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«The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak (Web Novel) - Chapter 945 Battle at the Selnes Country: Reaction

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Chapter 945 Battle at the Selnes Country: Reaction

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Within the Forest of Eternal Light…

Seated on her throne, Raeshka closed her eyes, attuned to a stirring sensation. Gradually, she opened them, focusing her gaze in a specific direction.

"Hmm… An Emperor has emerged among the ranks of goblins. This will add to the chaos," she murmured, her eyes scanning beyond the walls, observing her subordinates' movements.

"All goblin species under my domain sense the awakening of an Emperor…"

Her eyes shut once more as she pondered the unfolding events in this tumultuous time. Memories surfaced, recalling a particular bear she had blessed.

"One thing's certain—the new Emperor doesn't belong to the ranks of Monster Lords. The throne remains unoccupied. Perhaps it's time to confer with the other Lords in this forest."

In a hidden enclave on an island within the God's Continent…

Aleteya stirred from her dormancy, roused by a peculiar frequency in the air, discernible only to a Monster Lord.

"A new Emperor… and from a goblin species, no less. It's been quite a while since the last Emperor appeared. I recall two hundred years ago, the emergence of an Emperor among the spiders," Aleteya mused, narrowing her eyes. The time lapse since the last Emperor's appearance seemed notably shorter this time, signaling shifts in the world.

"It's only been two hundred years since the rise of the Spider Queen, the Obsidian Divine Spider Emperor. She ascended as the Monster Lord of Trial… Merely two hundred years ago."

Her gaze swept over the vast expanse of the God's Continent, contemplating the moves of Gluttony. Chaos had brewed ever since Gluttony's actions led to the demise of the five gods of the Eru Empire, signaling his readiness to confront the Holy Lands.

Aleteya shifted her attention toward the Giza Continent.

"Hmm… It might be time for me to extend my influence in this realm as well."

On a small island nestled between the Giza Continent and Demon's Land…

"Just now… The goblin species has birthed another Emperor. We're uncertain about its classification, but it hasn't yet reached the level of a Monster Lord," a man of six feet in height spoke calmly. He was garbed in a simple black cloak and brown pants, with a sharp face framed by long, disheveled brown hair cascading down his back. His pointed ears resembled those of elves, while his eyes were a stark black with a small green dot at the center of his pupils. A thick beard adorned his visage, and fur covered his wrist, extending up to his shoulder.

The raw aura he exuded possessed such savagery that it could render ordinary individuals helpless at its mere presence.

"An Emperor among goblins… It seems those two fellows in the Dark Forest were eager to ascertain who would achieve such a feat," the man chuckled, causing a slight fluctuation in his aura that shook the immediate surroundings.

"Control your energy, Underground King. It wouldn't bode well if other forces were to detect us at this juncture," cautioned a man with immaculate white hair, akin to feathers, and eyes that resembled those of a hawk. His nails were as sharp as eagle's talons.

"Nevertheless, it's disconcerting that the goblins have produced yet another Emperor. I'm curious about the kind of goblin it might be. The other two will undoubtedly want this information. They are, after all, the Emperors of the Frozen Dominion and the Frenzied Fear goblin species."

"Those two won't learn their lessons and might just face the same fate we do once they exit the Dark Forest. The Three Great Countries won't take kindly to their emergence," the Underground King remarked. Then, he turned to Sky King, recollecting an incident, "I recall that you eliminated the other Emperors of the hawk species after ascending as an Emperor yourself."

"The Endless Sky Hawk Emperor attempted to subjugate me once I ascended as the Emperor of Divine Night Hawk. With no other choice, I had to end her, as well as the other two Emperors, so that I could stand as the sole Emperor among the hawks," replied the Sky King.

"How amusing," chuckled the Underground King, causing the surroundings to tremble once more.

"I told you to restrain your aura," warned the Sky King, narrowing his eyes. "You've regained your full strength, but we're not as fortunate. A fraction of our power remains sealed."

The Underground King redirected his gaze towards the colossal creature at the far end of the cave. Though only half of the monster's body was visible, it already spanned an enormous height of two hundred meters, nearly touching the cave's ceiling.

The monster's form was shrouded in blue grotesque scales, its head adorned with writhing tentacles, and its red, gleaming eyes pierced through the darkness. An eerie mist enveloped its colossal frame.

"A thousand years ago, our strength was sealed, and five hundred years ago, our spirits were restrained," declared the Underground King with a frigid tone. "And now, I've returned. It's in the Demon's Land, right? We shall proceed there."

"Yes, once I've regained all my power, I'll have no need for concealment. I'll slay whoever I please," affirmed the Sky King, narrowing his eyes.

"I shall re-enter the Dream once more… I shall reclaim all that rightfully belongs to me," boomed the colossal monster with a multitude of tentacles. His voice echoed deeply, akin to several voices speaking simultaneously.

"The emergence of the new Emperor is an ominous sign. I foresee more arrivals soon."

Goblins of all kinds across the globe sensed the birth of the new Emperor.

Even the Supreme Dragon God, the Four Sacred Beasts, the Monkey King, the World Serpent, and numerous monster lords felt this occurrence. Even dormant monster lords were roused from their slumber as they perceived the new Emperor among the goblin species.

These immensely powerful beings understood the significance of this event. If all proceeded smoothly, the newly crowned Emperor would become a formidable force in the future. Just two hundred years had passed since the last Emperor emerged. They all sensed that something significant was about to unfold in the world. Perhaps this was only the beginning. After this event, more Emperors might emerge. Initially, it began with a surge in mana density. Something dreadful was brewing in the world.

The emergence of extraordinary individuals is not limited to just demis and humans but extends to the ranks of monsters as well. These individuals have displayed an unprecedented growth rate, swiftly overpowering their adversaries.

The ascension of this new generation promises to inundate the world in due time.

In the thirteenth dimension's void, amidst the empyrean battlefield of a prior conflict, chaos reigned. The laws were in disarray, with energy undulations so volatile they could imperil even the Shackled Realm.

A colossal star occupied the vast expanse, accompanied by a solitary planet orbiting around it. Despite the peculiar circumstances, the planet possessed a meager mana density and resources sufficient to sustain life.

Suddenly, the star's brilliance waned before erupting in an immense burst of energy. The resulting supernova consumed the lone planet, extinguishing its primitive life forms in an instant, unbeknownst to them.

Amidst the explosion's epicenter, a figure emerged, gradually opening its eyes to reveal purple pupils encircled by red rings.

"How long has it been?"

A voice resonated through space, causing vibrations and cracks to manifest.

"Is this the opportune moment? I've sensed the emergence of a new Emperor. It appears I've been awakened ahead of schedule."

The figure condensed, taking the form of a six-foot-tall humanoid. He boasted long red hair, fox-like ears atop his head, a third eye centered on his forehead, a wide mouth revealing rows of razor-sharp teeth, and a lower body coated in red fur. His goat-like feet and long purple tail completed his unique appearance. A purple gem adorned his chest, surrounded by mysterious symbols.

"It's too early… Not the right time yet. The Imperium will emit another energy, reinforcing its laws and concepts entirely. Until then, I must adhere to the contract established by the Isolated Formation God."

He glanced sideways, seemingly regarding something unseen.

"My duplicates have ceased their movements. They should not stop since I have no intention of acting presently. Despite Isolated Formation God's demise, my plans persist."

Abruptly, the man closed his hand, and the explosion reversed. The sequence rewound, halting until the colossal star returned to its former state. Even the planet resumed its orbit, as if the cataclysm never occurred.

"I, Acedia, will overturn it at the appropriate juncture. Until then, I shall preserve my energy."

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