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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 938: Come Often when You’re Free!

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Chapter 938: Come Often when You’re Free!

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“How dare you!” hollered Yin Hao, his face immediately changing when he saw this scene. “Do you know who the person standing here is?!”

The two guards’ expressions didn’t change, and they looked emotionless. “The Taiyu Dynasty’s residence is on the neighboring street, not here.”

Yin Hao was stumped. This means that they know Dantai Chen’s identity, but they actually still insisted. Could it be…

“Impossible! You must be mistaken!” Yin Hao took a step forward and tried to use logic to fight them. There are a total of four villas, and the first two are already occupied, leaving two more. Out of the remaining two, it’s obvious that this place is better. Currently, only people from the Taiyu Dynasty and the Tianling Dynasty haven’t moved in. Isn’t it obvious who should stay in the better one?

But the two guards in charge of this place weren’t weak, and they weren’t scared of Yin Hao at all. “Officer Yin, we’re just carrying out orders. Please don’t make it difficult for us.”


Yin Hao wanted to continue when Dantai Chen couldn’t help but chuckle at the side. He said, “You said this place isn’t for my Taiyu Dynasty. Then, could it be left for the Tianling Dynasty?”

Once he said this, the two guards nodded in unison. “That’s right!”

Dantai Chen’s remaining words were instantly stuck in his throat.

Even Yin Hao widened his mouth in shock as if he swallowed an egg whole. “W-what?”

“Hm? It seems like this place is left for me?” Just when the two parties were deadly silent, a familiar voice sounded from behind.

The few of them turned around and saw Chu Liuyue lightly jumping down from the horse carriage.

As this street was very spacious, it could hold two horse carriages moving at the same time. Hence, their horse carriage was parked beside those of Dantai Chen and the others.

And Chu Liuyue and her entourage heard their conversation very clearly.

She leaned sideways against the horse carriage, crossed her arms, and smiled with much interest.

She was already born a beauty, and this smile made her look even more beautiful and charming.

“What nonsense are you saying?!” At this point, Dantai Ruoli also heard those words and found Chu Liuyue’s smile very irritating. She immediately went forward and yelled at the two guards, “Carrying out orders? Whose orders are you carrying out?!”

The two guards knitted their brows and glanced at her. “Of course, it’s the Crown Prince’s orders!”

The Crown Prince was in charge of Ancient Phoenix Mountain’s eruption and inviting the few dynasties over, so their residential arrangement wouldn’t be an exception as well.

The Crown Prince specifically instructed that this should be left for the Tianling Dynasty! The two guards then bowed toward Chu Liuyue in a more respectful and polite tone. “His Highness said to rest assured and stay here. If you need anything, just instruct us.”

This attitude was miles apart from the previous one.

Chu Liuyue stroked her chin and smiled with deep meaning as she walked forward.

When her intricately crafted boots landed on the floor and let out a rhythmic sound, it was like a heavy hammer hitting Dantai Chen and the others’ hearts, slam by slam.

She walked to the door and stood still beside the few of them. Then, she blinked her eyes as if she was shy. “So it’s really left for me? I thought you were kidding just now. Look at how this situation turned out… How embarrassing. Emperor Huai Ren, it’s not that I want to fight with you. Please don’t misunderstand!”

Then, she glanced at Dantai Chen. “Sigh, it’s not easy to get here, yet you need to retreat to another street… How troublesome! Everyone, I’m really sorry. If we reached first, such a joke might not even happen.”

Dantai Chen’s face felt as if it was slapped harshly! We were the ones who snatched the horse carriage first, and it was clear that we shot ourselves in the foot and humiliated ourselves. If we had known about this earlier, we wouldn’t have made this extra move back then.

Dantai Ruoli couldn’t continue listening as she sneered and looked at the two guards. “You said that this is the Crown Prince’s order, but do you have any evidence? Or perhaps the two of you secretly made this decision on your own and put us in a difficult spot?!”

Once she said this, the two guards’ aura instantly became dangerous.

Even Yin Hao couldn’t help but grumble in his heart. Does this Dantai Ruoli not have a brain?! Not to mention Lin Zhou, even in the entire Beiming Dynasty, nobody will dare to fake the Crown Prince’s edict, let alone do things against his will! That is unless they are tired of living and want to bring their whole family clan down with them! Her saying this isn’t caring about the Crown Prince at all.

“Eldest Princess Dantai, please mind your words!” warned one of the guards harshly.

Dantai Ruoli was frightened by this scene. Her initial arrogant and impudent expression immediately disappeared without a trace as she instinctively took a step back.

“I-I was just casually asking…” Her face turned white. These people are really scary! I just said one sentence—

“Eldest Princess, please don’t comment further on this issue! If not, it will just make things worse!” Even Yin Hao couldn’t help but say this. It’s fine if you want to court death, but don’t drag other people down with you!

Seeing that this incident was really related to the Crown Prince, Yin Hao didn’t dare to ask further as he kept begging for mercy. “Don’t misunderstand. It’s all because I didn’t properly find out in advance that this misunderstanding arose. We’ll leave now, we’ll leave now! But please don’t report to the Crown Prince about this as it will just frustrate him. Tomorrow—tomorrow, I’ll definitely treat the two of you to drinks! How about that?”

Now that he flattered and pleased them in all manners, the two guards finally nodded.

Yin Hao heaved a sigh of relief as he leaned in toward Dantai Chen and softly said, “Uh… L-let’s leave… I’ll bring you to the other villa. It’s not far away…”

Dantai Chen was the emperor his entire life and hadn’t met such an incident where he was rejected at the door and needed all sorts of excuses to successfully leave!

Even if the one begging for mercy wasn’t him, he was completely humiliated!

His face burned, and he wanted to find a hole to bury himself!

He took a deep breath in. “Let’s go!”

The moment he turned around, Chu Liuyue asked with a smile, “Hey, do you want to go in and sit?”

Dantai Chen was stumped, and his expression was incredulous.

He clenched his fists tightly, and they made a cracking sound before he finally suppressed the fire in his heart. He then threw a sentence back without turning around. “No need!”

After that, he quickly boarded the horse carriage and left this street.

Chu Liuyue waved her hands and smiled delightfully. “Come often when you’re free!”

Dantai Chen almost spat out blood!


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