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«The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1615: A Breakthrough to King Warrior V

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Chapter 1615: A Breakthrough to King Warrior V

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They both looked so young, and they had already reached… King Warrior tier?


Suddenly, the sound of a leopard howling echoed through the night.

It was so loud that Second Prince’s heart trembled in fear. He raised his head to look, and in an instant, a group of spirit beasts, led by a leopard, appeared in his vision. Their ferocious appearance almost made Second Prince faint.

“Why are the General Manor’s defenses so weak? How did these spirit beasts get in?” Second Prince’s voice grew hoarse.

He knew that some of the leopards were as strong as a King Warrior.

Yes! A King Warrior!

Ah Hua was once as powerful as Advanced King Warrior. The injury had made it lose its power. However, now it had recovered, and of course, it had regained its peak strength.

Second Prince was on the verge of tears. These spirit beasts looked menacing and were definitely not easy to provoke.

‘How did these spirit beasts ambush General Manor? Why is there no one guarding this place?’

The crowd turned their attention to Second Prince. ‘Have you forgotten that you’re also an intruder? Do you still have the nerve to be expecting to be protected?’

Qi Fang frowned.

‘This leopard is now an Advanced King Warrior? It was not of this rank a few days ago when it attacked the palace with Feng Ruqing…’

After Ah Hua walked into the banquet hall, it stopped in its tracks, not even looking at Second Prince. It then slowly walked toward Feng Ruqing.


It stopped in its tracks and then approached Feng Ruqing as it glanced at Second Prince coldly. “Is this the fool who wants to harm my master?”

Feng Ruqing did not speak. She walked toward Second Prince, who had already turned pale.

Those skilled masters of Yun Huan Kingdom had already surrounded Second Prince. They were protecting him with their swords and looking at Feng Ruqing fiercely.

“Get out of the way if you don’t want to end up in my spirit beasts’ belly!” Feng Ruqing shouted coldly.

The skilled masters looked at Feng Ruqing, then at Second Prince, and finally at the grinning spirit beasts and quickly took a few steps back…

‘This woman is pregnant… Of course, she doesn’t wish to see blood, so she definitely won’t go too far.’

‘If we provoke her, maybe she will order those spirit beasts to swallow Second Prince first…’

‘Therefore, it’s better if we retreat first and wait for reinforcements to arrive before taking revenge…’

“Hey! Don’t leave me!”

Second Prince’s face grew paler when he saw the skilled masters were leaving him. He was so scared that he followed after them, taking a few steps back.

But someone suddenly pushed him from behind, causing him to fall in front of Feng Ruqing helplessly.

He landed on his knees as if he was kneeling in front of the young girl.

His face turned red from embarrassment. He tried to get up from the ground, but who knew that a strong pressure would come down upon him like a giant mountain, crushing his bones, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood.

“Earlier you said… You want to send, who was it again, to be a dancer for your army?” Feng Ruqing was expressionless, looking down at Second Prince coldly.

Second Prince’s face was pale. “He… Helian Yue…”


“Feng… Feng Lianyi…”


Feng Ruqing smiled. “Remember, once you have said it, you have to do it.”

Second Prince was dumbfounded. ‘Will this girl let them go?’

“Who sent you to General Manor?” Feng Ruqing looked down at Second Prince and asked indifferently, “And why did you besiege General Manor?”

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