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«The King’s Avatar (Web Novel) - Chapter 1584 - Gunshot

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Chapter 1584: Gunshot

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Translator: Nomyummi  Editor: Nomyummi

Using the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella’s large canvas to hide Lord Grim’s movements was a trick that Ye Xiu liked to use. There was no way Team Samsara wouldn’t know about it.

Knowing about it and playing against it were two entirely different matters. When Lord Grim held up his umbrella in front of him and used Charge, Zhou Zekai had recognized this possibility. He had observed that Lord Grim should still be behind his umbrella. After all, his umbrella was mid-Charge!

Yes, the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was still mid-Charge!

But when Cloud Piercer moved horizontally so that he could attack Lord Grim unobstructed, Lord Grim was gone.

Zhou Zekai was confused for a moment, but he quickly figured out what had happened.

Spirit Guidance!

This was the Exorcist’s Spirit Guidance. Ye Xiu used this skill and threw out his umbrella to make it seem like he had used Charge.

In theory, any Priest class could do this, but no one ever did because no one had a shield that completely covered them like the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella.

Even Zhou Zekai wasn’t able to keep up with the endless skill combinations from the unspecialized. Figuring out that it was Spirit Guidance so quickly was already very impressive.

Lord Grim wasn’t there. Where was he?

Cloud Piercer used Random Firing as he searched his surroundings. Bullets flew in all directions, creating a protective net around himself. Zhou Zekai had unexpectedly adopted a defensive stance.

However, he wasn’t able to locate Lord Grim. He had searched everywhere around him, but no one was there.


How did Lord Grim run so far away in such a short amount of time?

Shadow Clone Technique? Teleport?

There was no shadow clone left behind, but it wouldn’t have been possible anyways. Because his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella had been thrown out with a Spirit Guidance, Lord Grim could only use Priest skills. Spirit Guidance wasn’t discarding the weapon. The thrown weapon was still considered equipped even if it wasn’t in the user’s hands. Thus, Lord Grim was stuck as a Priest, and Priest classes didn’t have instant movement skills.

There was only one possibility!

Cloud Piercer leapt to the side. While in the air, he turned around and fired two shots towards the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. A change had already occurred over there. The moment Cloud Piercer turned around to search his surroundings, the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella retracted, and Lord Grim appeared. Then, he lifted his umbrella and sprinted towards Cloud Piercer.

Everyone except for Zhou Zekai saw this change.

Yes, it had indeed been Spirit Guidance. Zhou Zekai had guessed correctly. Lord Grim had feigned a Charge by using Spirit Guidance.

Priest classes didn’t have instant movement skills. What Ye Xiu used wasn’t a skill but simply basic movement. He used his stamina to sprint.

He hadn’t moved far, maybe two or three steps. However, with these two three steps, he just happened to be outside of Cloud Piercer’s vision. When Cloud Piercer moved to an angle behind the umbrella, Lord Grim had moved to an angle in front of the umbrella.

It looked like two kids playing a game, but even the normal players knew what terrifying skill was needed to pull it off.

The angle of the umbrella, the timing of the sprint, and the timing for stopping the Spirit Guidance. All of these details were crucial, and the slightest misstep meant failure. Connecting all these parts together was already very difficult, but Ye Xiu had done it all perfectly. It was through this perfect execution that he was able to catch Zhou Zekai off guard.

The moment Zhou Zekai realized what Ye Xiu had done, he had Cloud Piercer leap to the side to dodge. But it was too late. With a Shining Cut, Lord Grim instantly closed the distance, faster than Cloud Piercer could shoot.

Blood splattered into the air.

The Shining Arc cut Cloud Piercer. His guns were aimed in the wrong direction.

Bang bang bang bang!

Cloud Piercer’s dual guns still went off. He wasn’t able to stop himself from firing in time.

But he immediately responded to the current situation, Knee Strike!

Cloud Piercer sent a Knee Strike towards Lord Grim. This skill had a knockback effect, which would help pull apart the distance between them. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim dodged to the side. At the same time, his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella split into two swords, creating two intertwining arcs of light.

Cross Slash!

It was a low-level Assassin skill, which had different effects depending on the weapon. When two swords were used, the swords criss cross, cutting off the target’s movement options.

However, when these intertwining arcs of light flashed out, an opening appeared.

Bang bang bang bang…

Gunfire continued to echo. And just like this, Cloud Piercer was able to make his way past Ye Xiu. After Cloud Piercer had been sliced by the Shining Cut, he was still able to pull away from Lord Grim.

Aimed in the wrong direction?

Unable to stop himself from firing?

Anyone who had these thoughts was gravely mistaken.

Zhou Zekai hadn’t made a mistake. He had been aiming toward where the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella had previously been. Miss?

His goal wasn’t to attack. If his Random Firing from before had been him playing defensively, then his Cloud Piercer was currently playing the run-away game. He hadn’t fired his dual guns to attack, but rather to use the recoil to help him move.

Zhou Zekai was using Aerial Fire!

People still didn’t realize it even after Cloud Piercer pulled away from Lord Grim. They thought that Zhou Zekai had done something miraculous, when in reality, it was simply a result of his immediate response to not finding Lord Grim during his search.

Cloud Piercer had pulled away from Lord Grim, but it was no more than three body-lengths away. After Lord Grim’s Cross Slash missed, he readjusted himself and attacked again with Teleporting Stab!

In Happy’s match against Tyranny, Ye Xiu had chosen to put Flickering Stab on his Assassin weapon form, giving everyone a deep impression. This time, he used a similar skill to Flickering Stab: Teleporting Stab!

The distance was instantly closed!

But this move wasn’t considered a teleport.

No matter how fast it was, Lord Grim still had to turn around and take a step. It was just that it was all done extremely fast.

But Zhou Zekai was faster!

Before the Flickering Stab could be completed, a pitch-black muzzle was already aimed towards Lord Grim’s head.

The body of the gun was very long. It wasn’t a revolver.

Sharpshooter Level 70 skill: Thunder Snipe.

He had actually used Thunder Snipe at such a close range!

The crowd was in chaos. The Zhou Zekai on stage and the Zhou Zekai off-stage were like two different people. Off-stage, he was silent and invisible. But on-stage, he was always so flashy.


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