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«The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Web Novel) - Chapter 68: Meeting Again So Soon

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Chapter 68: Meeting Again So Soon

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The stairs leading to the 9th floor was normal-sized so there was no need to keep being tiny. Plus I’d be in deep trouble if monsters attacked while I’m in this form. I might even lose to a kitty.

Destroying【Height minus 150cm】required 1,000 LP. I had more than enough so I went on with it. My body gradually got bigger. If my father were here, he’d surely make a joke like: “My son’s getting bigger! Just like my john-son!” Then my mother and Alice would give him ice cold stares.

I was back to my original size and was about to go down the stairs when I noticed something shocking.

「What the hell? It’s flooded!」

There was water up to the top of the stairs. Does this mean the whole 9th floor is submerged in water? The good thing though was it wasn’t dirty water; in fact it was quite clear.

I was mulling over my options and decided to go down anyway. I wasn’t planning to do any more clearing today. In order to teleport any time, I needed to set my skill up first so I just had to deal with getting wet and headed down to the 9th floor. It was quite scary being underwater, but I had to suck it up. Halfway down, and I wasn’t even using the stairs anymore; I simply dived.

Bubbles of air escaped from my mouth as I slowly rose to the surface. While I could still breathe, I opened my eyes to check the 9th floor.

「(The sea?!)」

Indeed. It was like I was diving under the sea. The whole floor was exactly like what you’d see in the outside world: there were seagrass, seaweed, and even fish swimming around. There were beautiful kinds of fish that I’ve never seen before too! The whole place was probably vast and deep. The ceiling was bright, providing light near the surface. The deeper parts however were probably too dark to even see properly.

To top it off, the water went all the way up to the ceiling so taking another breath was impossible.

「(What now?)」

Find the stairs leading down before I run out of air? Not happening. I was already struggling as it is. For now, I made a hole halfway down the stairs to use for teleportation, went in, then emerged on the first floor.


I could finally breathe. My clothes and hair were soaking wet however. I sneezed as I made my way out of the hidden dungeon. Outside, the surrounding was tinted in dark red. Apparently I was in the dungeon for quite a long time. It was getting dark soon so I made my way back home.


「A monster?」

I quickly prepared myself, but the sound didn’t come from anywhere near me. There, near a boulder up ahead, someone was being attacked by monsters.

I scuttled closer. A monkey… No, a Red Monkey. They were slightly bigger than normal monkeys, with red body hair, and were known for being extremely ferocious.

They would destroy crops, kill humans, and eat them. Individually, they weren’t much of a threat so they work in groups to attack people. Right now, there were about fourteen or fifteen of them.

They had someone surrounded. She had blonde hair, blowing gently in the evening breeze. Her body was of stunning proportions, her face radiating with elegance. Wait, Layla-san?

She was Nell-kun’s older sister and a member for Class A in Hero School. I first met her just today.

「I’m coming to he—」

I was about to say call out to her, when the Red Monkeys charged towards her, letting out a screech. They were smart. They signalled each other as they attacked her all at once.

They came from both side and in front, ready to gnaw at her. Even the strong would be in deep trouble if they were bit on the neck.

Will my magic make it in time? is what I thought, but it seemed my help was not needed. She quickly turned for a roundhouse kick and three of them were sent flying.

As expected from someone with a rank A Kicking skill… There was more where that came from, however. Furious, the Red Monkeys started charging in one after another, but she pummelled all of them. Every time her black gloves landed a blow on one, its body burst, scattering flesh everywhere. It was astonishing to watch.

How does she get that much power? Sure, she had rank A Punching skill, but it felt like there was something more to it. I checked her【Magic Fist】skill with my【Edit】.

I see. Those gloves of hers were rare items too apparently.

【Magic Gloves Rank A Skill: Magic Conduction】

So the item and her skill had excellent synergy. As I was checking her skills out with my 【Appraisal】, she took the Red Monkeys down until only one was left.

Even ferocious monsters get scared. It desperately tried to escape, heading to my direction.

「Wait, why are you running this way?」


If I had to translate its screeching, I’d say it was like this: “Out of the way or I’ll kill you!”

It was the perfect chance to try out my new weapon, the Piercing Spear. I took it out, lunging it at the Red Monkey who leaped towards me, swinging its claws. The spear pierced it easily I could barely feel any resistance.

「Down you go.」

I slammed the body to the ground with the spear still in its body. After a while of struggling, it went up to the pearly gates of heaven. Nah, fiery gates of hell might be more accurate.

