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«The Divine Martial Stars (Web Novel) - Chapter 997 The Auction

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Chapter 997 The Auction

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The news that the fat man, the fourth leader of the Not Missing Home House, had been killed in the No. 1 duel zone of the eastern region spread quickly throughout the underground city of the Constellation Demon Mountain. Those who had witnessed the battle described the whole process in a dramatic way.

“That young man killed Ning Wushuang and the Wind Roar Sword with only one move. That’s swordsmanship from heaven, not from the world.”

“Yes, the Immortal Body of Gold King is known to be unbreakable, but it barely maintained for tens of seconds in front of the young man’s sword. In the end, the fat man was pierced to full of holes.”

“An exceptional newcomer is about to be famous. He is so powerful.”

“I heard he might be the direct disciple of the Sword Savant, the No.1 Sword Whiz, of the Brotherhood of Swords.”

Various pieces of news spread throughout the underground city of the Constellation Demon Mountain.

The laymen were watching the fun, while the insiders were trying to distinguish the inside story.

Once anything involved the Sword Whizzes of the Brotherhood of Swords, it would arouse many people’s suspicions. The auction for the stolen things was coming. Any special movement would attract the attention of countless people. The Brotherhood of Swords was one of the two super Holy Lands of the Human Clan. It was not like the Sanctuary of the Way where people advocated inaction. The former had unparalleled aggressiveness. Why did the direct disciple of the Sword Savant come to the underground city of the Constellation Demon Mountain at this time?

Even the members of the Dragon King Society were alarmed.

“The direct disciple of the Sword Savant? I look forward to seeing Sword Savant come to Constellation Demon Mountain.”

An arrogant laugh came from the deepest part of the dark abyss of the underground city.

Li Mu didn’t know he had a new nickname, Heavenly Sword.

He also felt that he hadn’t kept a low profile. To avoid causing any more trouble, he lived in seclusion. Even his three meals a day were taken to him by other people. Of course, Li Mu was not hungry. With his current cultivation, he didn’t have to eat or drink for a year. He had meals because he liked to eat. Moreover, they would make him feel he was a human instead of an immortal.

The next day, six or seven women’s families rushed over one after another. After checking up and down and confirming that their daughters hadn’t been injured or humiliated, they paid for the ransom, food, and clothing according to the agreement in the letters. But they were not very friendly.

Li Mu didn’t care.

That would be for the best. They were even.

On the morning of the third day, people from the Holy Land of Delirious Voices came.

“Shu Ying, Jianing, are you okay?” A beautiful middle-aged woman, who was still charming, almost burst into tears when she saw Jianing and Shu Ying. She looked haggard.



When the two future leaders of the Holy Land of Delirious Voices saw the middle-aged beautiful woman, their eyes also welled up with tears. Sister Jianing rushed into the arms of the master and cried as if she was a wronged child.

After being ambushed and captured by the people from the Shadow Temple, her fate almost sank into the cruelest abyss.

“You are the young hero, Heavenly Sword, aren’t you?” The middle-aged beautiful woman looked at Li Mu and said, “Shu Ying has told me everything in the letter. Thank you very much for your great kindness. All the people in the Holy Land of Delirious Voices are grateful to you.”

Seeing that the senior from the Holy Land of Delirious Voices was easy-going, Li Mu smiled and said, “You’re welcome. This is what I, a chivalrous young hero, should do.”

The middle-aged woman was stunned. Then she burst into laughter.

The originally quite sorrowful and angry atmosphere was dissipated by his words.

A disciple of the Holy Land of Delirious Voices handed over the fairy crystals.

Li Mu took it unceremoniously.

Sister Jianing said, “Count them carefully. What if they are not enough?” Her words were harsh, mocking Li Mu on purpose.

“A leopard can’t change its spots.”

Li Mu really didn’t like this spoiled future leader of the Holy Land at all, but he didn’t bother to warn her. Anyway, if she kept on like this, she would suffer losses sooner or later. He laughed and said straightforwardly, “Ha… I don’t have to. The Holy Land of Delirious Voices can’t be short of fairy crystals. I believe in the reputation of the Holy Land of Delirious Voices.”

The middle-aged beautiful woman nodded with relief. “You deserve to be the direct disciple of the Sword Savant. You have the style of your master.”

Li Mu smiled noncommittally.

“Is she asking about my background in a roundabout way?

“Take your time to guess.”

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, the middle-aged beautiful woman named Lin Junxian, a masculine name, left the inn with the two disciples. Li Mu knew this person’s strength was terrifying. She was probably one of the top big shots in the Holy Land of Delirious Voices.

Soon, night fell.

Li Mu and Green Ox Taoist met up and went to the headquarters of the Dragon King Society to pay the deposit for attending the auction.

The annual auction was one of the largest black markets in the entire Battlefield of Chaos. There were all kinds of rare treasures. Therefore, the people who participated in the auction were all giants. They had to pay deposits to ensure that every bid at the auction was real and effective.

