sects also spread, shocking the countless smaller factions that were ready to make a move.

Among the young people, there was another wave of name changes.

“Ritian? That name is too domineering. I’ve decided, from today onward, my name will be Zhao Ritian!”

“Remember, my name will be Ma Ritian from now on!”

Many Ritians began to appear.

“Pah! You all are too vulgar. Calling yourself Ritian is blasphemy against our idol. We should change our name to Ridi so it’s a pair.” (Note: “Tian” is the sky, and “Di” is, of course, the earth.)

There were also some people who had other ideas.

Nameless Qin, or Tang Ritian, became even more popular among young people. Countless people rushed to the southern region to watch the battle in a month’s time.

At that moment, a figure walked in front of an ancient mountain range in the central region.

He was dressed in white, had black hair, and had a handsome face.

He stood in front of the mountain and looked up.

An area in the depths of the mountain range was filled with dark clouds and constant lightning.

That place was called Thunder Cliff Mountain. It was one of the most dangerous places in the Ninth Continent. Lightning struck every spot of the earth, and one would die if they were not careful.

He paused for a moment, then went deep into the mountain range.


Not long after, the lightning in the mountain suddenly increased and became densely packed, enveloping the entire mountain range.

Many lightning cultivators cultivating in the mountain range were alarmed and looked into the depths of the mountain range in shock.

Such a strange phenomenon had never appeared before.

They hurriedly retreated and gathered together to discuss the incident.

The phenomenon lasted for more than half a month, and the lightning only became more intense. At its climax, the entire mountain range was covered in lightning.

The cultivators could vaguely sense that there was something terrifying hidden in the depths.

After half a month, the situation subsided a little, but the lightning did not stop.

After a few days, there was an earth-shaking roar from the depths of the mountains.

It did not sound like a human or a beast. It was extremely terrifying.

The situation persisted for a few days.

One day, all the abnormalities disappeared suddenly, and the mountain returned to its original state.

On that day, someone saw a figure coming out from the mountain. It was dressed in white and had black hair. Lightning surrounded its body, and it looked like a ghost. Its qi aura was abnormally terrifying.

Not far behind it, an enormous creature as terrifying as a deity lumbered in the mist.

That person was extremely shocked. Just as he was about to take a closer look, that figure and that giant monster had all disappeared. Everything seemed like a dream.


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