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«The Lord’s Empire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1663 Terrifying Battle

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Chapter 1663 Terrifying Battle

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The Elephant person’s eyes were bloodshot and his expression became somewhat savage as runes appeared on his body. A berserk aura flame exploded out of him and the cliff around him started to crumble. The Elephant person seemed to have entered a crazed state and did not have much of his reason left.


Facing the incoming Zhao Fu, the Elephant person deeply breathed in before vigorously breathing out from his trunk, causing a ferocious pillar of air to slam towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu crossed his swords in front of him, but he was still blown back by the pillar of air.

The Elephant person’s expression was quite savage as he pushed off the cliff and shot forwards, catching up to Zhao Fu. He punched down with immense force, causing the space to twist.


Zhao Fu was hit by the punch and plummeted downwards, smashing into the ground and opening up a large crater.

In the next moment, the Elephant person once again turned into a ray of light and shot towards Zhao Fu with immense power. His fists gave off large amounts of berserk blue aura flames as he punched towards Zhao Fu.


Within the crater, Zhao Fu raised the Death Disaster Sword and sent large amounts of power into it. Massive amounts of deathly qi flowed out, bringing with it icy cold aura and forming an enormous, sharp cone that stabbed towards the Elephant person.


The Elephant person’s expression was savage as he vigorously punched against the cone with both fists. The immense power from his punches caused the cone to explode, turning into a gray aura that dissipated.

The Elephant person’s fists continued towards Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu showed no fear. He sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword, causing it to give off intense sword light, and he vigorously slashed out.


An enormous blood-red crescent containing terrifying power slashed out, sending the Elephant power flying back.

The Elephant person flew back hundreds of meters before crashing to the ground and opening up a large crater. Another gash appeared on his body, from which blood continuously flowed out, and the immense pain caused the Elephant person to roar out as his aura became even more berserk.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The Elephant person once again madly charged over incredibly quickly, causing the air to explode, and he looked like an enraged beast.

The Elephant person quickly reached Zhao Fu and punched towards him with both fists, while Zhao Fu blocked with his swords, causing his feet to sink down into the ground.

“Roar!” The Elephant person suddenly breathed in before unleashing an enormous blast of air from his trunk. Zhao Fu was startled and quickly unleashed his defensive barrier, and as the blast of air smashed into the defensive barrier, it caused the barrier to crack.

Zhao Fu could not relax because right after blocking this attack, the Elephant person raised his foot and kicked out with terrifying power.


A muffled sound rang out as Zhao Fu was sent flying and crashed through a few large boulders before stopping, and he coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

“Roar!” The Elephant person furiously roared and gave off a berserk aura as he continued to charge at Zhao Fu with unstoppable momentum.

Zhao Fu got up from the ground with an expression of pain, holding the Sadistic Killing Sword with one hand and the Death Disaster Sword in the other. He split his power into two waves and sent them into the two swords. One sword gave off an intense blood-red sword light that was filled with a bloody and twisted sword intent, and the other gave off an intense gray sword light that was filled with a deathly sword intent.

The Elephant person gave off a terrifying aura and would reach Zhao Fu soon. Zhao Fu crossed the two swords and boundless sword light spread out, forming a ten or so meter sword of light that was gray on one side and blood-red on the other.


The Elephant person punched out with both fists, sending out two fist energies that turned into two enormous rays of blue light that gave off destructive power as they blasted towards Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu gripped the ten or so meter long sword of light with both hands and vigorously slashed out. An enormous crescent slashed out, and the terrifying sword energy shaved a layer off the ground as it slashed towards the Elephant person quickly.

It first slashed apart the two rays of blue light before slamming into the Elephant person and sending him flying. He crashed onto the ground, and an incredibly deep gash appeared on his body, through which bone could be seen.

“Roar!!” The heavily wounded Elephant person roared towards the sky, his voice sounding out in the surroundings. He unleashed all of his power and did not hold any back as his blood flew towards the sky, making his body wither a bit.

Immediately, clouds swirled as the entire world’s energy seemed to gather, and countless rays of blue light spread out in the sky.

A 10,000 meter long blue elephant gradually appeared in the sky, giving off a mountain-like pressure that seemed to cause the ground to sink down. The atmosphere in the surroundings seemed to solidify and everyone felt terror in their hearts.

Zhao Fu’s expression became quite serious as he held the Sadistic Killing Sword in one hand and the Death Disaster Sword in the other, and he sent all of his power into the two swords, causing them to give off a brilliant light.

Countless traces of deathly aura spread out like a gray mist, giving off an intense deathly intent. At the same time, the mist seemed to be filled with countless broken corpses: Angels with broken wings, headless Demons, blind Elves, and Humans with only half their bodies…

The deathly mist coldly spread out, forming an enormous sea of deathly mist. Countless broken corpses appeared within it, and a cold deathly intent and berserk killing intent covered everyone in the surroundings, causing them to fall into terror.

“Roar!!” The elephant in the sky gave a heaven-shaking roar, making it seem as if the sky was going to split open. It then gave off a massive aura as it ferociously charged towards Zhao Fu, and the space around it crumbled.


A sword hum tore through the sky as Zhao Fu slashed out with both swords with all of his strength. The sea of deathly mist, containing its deathly intent and berserk killing intent, flowed forwards with an exterminating power.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the entire secret realm trembled. The sea of deathly mist and the massive blue elephant collided, causing intense light to shoot everywhere, and a semi-spherical dome of destructive power blasted out - everything within the surrounding 100,000 meters was reduced to dust.

The area outside the blast zone was also greatly affected - countless trees had been snapped and broken rocks lay everywhere, creating a wretched scene.

At that moment, everyone in the secret realm felt that terrifying shockwave and stopped what they were doing as they looked towards the location of the battle in shock.

The people in the surroundings and the people on the viewing platforms all felt incredibly dumbfounded as they saw how destructive the battle was.

The ripples had not yet subsided, but some people found out about the outcome of the battle through the rankings. Zhao Fu, who had been last, had instantly entered the top 30, while the Elephant person had fallen out of the top ten. It was evident that the perverted bandit had won.

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