As the auction approached, more and more masters and experts rushed to the underground city of the Constellation Demon Mountain. The originally broad street became crowded.

“Have you heard a future leader of the Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain came? This afternoon, he had duels in the eastern region and killed thirty-six people in a row. He was known as the Thunder-breaking Sword, extremely famous. He could be comparable to the Heavenly Sword who had killed the fat man a few days ago.”

“They are not comparable at all. The future leader of the Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain is even more powerful, cruel, and merciless. It is said his strength is far above that of the Heavenly Sword.”

“The younger generation is so powerful.”

Li Mu heard the discussion.

His heart skipped a beat.

The future leader of the Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain?

It was true that enemies were bound to meet.

He thought of the villagers of Oststern who had died miserably under the plot of the Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain. His killing intent arose in his heart. He had once vowed to trample Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain. He would not stop until achieving his goal.

However, considering that the auction would be held tomorrow, Li Mu didn’t want to cause any trouble for the time being. He would deal with these people from the Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain after getting the divine sword, Heavenly Exclamation.

“Do you want to kill someone?” The Green Ox Taoist turned to look at Li Mu.

Li Mu said, “I demand repayment of a debt.”

The two of them came to the headquarters of the Dragon King Society and found a long line, which was thousands of meters long. The people lining up were all powerful martial arts experts. In addition to the people of the Human Clan, there were also the figures of the devil races, the Beast Race, the Feather Clan, the Corpse Race, the Spirit Clan, and other major races. The true forms of the Extraterritorial Demons looked the same as those of the Human Clan, so it was difficult to distinguish them.

It was as bustling as a vegetable market.

They were stunned. Although they had thought it would be crowded, such a team was too long.

“Can I cut in line?” Li Mu muttered to himself.

Green Ox thought for a moment and said, “I’ll try.”

After a while, he came back and shook his head at Li Mu.

“Is the Dragon King Society a badass that its people don’t even give a face to you, a second-class leader of the Sanctuary of the Way?” Li Mu asked.

Green Ox Taoist was honest. Although he didn’t know what badass meant, he knew Li Mu was joking with him. He was used to it. He said, “This auction is famous in the world. Many famous people have come to bid. The auction has many rare and precious treasures, and it is fair. Anyone wanting to attend the auction must line up and abide by the rules here. Therefore, the auction is very attractive. Crazy Dragon Roaring said even a great emperor had to follow the rules here.”

“I see.”

Li Mu was lost in thought.

“It’s interesting. No wonder the auction for the stolen things is so famous. It seems the Dragon King Society has been working hard on this project.

“In that case, we can only wait in line.”

Li Mu didn’t expect that a great expert like him, the sworn brother of the Sword Savant, would have to line up here to pay the deposit. It was as if he had returned to the Earth era when paying his tuition fees.

After two hours, equal to two hours on Earth, he finally paid the deposit of 5,000 fairy crystals and left after getting the admission certificate.

When he returned to the inn, two more groups of people came to him to redeem their girls. After paying the ransom, they thanked him politely and took their girls away.

Li Mu had no doubt that if he hadn’t fought in the No. 1 duel zone of the eastern region and brought out the background of the suspected direct disciple of the Sword Savant, these people wouldn’t have paid the ransom so quickly.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, the next day arrived.

The auction for the stolen things that everyone had been looking forward to finally began.

Although the venue was built temporarily, it was extremely magnificent. It was claimed to be able to accommodate tens of thousands of people. At first glance, it looked like a huge top football field, with seats on all sides. The huge stone platform in the middle was the auction platform.

Li Mu and Green Ox came to the No.15 VIP seat with the VIP seat certificate in their hands.

The seat was a little more spacious than other ordinary seats, but it was not closed. People around could see everything in the seat. The only advantage was that Li Mu and his companion could see everything on the auction platform in the center at a close distance. The visual effect was excellent.

It took two hours for the audience to enter the venue.

Li Mu suspected that there would be time travelers from Earth in the Dragon King Society because they knew how to warm up the atmosphere. Before the auction officially began, there were beautiful singers and dancers performing. It was wonderful. In particular, a woman who performed a sword dance had amazing swordsmanship and a beautiful figure. The performance was in line with the rhythm of the Taoist Sense. It surprised Li Mu a lot.

Finally, the auction officially began.

Only then did Li Mu realize that the auctioneer was the woman who had performed the sword dance before. Now, she had changed into a snow-white swordsman’s suit, which made her look more capable and heroic than other women.

There were no pleasantries, no foreshadowing, and no complicated procedures. The auction began directly.

Four beautiful women in white swordsman uniforms slowly walked up. Each of them held a red paint box in their hands.

“The first item to be auctioned is four ten-thousand-year-old Purple Jade Dragon Ginsengs from the Dragon King Mountain of the devil races. The starting price is 3,000 fairy crystals each.” The female auctioneer in a swordsman’s uniform said in an ethereal voice, which was heard by everyone.

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