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«The King of the Battlefield (Web Novel) - Chapter 237: Dantalian (End)

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Chapter 237: Dantalian (End)

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Muyoung was also well aware of the confusion his subordinates were feeling.

But he just left them be. They wouldn’t accept an excuse that wasn’t an excuse either.

Most of all, Dantalian was a being that gave confusion to others.

Even if he disappeared, Muyoung still had retained his influence for having contact with Dantalian.

That’s why time was the only medicine. Muyoung decided to wait.

‘The presence of a demon god became stronger.’

Muyoung was getting closer to the ‘fissure’ where Gremory was at.

Anguish guided Muyoung and he was planning to get recognized through the fragments of the fissure at that place.

But the aura of a demon god was getting bigger the closer they got to the fissure.

Could it be Gremory?

It would be understandable if Gremory had come out of the fissure but that was difficult to happen.

‘It’s not Gremory.’

Muyoung shook his head.

In the first place Gremory didn’t release an aura that was as unpleasent as that one.

And also, the place the aura was felt at wasn’t at the fissure.

“Form a squad of fast and stealthy people and check the surroundings.”

They had to be stealthy from this point on.

He also had to take into account the probability of Gremory having perished.

If the aura that was released belonged to a demon god purged up Gremory and the opposition party then Muyoung needed to move all the more carefully.

But of course, Muyoung could feel him without having to look for him but that would be the same for the other party.

That’s why he sent a scouting team to search the surroundings from a point the other party couldn’t find him out.

Even grasping aura was hard to do if the opponent was hiding it earnestly.

‘Gremory is caught inside the fissure but you can’t enter it without permission from the other side.’

But regardless of that there was another demon god nearby.

His objective was surely Gremory.

You may think that the demon god also belonged to the opposition party but would they release such an aura as hostile as this?

The one aiming for Gremory was surely from the supporting party.

They would exterminate all the races that held them back on massacring all races excluding the demon race.

After waiting for about half a day, Tacan and the scout party returned.

They had captured a demon.

His body was a mess and his face was also distorted but they could feel a strong magic power from him.

“Damn it.”

Azul saw that demon and cursed while frowning.

Tacan approached Muyoung and explained about the demon.

“There are a lot of demons. It seems like there are easily more than one million of them. Fortunately, we caught the one that was called as the chief staff.”

Muyoung asked.

“Chief staff? Whose?”

“Lerajie! The Demon God of the Battlefield!”

But the one that answered was Azul.

Azul was frowning with all he had. It was different from when he shuddered looking at Enroth. He was frowning but was also biting his teeth like he knew about his wickedness.

‘Lerajie, huh.’

The demon god of the 14th seat, Lerajie.

He really was a demon god related to the ‘battlefield’.

And his destruction condition was really simple.

‘Defeat at war.’

Muyoung was able to eliminate him if he got defeated in a battlefield.

But he had shone for a long time in the battlefield. The evidence supporting it was that he never lost once.

“I’m really warning you this time. Don’t become an enemy of Lerajie. If you need to, run to the edge of the world. Then, you might be able to delay your death.”

Azul spoke sincerely.

Muyoung stroke his chin.

Lerajie. He was certainly a strong demon god. He was one of the most outstanding ones at least at wars.

Muyoung had a lot less forces than him and cards he could utilize immediately.

In the first place, there were more than thirty demon kings under Lerajie. They must be weaker than Enroth but it was still hard to face them when 30 of them gathered at once.

An absolute difference in strength. Muyoung going over there was no different to moths flying towards fire.

The gazes he felt nearby prickled him.

Muyoung faced several hardships until now and had never lost until now.

And it seemed like he was believing that he could offer an outstanding play.

But he couldn’t come with an answer even if he calculated the several variables.

“I should have a deep conversation with that Staff commander.”

If he wanted to grasp the enemy in more detail then he needed to interrogate the demon in front of him first.

A demon army of 2 million two hundred thousand.

30 demon kings working for him.

That meant that it was a huge alliance composed by 30 huge troops.

It was said that two of them were at the same level as Shar-Shazar.

The Staff commander said that Lerajie led his army and entered this land to execute Gremory himself, and he shouldn’t even be lying because he answered that after having been turned into an undead.

When Muyoung listened to the story he guessed that Lerajie might know of Gremory’s destruction condition.

‘Even I don’t know of Gremory’s condition.’

Dantalian said that he knew the conditions for all the demon gods but that was a lie.

He was only able to grasp half of them. But of course, that alone was outstanding but that also meant that Muyoung had to obtain the information for the remaining half by himself.

‘That’s not enough.’

But he had no high class information enough to give Lerajie defeat.

The remaining method was to somehow contact Gremory and join hands but now that everything in the fissure got blocked that may become a reckless bet.

Muyoung shook his head.

Thinking about it coldly, his probabilities to defeat Lerajie was 0.

Even if he allied with Gremory secretly, that probability didn’t surpass 1%. And that’s because he is Lerajie.

