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«The Human Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2126 - A Clash of Princely Factions Amongst the Western Turks!

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Chapter 2126: A Clash of Princely Factions Amongst the Western Turks!

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“Just what is this bastard thinking?”

Ishbara Khagan’s brow twitched. He was somewhat unable to fathom Wang Chong’s thoughts.

For some reason, he felt that this matter could not be as simple as it seemed.

As expected, a few moments later, the Western Turkic general read off the other part of the letter.

“…But he has heard that there are some rebels causing trouble in Youzhou on the northeastern border, and he says that as the Western Turks and the Great Tang are brotherly countries, he is certain that the Western Turks will not refuse assisting its brother in eliminating this problem!”

As the general spoke, the tent became deathly still, the faces of everyone else in the tent a sight to behold.

As expected!

They knew that there was no such thing as food raining down from the heavens! Everything had its price.

An Yaluoshan hoped to recruit the Western Turks to attack the Great Tang, while Wang Chong hoped to recruit the Western Turks and have them assist him in dealing with the alliance army!

Truly, there is no such thing as an oil-conserving lamp! Ishbara Khagan said to himself, an indescribable feeling in his heart.

But regardless, the attitude of Wang Chong and the Great Tang had greatly softened. In this way, the Western Turks could derive benefits from both the Great Tang and the countries of the northeast, a surprising harvest.

At the very least, the Western Turkic Khaganate had the initiative in these negotiations.

“Are you done reading?” Ishbara Khagan asked, his expression relaxing.


The general glanced at the letter again and hesitated.

“What? Is there still something else?”

Ishbara Khagan raised an eyebrow, immediately sensing that something was wrong, that there was something different from what he was expecting.

“This… That man from the Great Tang has also said that if Khagan feels that there are some things that are hard to convey in words, he is willing to come personally to Mount Sanmi to discuss the matter with Khagan,” the general said as he turned the letter over to show it to the crowd.

At that moment, everyone could see ‘Meet at Mount Sanmi’ written clearly on the letter, written several times larger than the other words.


Those strongly emphasized words caused all of them to understand, and as they turned their heads, they saw that Ishbara Khagan had a nasty scowl on his face.

After all this time, that bastard from the Great Tang hadn’t changed one bit!

He had found it strange that this scoundrel had suddenly had a change of heart, offering such good conditions to the Western Turks, but in the end, if they didn’t accept his conditions, this scoundrel planned to attack Mount Sanmi!

The words had changed, but the meaning was the same.


In the somewhat rigid atmosphere, the flap of the tent shook as two individuals, bringing with them wind and snow, came inside.

“Imperial Father, you asked for me?”

Barshad respectfully bowed to the people in the tent.


Upon seeing the Fourth Prince, everyone in the tent quietly exhaled.

The Fourth Prince’s arrival had somewhat relaxed the stifling mood in the tent.


Ishbara Khagan quickly got a hold of himself. With an emotionless face, he pointed at an empty seat nearby.


With no questions, Barshad sat down.

“I am in the middle of discussing with the generals the matter of the ice calamity. The Great Tang and Youzhou have both sent letters trying to draw us to their side. What is your view on this? Do you think the Western Turkic Khaganate should join the alliance or side with the Great Tang?” Ishbara Khagan sternly said. He gestured, and someone in the tent placed both letters in Barshad’s hand.

The tent fell silent as everyone stared at the Fourth Prince.

First Prince Irbis Shiyun coldly laughed and then silently watched.

This ice calamity threatened the existence of the entire khaganate and the longevity of their people. He was quite interested in seeing what his fourth brother said.

The mood turned strange.

Everyone knew that the stances expressed by First Prince Irbis Shiyun and Fourth Prince Barshad were likely to decide their future status in the empire and the fate of the Western Turkic Khaganate.

Even the Blackwater Shaman turned to Barshad at this time.

Everyone waited with bated breath.

Meanwhile, Fourth Prince Barshad looked at the two letters, and when he saw the words at the end of Wang Chong’s letter, he couldn’t help but frown.

But a moment later, his brow relaxed.

Irbis Shiyun, seeing the expression on Barshad’s face, suddenly spoke up in a mocking tone. “Fourth Brother, you’re the savior spoken of by the prophecy. What is your view on this matter?”

The fact that Barshad was the child of prophecy was a secret in the Western Turkic Khaganate, and not many people knew about this besides the Blackwater Shaman, the high nobles, and the Great Generals. But Irbis Shiyun was one of the people that knew, and this was precisely why he was so hostile to him.

