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«The Legend of Futian (Web Novel) - Chapter 2765 Clash of Divine Power

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Chapter 2765 Clash of Divine Power

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When the third ruler slammed down, all the ruler silhouettes in the sky unified, becoming one ruler. The vast domain transformed into the domain of the Three-Ruler Law. All the Force of the Great Path was about to be pulverized. Terrible divine flames, the illusory silhouettes of the True Dragon and Ancient Phoenix, and countless sword silhouettes were all destroyed in that law domain.

There was a muffled sound. Even though they were far away, the cultivators in surrounding areas could all feel how frightening this ruler’s power was. It was like a blow from a deity.

Boom! A huge divine phoenix appeared behind Donghuang Diyuan. It was as if a fire burned in her body, undefeatable like a goddess. The Revelation Divine Power swept forth and restricted the strength of the third ruler. However, the muffled boom continued and was unstoppable. The colorless and formless Revelation Divine Power intersected and clashed in the air with the emerald power of the Divine Ruler. There were restrictions, but it could not fend off this destructive blow.

Donghuang Diyuan felt that she was also inside the Three-Ruler Law’s domain. Even though the mass of ruler silhouettes had transformed into one ruler, she still felt that there were countless ruler silhouettes everywhere. This was the conception of the domain restricting


The Ancient Dragon’s soul seemed to have been awakening. The bright dragon roar shook countless people’s eardrums. The Revelation Divine Power swept past, and paired with the dragon roar, the cultivators under the Tribulation Plane directly lost their combat ability. Even cultivators who had passed the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path similarly found it hard to budge. They were firmly restricted, and this was not even a direct attack —they were only bystanders. One could imagine what kind of force Ye Futian was enduring

But even so, Ye Futian was still the one with the upper hand. Not only did he not retreat, he even unleashed a shocking attack.

How horrifying was the power of the Ancient Dragon? It was the strongest of the historical Divine Powers. When unleashed with the Revelation Divine Power, it spurred the Ancient Phoenix Divine Sword, transforming into a true phoenix divine sword. It burned with divine phoenix fire and bore the power of Tianxing. It stabbed forward without obstacles, and the huge divine sword and the incoming divine ruler crashed in the sky.

That moment, a destructive windstorm swept over. Divine Light of the Great Path shone across everything, lifting a shocking wave.

Bang, bang… Many people were sent flying by this storm. Even the shockwaves could sweep them out and make them spit out blood. The top figures of the emperor-level forces released strong domain power to protect the cultivators beside them. When the destructive storm arrived, cracks even appeared in the domains.

Di Hao and other top figures stood in the storm, steady and upright, but their expressions were still exceptionally grave as they stared at these two strong cultivators. The combat abilities of both Ye Futian and Donghuang Diyuan were extremely shocking. Of course, they weren’t surprised that Donghuang Diyuan could have these abilities. She was the daughter of Donghuang the Great, after all. She had been taught by Donghuang the Great since childhood and inherited his Divine Power, so she naturally had very strong trump cards.

But even though Ye Futian was the descendant of Emperor Ye Qing, he had never indeed received much guidance or heritages. His cultivation resources were far off from Donghuang Diyuan. He had accomplished all this by himself, step by step, so it was extremely shocking that he could release such terrifying abilities.

The destructive storm swept through, and the True Phoenix Divine Sword shattered. The Divine Ruler was also crumbling bit by bit, but that horrible storm still swept towards the two. Ye Futian’s godly body took a few steps back. His feet stepped in the sky and steadied himself after a loud boom.

Meanwhile, Donghuang Diyuan’s body was sent flying. She let out a muffled grunt, and there was blood at the corner of her lips.

She lifted her head. Her beautiful features seemed a bit pale now, and the divine phoenix imprint between her brows seemed a bit dull. Her pretty eyes looked towards Ye Futian. Ye Futian felt a complicated emotion flash through her eyes at that moment, but it was gone in an instant, and she became indifferent. She stared coldly at him.

That windstorm finally swept past, and everyone took a deep breath. Their hearts had gone through tremendous ups and downs. When they looked toward the battlefield, their hearts pulsed. This battle had affected them very strongly.

Ye Futian had forced Donghuang Diyuan back, and it was Donghuang Diyuan who had activated the Revelation Divine Power.

As expected, ye Futian was now qualified to stand at the pinnacle and compete for the emperor position with the others. Who of these unparalleled figures could step onto the path to the Great Emperor? “What power is the Divine Ruler that you received?” Donghuang Diyuan asked Ye Futian, voice frigid.

“Princess, if you’re so curious, how about I tell you privately?” Ye Futian answered with a cold sneer. The power of the Divine Ruler was compatible with his Life Spirit. He had been learning this power continuously these past few years to turn it into his Way. It was not merely a type of power, nor did it belong to any Way. Of course, he would not tell any of this to Donghuang Diyuan. Plus, there were so many strong figures here. It was honestly a bit strange for Donghuang Diyuan to ask that.

While they were speaking, a shocking aura suddenly spread over. Dazzling light enveloped the land, and many people looked up. They saw Di Hao’s figure appear in the sky, radiating with incredible divine light.

A righteous air seemed to appear in the sky and land at that moment. The entire world’s power seemed to be resonating with his body.

Was Di Hao going to attack too?

A holy figure appeared. Di Hao had transformed into the Divine Human, sovereign of the world. He stood high in the sky as if all the power in the world was his to use. That righteous air was the correct way of the world. He could control all the power in the world as if he was the god of this world.

The Divine Human, the power of the human world.

Ye Futian furrowed his brows. This burst of power was pressing down straight at him. He had just battled furiously with Donghuang Diyuan, and now, Di Hao was going to get involved in the fight, just like attacking Ye Qingyao with Donghuang Diyuan previously.

It seemed that the rumors might be true. The Human Ancestor of the Human Realm might really propose marriage to Donghuang the Great and want a marriage alliance. He kept stepping out to ally with Donghuang Diyuan. Was he trying to imply something?

Many huge divine swords abruptly appeared in the sky. A muffled air covered the boundless void, and the huge divine swords hovered in the air above the strong cultivators’ heads. They pointed in Ye Futian’s direction.

“Ye Futian, since you fell voluntarily to ally with darkness, the Human Realm can only work to rid the darkness,” Di Hao announced. His voice shook the heavens. Transformed into the Divine Human, he carried natural mightiness. He pointed down with a finger, and there were horrifying booming sounds. The Sword of Mankind shot down, going murderously towards Ye Futian. The Divine Ruler in Ye Futian’s hands pierced through the void and instantly formed a terrifying Divine Ruler Domain. The huge divine sword shot down but couldn’t break into the domain. It was outside the Divine Ruler Domain.

But Di Hao did not stop. The power of the world kept converging into divine swords, seamless, endless, crazily stabbing towards Ye Futian!


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