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«The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir (Web Novel) - Chapter 487 – Too heavy, can’t let go after picking up (2)

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Chapter 487 - Too heavy, can’t let go after picking up (2)

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When he woke up it was the next day, Qian Yingchen stretched his hand towards her. “Give me a thing.”

“What thing?” Zhu Yurun was very lost.

“A love token.” Qian Yingchen pursed his lips and said, “When I went to yesterday’s gathering, everyone else’s wives have given them things like jade waist accessory and scented sachets. If that’s not feasible, they were also given handkerchiefs too. What about you?”

Zhu Yurun scratched her head and seriously thought for a while before getting up and picking up an oil paper package. “This is the last flaky almond pastry from yesterday. It’s super yummy! I couldn’t even bear to eat it. Is this okay?”

Qian Yingchen’s face changed colors.

“… Oh, no good?” Zhu Yurun awkwardly laughed. Before he started roaring at her, she promptly and swiftly put on her clothes and ran out.

For matters like embroidering, she should go ask Mister… oh, no that’s wrong. Mister Ji was now called Miss Nie. Mister Ji was the only friend that Zhu Yurun had ever made. Although she had guessed early on that Mister Ji was a woman, she still wasn’t quite use to her transformation into a woman. And, she had changed her name to Nie Sangyu.

Although this name sounded very nice, Zhu Yurun decided to keep calling her Mister Ji to express her gratitude. Mister Ji had saved her when she was at the most challenging point in her life. She was a person that remembered past kindness. She would remember this forever!

In the past, Qian Yingchen had been very against her visiting Mister Ji, but after he found out that Mister Ji was Nie Sangyu, for some unknown reason, his mood had greatly improved. Not only did he stop discouraging her from seeing Mister Ji, he was very supportive about her visiting Mister Ji. And so, Zhu Yurun slipped away to visit her friend today.

“A love token, huh.” Ji Man glanced at the cheap ring made of concentric knots on her dressing table. Pursuing her lips, she said, “Actually, it’s not important what you make. It just needs your heartfelt sentiment.”

Zhu Yurun nodded. In a rare moment of cleverness, she found a jade ring, tied it with a few braided red string, and reported back after completing her mission.

Qian Yingchen’s cloudy expression finally cleared up. He took the jade ring, and during the next several days, when he was meeting with people outside, he would raise his chin and proudly gaze down at the ring.

As a result, someone tried to curry favor with him by sending his daughter to be his honored concubine. Unfortunately, the other party was an important official that he had a lot of dealings with lately. Although he was only a third-rank official, he had taken over part of Marquis Moyu’s authority, so he had a terrifying amount of power. It was inevitable that someone would want to get close to him.

The young woman that was sent over had a slender figure and was rather good at speaking. Qian Yingchen was very satisfied with her. But, no matter how satisfied he was, he had no intention of accepting her. A single glance was enough for him to see that this young woman was very astute. If he brought her home, what would he do if she bullied that chubby girl?

However, the person next to him said, “Sir Qian, you can’t spend the rest of your life never taking another concubine. Your household only has one honored concubine. That’s really too little.”

Had he protected that chubby girl too well? Should he bring home a woman to teach her a lesson?

Thinking of this, Qian Yingchen agreed.

But, as soon as he brought that young woman home to scare her, the chubby girl disappeared!

He asked a servant and found out that she had gone over to Marquis Moyu’s estate again. Qian Yingchen sneered. She had actually run away? He was sure that she would come back on her own. Once she went two days without seeing him, he was sure that she wouldn’t even be able to sleep well!

However, two day later, she still hadn’t returned, and Qian Yingchen was the one that couldn’t sleep well.

That chubby girl was currently chatting with Mister Ji. While eating melon seeds, she said, “There’s a new honored concubine in the estate.”

Ji Man furrowed her brow. “You ran away just because there’s a new honored concubine?”

“If I stay, I’ll feel really sad.” Zhu Yurun pressed her lips together. “It’s better to lie to myself and say I’m coming here to have fun with you and Yingchen is waiting for me at home by himself. It’s better to think of this way.”

Ji Man didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She knew that this chubby girl hid under quilt and cried at night.

It really was very difficult to love someone.

On the fourth day, Qian Yingchen had dark circles under his eyes and surrendered. He came over to pick Zhu Yurun up.

“Come back,” he fiercely said to her.

“Did you miss me?” She looked at him with a smile.


“Have you fallen in love with me?” Zhu Yurun wasn’t happy.

“No!” Qian Yingchen grabbed her arm. “Come home with me!”

“I don’t want to!” The chubby girl finally got angry. She grabbed the door frame and grimaced. “If you don’t miss me or love me, then why do you want me to go back? Go back by yourself!”

The door slammed closed.

Qian Yingchen was dumbstruck.

Twenty minutes later, the chubby girl carefully opened the door a crack to look outside and didn’t see anyone. Just as she was starting to feel dejected, someone said from the bottom, “I admit defeat.”

Qian Yingchen was sitting on the bottom of the stairs that led to her room. He very helplessly clutched his forehead and said, “Great ancestor, come back with me. If you don’t come back, I won’t be able to finish eating all the food made by the kitchen servants.”

He had admitted defeat. He had wanted to leave, but he was reluctant to go. He didn’t know when this started, but at some point, he couldn’t put down this chubby girl.

Perhaps, it was because she was too heavy. Once he picked her up, it wasn’t easy to let go.

Zhu Yurun grinned. She skipped down the stairs and helped him up. “It’s so rare for you to pick me up.”

“It’s because this is Marquis Moyu’s estate.” Qian Yingchen closed his eyes. He remorsefully said, “If it was anywhere else, I wouldn’t do something so humiliating!”

Thank you, good friend, Marquis Moyu. He had already cleared out any possible onlookers near Zhu Yurun’s room. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t be able to continue showing his face in public!

“Is it humiliating to pick me up?” The chubby girl unhappy pouted. “Then, I’ll come pick you up next time!”

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