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«The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1413 Burning Bridges after crossing the river, depressing!

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Chapter 1413 Burning Bridges after crossing the river, depressing!

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Jiang Miaomiao stared at Jiang Qiran with her mouth agape. That pair of cold and slanted phoenix eyes was filled with hostility at this moment, giving people a sense of despair that sent chills down their spine. “Qiran, what’s wrong with you? Isn’t… isn’t it just a phone?” Jiang Miaomiao swallowed her saliva. She stared at the broken phone in Jiang Qiran’s hand, feeling very puzzled. … Jiang Qiran suddenly raised his eyes. “Do you know any professional phone repairmen?” Jiang Qiran’s eyes were bloodshot. He stared straight at Jiang Miaomiao, making Jiang Miaomiao almost shiver. She kept feeling that… Jiang Qiran’s current state was not quite right. He was simply paranoid to a terrifying degree. Needless to say, the only reason why Jiang Qiran could smash the entire room into such a state and focus on fixing the broken phone was because of that person. Ye, Lin, Lang. Sigh, in the past, her brother Qiran was as perfect as a mannequin. Now… when he had someone he liked, it made him feel so bad. … Jiang Miaomiao’s heart tightened. Her thin red lips moved a little, but in the end, she still hesitated to persuade him. “Qiran… look at this phone. It’s already broken like this. Even if you fix it, it can’t be used anymore.” “Moreover, if the old doesn’t go and the new doesn’t come, life has to move forward.” Jiang Miaomiao’s words seemed to have a double meaning. When Jiang Qiran heard it, a hint of sadness flashed across his eyes. He finally stood up. Although his clothes were still stained with scraps of paper and he looked disheveled, the malicious and stubborn light in his eyes diminished a little. “I have some very important academic materials stored inside. I haven’t made a backup. It would be very troublesome if I lost it, so I have to find it.” “Is that so?” Jiang Miaomiao looked at the youth in front of him with doubt. She kept feeling that Jiang Qiran was doing it for ye Linlang. Other than the things related to Ye Linlang, what else could make Jiang Qiran care so much? Jiang Qiran’s thin lips lifted slightly as he looked at Jiang Miaomiao with some uneasiness. “Why? Is there anything to doubt about this?” Jiang Miaomiao shrugged. “Alright, I hope you think it through. What exactly is it that makes you so eager to repair it?” “I happen to know a good mobile phone repair master. I’ll call him over right now.” Jiang Qiran nodded. “Okay, tell him that the price is not a problem, and the time is not a problem. As long as it can be repaired, it’s fine.” … Jiang Miaomiao saw that Jiang Qiran was making such a big fuss, and he did not believe that he was doing it for some important academic information. After all, Jiang Qiran was so smart, and he had never seen him worry about academic problems. Jiang Miaomiao’s big black and white eyes rolled around and immediately began to beat around the bush. “Qiran, what kind of academic information is it? It Can’t be some competition question, right? Isn’t that kind of thing a pile of things? And it’s not difficult for you at all.” At this moment, Jiang Qiran had already regained his consciousness. He reached out his hand and dusted off the various white confetti on his sleeve with a calm expression. “It’s all relatively unpopular information. You won’t understand even if I tell you. Alright, thank you for today. You can go home now.” ”…” Was there anyone who wanted to chase her away after making use of her? ! Jiang Miaomiao’s face was full of black question marks. She pursed her lips. “Qiran, you’re too much. Who says I don’t understand? I understand a lot.” Jiang Qiran coldly rolled his eyes at Jiang Miaomiao. “You should try to get into a second-tier university first. I’m really worried that Gu Yichen will suddenly discover that the girls from Zhaohua University are both excellent and beautiful.” That’s right, Gu Yichen had already passed Zhaohua University’s guarantee. If nothing unexpected happened, he would soon go to the capital of Kyushu to study. ”…” Jiang Miaomiao successfully choked to death when she heard Jiang Qiran’s words. SOB, sob, SOB, sob. was there anyone who bullied others like this? Even if she was an underachiever, she was kind and cute. Everyone loved her. Flowers blossomed and the car drove. Such a cute girl was hard to come by in a thousand years. How could she be dumped! Jiang Miaomiao raised her eyes to look at Jiang Qiran’s noble and cold face and silently decided to escape. Well, the example of being dumped in front of her seemed to be quite painful. It was better for her not to bury such a pit for herself. … “Then I’m going home. Do you want to find a part-time worker to help you tidy up the house?” Jiang Miaomiao glanced around the messy things in the house and gave her sincere advice, jiang Qiran, on the other hand, had a look of indifference on his face. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll do it myself. You can go back.” HMPH, he didn’t even try to persuade himself to stay. Jiang Miaomiao silently ridiculed Jiang Qiran in her heart, and then she rolled away dejectedly with her fingers crossed. The adults were magnanimous and would definitely not bicker with people who had broken up! … After Jiang Miaomiao left, Jiang Qiran began to pack up his things bit by bit. He looked at the mess in the room, his expression absent-minded. This was the place where he and Ye Linlang had lived together. The girl’s every frown and smile seemed to be still vivid in his mind. But in the end, what could be left behind? Jiang Qiran lowered his head and stared at the almost broken cell phone on the coffee table. There were many memories of ye Linlang in that cell phone. They were all unique. Her photos, her audio, her and his communication records. Jiang Qiran only started to panic from the moment he fell to the ground. Why was there no backup on the computer? Sometimes, Jiang Qiran didn’t understand either. What was the use of leaving these memories? He was just like a drowning traveler in the sea, holding on to a piece of driftwood in vain, refusing to let go. If Jiang Miaomiao knew that the so-called “Academic materials”that Jiang Qiran was talking about were all nonsense used to fool her, she would probably be so angry that she would run back and beat Jiang Qiran up. … After about two hours, the things in the room were basically packed up. However, there were still some cracks on the equipment, as if it had been deliberately damaged. The phone mechanic had come over. He was an old master who was almost fifty years old. He took the toolbox and glanced at the broken parts of Jiang Qiran’s phone. He immediately frowned. “UH… This phone is too badly broken. Did someone crush it with something? It feels like it’s very difficult to repair it back to normal. I Can’t guarantee that the phone will still work…” Just as the phone mechanic was in a difficult position, Jiang Qiran lifted his eyelids indifferently. “I’m not asking you to repair this phone back to normal. As long as you find a few photos, especially the one that I used as a screensaver.” The mechanic nodded when he heard Jiang Qiran’s words. “Then I’ll give it a try.” “Sorry for the trouble.” Jiang Qiran nodded slightly. When the mechanic took out his tools and started to fix the phone, Jiang Qiran sat on the side and stared at the phone. The mechanic suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. He finally couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked. “Little brother, this cell phone is broken like this. Did someone deliberately drop it?”


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