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«The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1404 Then you can just throw it away like it’s trash!

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Chapter 1404 Then you can just throw it away like it’s trash!

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He saw the name of the contact on the screen of his phone. Jiang Qiran’s left atrium was in a tearing pain. His phone was vibrating non-stop. It was as if if he didn’t answer it, he would keep dialing. … Jiang Qiran moved his hand with difficulty. In fact, his right hand had almost recovered. He didn’t even have any trouble eating. But… for some reason, when he saw the name of the caller, he felt pain all over his body, especially in the left atrium. … Did he finally remember him? Jiang Qiran’s jaw was stretched to the extreme. He bit his lower lip hard until some blood seeped out. He picked up the phone. It was the expected female voice. He had heard the young girl’s beautiful voice so many times, but when he heard it again after so many days, it felt like a lifetime ago. “Qiran, are you listening?” “Is your body okay?” Before Jiang Qiran could speak, the other side had already asked two questions. The careful voice, because the voice was shaky, Jiang Qiran could almost imagine ye Linlang’s expression at that moment. Would she feel uneasy knowing that such a huge matter had happened to her? ! … Jiang Qiran’s expression was extremely frustrated. He pursed his lips. For some reason, even though he wanted to speak properly, when he recalled how the other party had been ignoring him for so many days, his voice suddenly turned cold. He forced her to answer. “Ye Linlang, it seems like you still remember me?” Every word he said was filled with unwillingness and even hatred. … On the other end of the line, Ye Linlang’s hands were trembling and two streams of tears suddenly fell. She would not tell Jiang Qiran. Where she was now and where she was going. She was in front of a quiet flower bed that could be used to answer the phone. The bright red suitcase beside her reminded her that she did not have much time to tell Jiang Qiran. And the row upon row of buildings in front of her was exactly where Jiang Qiran’s apartment was located. … That’s right, Ye Linlang was standing below Jiang Qiran’s apartment. In just a short while, she was about to set off. This was the only chance for her to call Jiang Qiran before she headed to the Dongchen Kingdom. And throughout the entire journey, Shen Xier would hear every word that she said. Her heart felt like it was being cut by a knife, but there was nothing she could do. … Ye Linlang reached out her hand and touched the diamond ring under the silver platinum necklace in her hand. The silver luster was breathtaking. Not far away was the mailbox of Jiang Qiran’s apartment. Before she left, she was going to put the diamond ring necklace into Jiang Qiran’s mailbox. Ye Linlang touched the diamond ring pendant again reluctantly. It was not because this diamond ring had a gorgeous design, nor was it because of how expensive the diamond ring was. It was just that when she remembered that this was Jiang Qiran’s birthday present to her, and that the engagement promise from back then seemed to still ring in her ears, many things had changed. … Now was not the time to be sad. In fact, she had no intention of telling Jiang Qiran that she was leaving now. Ye Linlang took a deep breath, and tears fell on her arms. However, they were silent tears, not even choking up. “Qiran, I’ve already asked Miao Miao. I’m very pleased to know that you can be discharged in half a month.” When she heard her voice, she was exceptionally calm, and even a little heartless. On the other side, Jiang Qiran’s face lost all color. He only felt that all the blood in his body had frozen into ice cubes. “Ye Linlang, you called me just to tell me this?” “Because you think I’ll recover soon, so you don’t feel guilty at all? You’re not worried at all? !” When she said the last few words, Jiang Qiran gritted her teeth. Her dark phoenix eyes were filled with malice. … Ye Linlang lowered her eyelashes. It was as if she was submerged in water. She was extremely terrified. However, she still had to force herself to speak. “As long as you’re fine, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter how you look at me. We’re just passers-by from now on.” … “Ye, Lin, Lang! Do you know what you’re saying? !” Jiang Qiran lost his composure and broke the IV tube in his hand. Ye Linlang’s body trembled. She almost wanted to ask Jiang Qiran what was going on. However, knowing that he was in the hospital and that he could not move freely now, the crazy thing that happened in the apartment the last time definitely would not happen. Ye Linlang tried her best to restrain herself and not ask. It would be wrong to say more. Every time she asked, her heart would hurt even more. Tears welled up in Ye Linlang’s eyes. The summer wind was dry and hot, but ye Linlang felt that her heart had been frozen. She could only try her best to appear calmer. “Qiran, I know what I’m saying and doing.” “Since we’ve already broken up, the diamond ring necklace you gave me isn’t suitable either. I’ll leave it in your mailbox. You can take it out yourself.” “If there’s a suitable girl, I hope you’ll be happy. I believe there’s someone else who’s more suitable for that necklace than me.” She could no longer speak to Jiang Qiran. Every word she said was painful. It was as if her heart was being dismembered. Word by word, every sentence hurt. … Ye Linlang walked towards Jiang Qiran’s mailbox. Her gaze gradually became unfocused. However, all of a sudden, a roar came from the phone. “Ye Linlang, what makes you think that I would want to recycle the trash that you don’t Want? ! ! !” Trash? Jiang Qiran called the diamond ring that he and he had personally picked trash? ! … Ye Linlang froze when she heard that, and her hand suddenly trembled. The diamond necklace that was supposed to be delivered to the mailbox fell to the ground with a bang. The Ring’s platinum ring knocked on the ground with a crisp sound. The light from the diamond ring made ye Linlang’s eyes lose focus. Ye Linlang’s tears blurred. She didn’t even know how to speak. “You… You Think So? To You, is that necklace trash?” At the end of her sentence, Ye Linlang’s voice became softer. “Yes! Throw it out of my mailbox! I don’t need it! Since you don’t want it, just throw it in the trash can!” It turned out that Qi ran already despised her so much that even the diamond ring had to be discarded like a worn shoe. That’s right, how could someone like her be liked by others? … Ye linlang half knelt down, her fingers trembling as she picked up the necklace. She sobbed. On the other end of the phone, Jiang Qi ran heard this voice and was instantly stunned. “You’re Crying? Where are you now? !” It was an extremely anxious voice. However, the driver of the Black Audi not far away had already walked over impatiently. “Have you called enough? It’s time to set off!” Ye Linlang sniffed. She was afraid that Jiang Qiran would hear if the driver’s voice was too loud, so she quickly hung up the phone. … However, Jiang Qiran heard that man’s voice. Go? ! Where Is Ye Linlang going? !


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