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«The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 2039: The Wolf King 34

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Chapter 2039: The Wolf King 34

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Liu Qingqing bit her lip hard. She looked at Murong Qing and turned away slowly, tears weeping down, soaking her face.

Murong Qing did not say anything. With one hand on his back, he watched Liu Qingqing’s departure coldly.

Until after Liu Qingqing disappeared, he turned to the direction in which Nan Chiyou had just left.

The courtyard instantly quieted down…

Only the sound of the light wind brushed could be heard.


“Little Princess…”

Inside the room, Ah Bao raised its tiny head pitifully. “When will we leave this place?”

“Mother should have received my letter, and if I can go back, she will come to pick me up.”


Ah Bao wanted to jump into Nan Chiyou’s arms for comfort.

However, before it could rush over, the wolf king had grabbed it and threw it out.

Ah Bao flew out of the window and disappeared into the dusk.

“Ah Ming?” Nan Chiyou looked at the wolf king, somewhat confused. “What are you doing here?”


The wolf king crouched on the ground, and it slowly closed its eyes.

Even its sleeping posture was so elegant.

Nan Chiyou was indeed a bit tired. She lazily stretched her waist and rubbed her eyes. “I’m sleepy. I want to rest for a while. Call me when Ah Bao is back.”

With Ah Bao’s strength, it would not take a long time to return.

The time was almost dusk.

The wolf king opened his eyes.

His pure blue eyes were so beautiful as if, with just a glance, they could draw people in.

A faint light enveloped the wolf king’s body, and within a few moments, his figure gradually turned into a handsome young man standing in the room.

He walked toward the girl on the bed and brushed her brow gently; a smile grew on his face.

The young man lowered his eyes and moved closer to Nan Chiyou. He then stretched out his tongue to lick her eyebrows gently.

‘She smells really good…’

However, this time, just as the young man’s hand was about to touch her cheek, a hand suddenly grabbed his wrist tightly.

The young man lowered his gaze and met with a pair of beautiful eyes.

“Who are you?”

These days, she often had a dream, and in that dream, there would be a charming young man.

However, now, the young man in that dream appeared in front of her eyes. She looked at him coldly.

“Who the hell are you? Where is Ah Ming? Did you eat it?”

The young man was stunned.

He smiled.

This smile was so beautiful that it could take one’s breath away.

The young man lowered his gaze and moved closer to Nan Chiyou. His little hot breath puffed on her ear.

“Take a guess.”

Nan Chiyou pursed her lips. “These days, you have been sneaking in, right? So I’m not dreaming? How did you enter the prince’s manor? Are you the prince’s man?”

She paused and shook her head again. “No, you’re not. Murong Qing doesn’t have a good-looking and strong man like you around.”

If the young man was only an ordinary person, she should have found out the first day he appeared.

However, these days, she always thought she was dreaming.

If she did not wake up just now, she would not have thought that there was a real person who was flirting with her while she was asleep!

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