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«The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 982: The Situation Took A Turn For The Worse!

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Chapter 982: The Situation Took A Turn For The Worse!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing the video on the electronic screen earlier had already shaken the hearts of many people present.

Now that they saw that Jiang Xuecheng actually said that there was still a living witness, how could they not go crazy?!

Fiennes’ face seemed to be shrouded in a layer of haze. His mistake was that he had not expected Jiang Xuecheng to appear so brazenly.

If Jiang Xuecheng had only disguised himself to take Su Wan away, it would have been easier to deal with.

This wedding was a prestigious mission. If Fiennes directly ordered his subordinates to shoot, it would prove that he had a guilty conscience. It was as if he was confirming to those people that it was really his doing!

And once Jiang Xuecheng took control of the situation, it would also be difficult to clean up!

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Fiennes had already fallen into a passive position!

Because this was his home ground, he had been careless.

A single mistake would cause eternal hatred!

Fiennes’ expression turned cold. Shooting recklessly wasn’t his style, but he couldn’t allow Jiang Xuecheng to fan the flames like this!

Compared to completely falling into a deadlock, Fiennes would rather do it more ruthlessly!

“The Emperor is already dead! You imposter, you are here to mislead the masses! Men, take him down! Get him, alive or dead, it does not matter!”

When Su Wan heard these words, she subconsciously shivered!

Without thinking, she immediately jumped out of the car and stood in front of Jiang Xuecheng!

“Don’t shoot! I will testify that he is the emperor of the God’s Palace!”

Because Su Wan was too quiet earlier, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Fiennes and Jiang Xuecheng. Who would have thought that Su Wan would suddenly appear!

Could it be that the witness that the emperor mentioned was Su Wan?

This was too…

Everyone looked at Su Wan, who was wearing a bridal gauze dress, and suddenly felt a little absent-minded.

No matter what, this marriage was between Su Wan and Fiennes. Moreover, the two of them had publicly monsterstrated their love in the television station. Su Wan was acting like a pro. Wasn’t she biting the hand that fed her?

Seeing the contemptuous looks in those people’s eyes, Su Wan completely ignored them.

Compared to their pointing fingers, of course, Jiang Xuecheng’s life was more important. What was so embarrassing about this?!

Su Wan sincerely stood in front of Jiang Xuecheng. She looked around at the well-dressed nobles present and said this sentence almost quickly and anxiously!

“His Highness and I experienced that car accident together. We didn’t die at all! If it wasn’t for young master Fiennes’ persecution, the two of us wouldn’t have come to this stage!”

As Su Wan spoke, she suddenly held onto Jiang Xuecheng’s hand.

The two of them interlocked their fingers. Although Jiang Xuecheng wasn’t wearing a bridegroom’s outfit, he was still in a suit and tie. He had an imposing bearing.

Su Wan was actually much more compatible with Jiang Xuecheng than with Fiennes.

Even the stupidest person could see the natural tacit understanding between the two of them. There was also an endless flow of affection!

The two of them were clearly surrounded by a group of guards with guns, but there was not a hint of fear on their faces!

On the contrary, the guards widened their eyes!

The bride had run away with another man in public! What kind of situation was this?!

Fiennes was actually not the least bit surprised by Su Wan’s public betrayal.

He looked coldly at Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng. This marriage was originally designed to draw out the disaster who is Jiang Xuecheng, so he did not have much hope for Su Wan.

However, deep in his heart, he still felt a slight pain.

The scene of Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan standing together deeply hindered his eyes!

He saw Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng holding hands, and a faint smile hung on the corners of their lips. It was not a forced fake smile, but a smile that came from the heart.

Why could they still smile so happily?

Were they really not afraid of death?

All the guests present did not expect things to develop in this direction!

Fiennes’ handsome face was cold. His blue eyes flashed with a malicious light as he stared at Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng angrily.

“Su Wan, you are my bride. We got married yesterday. Today is our wedding. Are you sure you want to stand with this person who is pretending to be the emperor? Bullets don’t recognize people. It would be bad if they accidentally hurt you.”

It looked like he was concerned, but he was actually threatening them!

Many guests looked at each other. Seeing that Fiennes had already threatened them so directly, they silently chose to believe that Jiang Xuecheng was the emperor.


The people surrounding them were all Fiennes’ men. Did Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng really want to die?

Hearing Fiennes’ threat, Su Wan smiled slightly.

She held hands with Jiang Xuecheng. Because it was a wedding today, Su Wan’s makeup was unusually bright. Now that she was bathed in the sun, her smile was actually peerless.

It made everyone’s heart skip a beat!

“Young Master Fiennes, do you still remember the marriage certificate that we signed at the civil affairs bureau yesterday? My name was written by you, right? I didn’t write a single word.”

Su Wan paused for a moment and swept her gaze over the armed guards who were eyeing her covetously.

“Since the marriage certificate has no legal effect and the wedding hasn’t officially started yet, I think I’m not your bride. The person I want to marry has always been the only one by my side!”


Su Wan’s pain yesterday did not seem to be faked, but who would have thought that this matter would actually turn against Fiennes!

A strong sense of anger flashed across Fiennes’ heart. He glared at Su Wan, wishing that he could see through her right now!

“Su Wan, I’m very disappointed in you. Since you said that our marriage certificate has no legal effect and you insist on dying together with that fake, then fine, I’ll grant your wish!”

The atmosphere in the room was filled with tension. It was like dynamite that could be ignited at the slightest touch!

With a wave of Fiennes’ hand, everyone immediately saw the guards pointing their guns at Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng as if they were going to pull the trigger at any moment!

Just when everyone was on tenterhooks, they suddenly saw the few guards with guns suddenly turn around and aim at Fiennes instead!

The situation instantly took a turn for the worse!

No one had expected things to turn out like this!

The current situation had turned into the majority of the people with guns pointing directly at Fiennes!

When Fiennes saw this scene, his azure-blue eyes immediately widened!

-When did these people change sides?!

“This is impossible! How did you all…”

Fiennes’ face suddenly turned deathly pale. Meanwhile, Jiang Xuecheng was still holding onto Su Wan’s hand, as if nothing had happened.

“Why is that impossible? Fiennes, you didn’t expect that half of your trusted aides had gone to look for your sister. The remaining people already were spies planted by the God’s Palace. How many loyal spies do you think there are?”

On this point, it was all thanks to that ruthless woman, the high priest.

Although the high priest’s limbs were completely severed, it was still very difficult for the people she had raised in the past to rebel.

After all, who did not have several relatives under the control of the high priest?


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