“The Great Tang’s King of Foreign Lands has disrespected Imperial Father more than once. Fourth Brother, in this situation, you wouldn’t have him join the Great Tang, right?” Irbis Shiyun jeered.

Hearing Irbis Shiyun’s words, Duwu Sili, Hulayeg, and all of Barshad’s other supporters grimaced.

Irbis Shiyun had an ill motive with these words. If Barshad dared to say that he supported the Great Tang, he would be disrespecting Ishbara Khagan.

The hierarchy of the Western Turkic Khaganate was strict, and if he made such a claim, Barshad could put aside any thought of inheriting the throne.

Such malicious intentions!

Duwu Sili turned grave.

But Irbis Shiyun wouldn’t think about saying such words. There’s a high chance… that Wunu Shibi is instructing him!

Duwu Sili quickly turned to Wunu Shibi standing behind Irbis Shiyun.

Wunu Shibi had a stiff expression, acting as if he hadn’t done anything.

But Duwu Sili saw his lips slightly moving. At this moment, Wunu Shibi sensed his gaze, spotted Duwu Sili, and quickly closed his mouth.

The mood in the tent became heavy.

Quite a few of the generals in the tent understood what Irbis Shiyun was up to, but everyone remained silent.

“Imperial Brother, as a member of the imperial household, what should be most important to us? Is it not the continuation of the khaganate and our people, the Western Turks? Or does Imperial Brother believe that personal emotions transcend the existence of our Western Turkic Khaganate? If that is really the case, then what does Imperial Brother believe to be the reason Imperial Father has gathered us here?” Barshad finally spoke, and his words instantly made Irbis Shiyun scowl.

“In addition, I was once taken hostage by the Great Tang’s King of Foreign Lands and was humiliated by him. For this reason, should I oppose the Great Tang at every turn and disregard any thought of the welfare of our people? If we decide things on emotion, make the wrong choice, and the alliance army is defeated, who will take the responsibility?”

He spoke with such a righteous air that even Wunu Shibi paled. At this point, the smile on Irbis Shiyun’s lips had disappeared.

Barshad’s words had been far sharper than he had imagined!

In the center, Ishbara Khagan frowned in thought.

Barshad turned to Ishbara Khagan and sincerely said, “Imperial Father, our Western Turkic Khaganate truly does have a deep grudge against the Great Tang, but our first priority is to find a solution to the cold wave and its blizzards that are moving southward. The Great Tang is strong at the moment, and it has now recruited more than one million soldiers, far more than before. Moreover, the King of Foreign Lands is at the peak of his power, and the entire world acknowledges him as the War Saint. In terms of strategies, no one in the world can contend against him. Right now, he only lacks an excuse to attack us. The moment he discovers that we’re communicating with Youzhou and preparing to attack the Great Tang, he’ll have exactly the opportunity he is looking for, and when the army of the Great Tang arrives, the end of the Western Turks will come!

“Your son hopes that Imperial Father will carefully consider this!”

Ishbara Khagan couldn’t help but be affected by these words.

Barshad was close to the Great Tang and had a large following amongst the intelligentsia of the khaganate. He had originally summoned Barshad to casually ask him a few questions, but these words truly were very reasonable.


Upon seeing the look on Ishbara Khagan’s face, Irbis Shiyun and Wunu Shibi both trembled in shock.

“Imperial Father must not…”

Irbis Shiyun wanted to say more, but Ishbara Khagan raised his hand and stopped him.

His eyes half-closed as he raised his head and began to think.

All in the tent waited with bated breath, knowing that Ishbara Khagan was considering his decision.

After a long while, Ishbara Khagan finally opened his eyes and spoke.

“This conference ends here today. We have taken in all your opinions!

“This matter… will be discussed again in the future!”


Everyone in the tent was surprised by this, and the generals were left flabbergasted.

It was clear that none of them had expected this answer.

“All of you, leave!”

Ishbara Khagan swept out his hand, his tone brooking no objection.


They wanted to argue some more, but Ishbara Khagan’s words immediately dispelled such thoughts.

All of them quickly withdrew. Irbis Shiyun and Barshad glanced at each other, each seeing the fierce glint in the other’s eyes, and then they looked away and left the tent.

Outside, the snowstorm continued to howl.

Finally, once everyone in the tent was gone, the seated Blackwater Shaman got to his feet.

“Is Your Majesty still thinking about dealing with the Great Tang?”

The Blackwater Shaman slowly walked over to Ishbara Khagan’s side.

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