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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 636 Old Sha's Accident (1)

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Chapter 636 Old Sha's Accident (1)

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Physical flight.

Xu Tui had some understanding of this. Shen Jiushuang, Xu Tui's teacher of the genetic ancient martial arts, had once mentioned this to him. Not all Genetic Transmutation Realm experts could fly with their bodies. However, those who could fly with their bodies must be Genetic Transmutation Realm experts!

In other words, the two people who were rushing toward Xu Tui were both Genetic Transmutation Realm experts. They were of the more powerful Genetic Transmutation Realm experts.

Xu Tui's eyes were filled with coldness as he watched the two Genetic Transmutation Realm experts rapidly approaching him. The person who was targeting him behind the scenes was really willing to spend money. Or rather, he really understood Xu Tui. He actually sent two Genetic Transmutation Realm experts instead of the Genetic Evolution Realm.

One had to know that Xu Tui's public strength was only at the Genetic Mutation Realm. This meant that the mastermind was extremely clear about Xu Tui's true combat strength. Even if he did not participate in the actual combat on Mars, he knew the details of this year's battle on Mars like the back of his hand.

As for whether they were the Huaxia Sector's receiver? It was basically impossible.

Firstly, Xu Tui had not sent his location information to the transport plane's receiving team. Secondly, it was impossible for the Huaxia Sector to send two Genetic Transmutation Realm experts to run errands. Among the genetic newcomers, the status of the Genetic Evolution Realm was relatively high, let alone a Genetic Transmutation Realm expert.

He activated his mental perception to its maximum range, but he still could not sense the shadow of Old Sha. Four minutes had passed. Could something have happened to Shamera on the way?

Xu Tui suddenly squeezed out a happy smile when he saw the two Genetic Transmutation Realm experts rapidly approaching him. Yes, he did not know that these two were enemies.

The two Genetic Transmutation Realm experts slowed down. They nodded slightly when they saw Xu Tui's sincere smile.

Judging from their looks, one of them might be from the European Sector, while the other was from the Africa Sector based on their skin colors. This combination would greatly reduce the vigilance of many people. After all, they were experts from two different sectors. Moreover, one of the sectors was very close to the Huaxia Sector.

“Are you Xu Tui?” One of the Genetic Transmutation Realm experts from the European Sector shouted from 200 meters away.

“I am. Are the two teachers here to fetch me?” Xu Tui replied.

“We are the patrol team during the return of the elite students this time. My name is Rick, and his name is Jeremiah. We happened to bump into you and can bring you to the nearest gathering point. By the way, did you send a location signal to the base?” Rick asked.

“Not yet.”

This answer surprised Rick and Jeremiah. Under normal circumstances, the students would send a location signal to the base the moment they landed. It had been four minutes since they had locked onto Xu Tui's location through a special device and rushed over. Why had he not sent out a location signal?

“The blood on your face?” Suddenly, Rick, who was approaching, saw the blood on the helmet of Xu Tui's combat uniform and the residue of blood between his nose and mouth. His expression changed.

“Teachers, I had an accident when I landed. I think I was hit by accident and fainted. I just woke up,” Xu Tui said helplessly.

Rick and Jeremiah looked at each other, surprise in their eyes. If Xu Tui had not sent a location signal to the base at this moment, they would have a lot more time and the difficulty of moving would be greatly reduced.

After all, their mission was to capture him alive, not to kill him! If they were to kill someone, it would be a piece of cake for two Genetic Transmutation Realm experts to deal with a student at the Genetic Mutation Realm. Although their teacher had emphasized many times that they could not let their guard down, there was really no pressure.

“Okay, then come with us. We'll treat you when we get to the rendezvous point,” Rick said.

Xu Tui's mental perception searched again and was a little speechless. Old Sha had not arrived yet! This guy had not arrived yet, so this matter would not be fun.

Xu Tui had to think of a way to solve the problem himself. That was not impossible. He would not dare to implement this plan if he had to rely purely on Old Sha to kill the enemy. It was either stupid or stupid to pin their hopes on someone else.

“Okay, thank you for your help.” Xu Tui quickly thanked them.

Rick and Jeremiah slowed down slightly as they approached Xu Tui. These two were both Extreme Branch Genetic Transmuters. Xu Tui could sense that the two of them were rather careful when they approached him. The aura around them tightened.

This was especially so when Xu Tui used his energy perception. He could roughly see that the energy field power in the bodies of the two Genetic Transmutation Realm experts, Rick and Jeremiah, was in a state of accumulation.

In other words, these two guys could unleash their strongest attacks at any time to give Xu Tui a fatal blow. Or rather, they would unleash their strongest defense. The hostility was extremely obvious.

However, as they got closer and closer to Xu Tui, their vigilance continued to decrease. That was because they had indeed seen Xu Tui's miserable state. There were traces of blood in his seven orifices. Also, in their senses, Xu Tui's aura was indeed relatively low.

After all, Xu Tui had not even recovered 40% of his mind power. Under such circumstances, if they were still on high alert, they could only be robots.

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