A demon god that was well acquaintanced with the battlefield. It was impossible to defeat him at war.

Was he going to charge towards a determined defeat?

He couldn’t do that.

It was better to return, organize themselves and think about some other method.

“We will retreat.”

He made a decision.

He couldn’t come with an answer in the current situation.

Muyoung was feeling extremely confused while returning.

A probability.

Having to defeat all the demon gods was the mission given to him but the probability for that to happen was ‘0’.

He couldn’t do anything to Lerajie right now so what was he going to do against the demon gods that had a stronger authority than him?

Did he have to charge towards a determined defeat?

That was a stupid thing to do.

He would return and reorganize themselves. Call in more forces and grow in strength.

But that wasn’t enough. Reality was that they wouldn’t be able to defeat Lerajie alone.

Another method. Another clever move…

If he couldn’t get recognition from Gremory then it would be hard to get help from the other demon gods of the opposition party.

In the first place, the reason he tried to get recognition from Gremory was to control the demon gods and create confusion.

‘But I can’t do that?’

He gritted his teeth and felt pressured.

How could he think of something as stupid as this?

How did he come with the certainty to do something impossible?

He couldn’t understand it.

And didn’t even try to understand it.

Because… He wasn’t able to become ‘Muyoung’.

―Aren’t you too fast on giving up?

It was then.

A voice ringing in his head.

Muyoung frowned.

No, ‘Dantalian’ wearing the mask of Muyoung frowned.

“How? Your soul must have lost its way?”

A contract was formed the moment Muyoung nodded. Dantalian got able to move Muyoung’s body completely.

After that Dantalian started to imitate Muyoung. He tried to completely become Muyoung.

But he couldn’t understand it. He couldn’t finish his ‘mission’.

―I have already done such a thing as hiding my soul.

The existence in his head sneered at him.

Dantalian tensed up.

Hide the soul?

Is that something possible?

On top of that, it was so stealthy that Dantalian couldn’t notice even if it was in the same body.

―Dantalian, I learned a lot of things thanks to you. I want to thank you.

The voice of the real Muyoung became louder.

Dantalian opened his eyes widely.

Don’t tell me?

That he even figured his own destruction condition?

He hid stealthily and took all of his secrets…!

―There was nothing special. That your real ‘name’ couldn’t be found out. Not letting you accomplish the ‘mission’! You are fated to always be a fake.

The mission was the mission of the body that got taken control of. And Dantalian came to a conclusion that Muyoung’s mission was ‘impossible’.

One of the conditions have already been opened the moment he came to that conclusion.

Now, Dantalian’s destruction condition would be completed the moment Muyoung called Dantalian’s real name,

“Stop! You will need my help to destroy the other demon gods. Even if it’s impossible for you it is possible for me. If I’m here you will be able to grasp everything from them and defeat them!”

―Dantalian, you can only imitate them. You coveted over my body but couldn’t figure out everything about me.

He would simply retreat when Lerajie was in front of him. How foolish was that?

Even if it is impossible, he shouldn’t just come to a conclusion before hand.

At least, Muyoung didn’t like that method.

Even if Dantalian imitated Muyoung he couldn’t become Muyoung as is. It was merely an imitation in the end. That was the reason others felt uncomfortable with him.

―James, how did you, who was once a human, become a demon god?


Dantalian clenched his chest.

Something that couldn’t happen was happening.

But Muyoung was also as surprised as him.

Muyoung had taken a peek at some fragments of Dantalian’s memories. He wasn’t able to grasp everything. The reason for that was that the time Dantalian spent was far too extensive.

But Muyoung could know that Dantalian wasn’t always a demon god.

He had been a human.

And… a human on top of that.

“You will regret it if you know the truth. You will lose your objective and go astray as there is no ‘hope’ in Pandora’s box!”

He staggered.


His wings spread and started to burn.

That fire burned Dantalian, Muyoung’s body.

The fire of purification. The power of Gabriel had activated. It was purifying the soul that was trying to degrade.

Dantalian screamed in pain.

Then…the body got burnt black and Dantalian’s soul disappeared.


Muyoung stood up once again after having taken over his body again. Smoke was surging up as if an accident occurred.

He should have died originally but Muyoung was an immortal. He didn’t die by getting burned.

Muyoung looked at the sky.

It looked like he had moved quite quickly to try to lessen the losses instinctively. Thanks to that his army didn’t suffer any damages.

But Muyoung was putting a complicated expression.

‘Even the aftertaste he gives is bad.’

Muyoung had seen his memories but he couldn’t know what was true or not in that. It meant that his memories were lacking from veracity.

‘Solomon, the destroyed world and perhaps the other demon gods too…’

Muyoung shook his head.

The results didn’t change. The things he had to do were the same.

Muyoung regenerated his skin and looked far away. Dantalian had screamed that it was impossible but Muyoung had some chances.

‘Sky Lord’.

It seemed like Dantalian didn’t know that this body was loved by monsters.

Or he forgot what was love in by itself.

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