「Are you okay?」

Layla-san came running up to me.

「I’m sorry. I let one escape. Wait, Noir-san?!」

「We meet again, Layla-san.」

「What a coincidence. What are you doing in these parts?」

「I’m an adventurer. I was just hunting some monsters.」

「Me too. I just finished my quest. If you’re heading back to town, let’s go together.」

I agreed. It was just what I wanted. After helping her collect the materials she needed, we headed towards town, walking side by side.

「You really are strong, Noir-san. You pierced through that Red Monkey like it was nothing. Those things are known for their tough hide.」

Well, it wasn’t really me. It was the spear itself that made it possible.

「Not as strong as you, though. You have exceptional combat skills. Where’d you learn them?」

「My parents are well-known adventurers in my country. They trained me since I was young. It was horrible. They won’t let me stop even when my face was already full of dirt.」

She might sound like she hated it, but her face was bright. Deep inside, she was grateful. Her training is what helped her survive even when surrounded by all those monsters. I asked her stuff about her country and before I knew it, we arrived in town.

「You’re pretty easy to talk to, Noir-san. You seem kind and unselfish. I’m very relieved.」

「Your beauty made me about thirty percent more quiet than usual.」

「I see you have a way with words. I hope we get along. No, I get the feeling we will. I hope you don’t mind if I call you Noir-kun instead.」

「I hope so too. By the way, are you a member of Odin?」

「No, Ramuh.」


I guess it’s too good to be true. I lowered my gaze, and she seemed to guess what I was thinking.

「I see. So you’re a member of Odin. I’ve only recently joined, but I heard our guilds are rivals.」

「Yes. Unfortunately.」

「Yeah. Still it shouldn’t be problem who you’re friends with. I’d appreciate if it you hang out with Nell too next time.」



Despite being from rival guilds, we parted ways peacefully. Wait, maybe we’ll both end up being the bridge that’ll make the two guilds work with each oth—

「Yeah, right. In my dreams.」

It was getting dark so I headed back home to find Alice alone inside the house. Apparently my parents and Toramaru were out shopping.

「Onii-sama, you look tired. Come over here.」

She took my hand and led me to the sofa so I could lie on her lap. I was exhausted anyway so I took her up on her offer. Her thighs are always warm.

「I’ll clean your ears, okay?」

「You don’t have to.」

「Won’t this help get you stronger?」

I figured I could use her help so I already told her about the whole LP thing. She took an earpick and started cleaning my ears before I could answer.

「Ah wait, that tickles, Alice.」

「Just deal with it, Onii-sama. I’m getting something big here.」


I accidentally let out a shameful moan thanks to Alice’s earpicking techniques. After about five minutes of picking, my ears were now clean. Stop staring at the stuff you got in there! It’s embarrassing!

「Amazing. Yours… is so big.」

「I-Is that so…」

「Yes, it’s big. So big.」

「Why do you keep saying ‘big’?」

「I’m not.」

「Your eyes just darted around twice! Come on, Alice. Tell me the truth. Please don’t betray me.」 I said in a dramatic voice.

I was half-joking of course. But Alice finally confessed.

「I heard that guys like it when girls say that to them.」

「I don’t know where you got that info, but it’s of no use to you. I’m speaking as your brother. Please forget it.」

「Okay. So it’s one of those fake news huh? I’m sorry. Would saying ‘tiny’ be better? Yours is tiny.」

「That’s uhh…」

「Yours is soooo tiny!」

「Stop! That’s even worse!」

Alice giggled. Was she messing with me? If that’s the case, I should punish her. But my parents arrived so I’ll give her a pass this time.

「What’s this talk about big and tiny? My love is enormous and my love for this family is probably even bigger than the world itself!」

「Father, your fly’s open. You just ruined your cool speech.」

「Ahhhh! It’s too big I couldn’t zip it!」


We all just let out a sigh at the exact same time, even Toramaru.

「You’ve really fit in with the Stalgia family, Toramaru.」

「It was inevitable, Noir. After all, that was the third time he’s made that joke today.」

「So he left his fly open on purpose just so he could say that joke. As expected from Father. I’m so impressed, I don’t even know what to say.」

「Thank you, my second son!」

「He’s being sarcastic.」

Toramaru’s words didn’t even reach him as he dashed to the bathroom. The talk about his fly made him remember he had to go number one.

I was just a tad jealous of my father. I wished I was as bold as him.

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