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«The Divine Martial Stars (Web Novel) - Chapter 871 A Furious Mortal Can Kill Immortals

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Chapter 871 A Furious Mortal Can Kill Immortals

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Yu Jingfeng had never expected that Li Mu would become so powerful in just one day. Li Mu killed three elders of the Wind Clan at the elementary level of the Deity Realm and more than ten masters at the top levels of the King Realm and the Upper King Realm in less than 15 minutes.

“Li Mu, you idiot. Do you have any idea what you have done?”

Yu Jingfeng gnashed his teeth.

Li Mu said, “That’s utter nonsense. As an alleged peerless genius of the Wind Clan, you should give full play to your power to protect yourself. People will laugh at you if you can only talk tough like that.”

Yu Jingfeng froze for a moment. Suddenly, the look of shock and anger on his face disappeared, and he laughed wildly. “Well, since you’re so eager to see my true strength… Do you think you’re the only one that has improved?”

With that, he took out a cyan longsword with wind vortices swirling around it.

“Should I call you stupid or insidious?” Li Mu felt the terrifying energy contained in the cyan longsword and knew that it was Yu Jingfeng’s trump card and why Yu Jingfeng did not escape in such a situation. He said, “Why do you use your real trump card after all your subordinates are dead? You deliberately let me kill them, didn’t you?”

Yu Jingfeng smiled faintly and said, “Can you guess it?”

The cyan longsword shone with cyan light and gave off a kind of strange power. The corpses of Feng San and other masters in the Deity Realm lying on the ground turned into wisps of blood-red mist drifting towards the cyan longsword.

In the blink of an eye, the corpses of more than ten masters of the Wind Clan lost their last drop of blood and turned into powder-like sand sculptures that had been dried out.

After the cyan longsword absorbed this energy, it turned scarlet red, and faint red light flowed around it like sticky blood.

Yu Jingfeng breathed deeply and sniffed at the longsword, looking intoxicated with the smell of blood that the longsword gave off.

He inhaled the faint wisps of blood-red mist wafting out of the longsword.

When he did that, he looked just like a drug addict.

Li Mu clearly felt Yu Jingfeng was becoming more powerful at a surprisingly high speed as he inhaled the wisps of blood-red mist.

“This is an evil practice.

“To be precise, the longsword is evil.

“It must have something to do with the ancient god that the Wind Clan has summoned.

“That’s why Yu Jingfeng watched Feng San and other masters in the Deity Realm die in the fight just now. That was definitely intentional. He needs masters’ blood as the sacrifice for his longsword. This evil sword will convert the power of the dead masters and return part of the power to him.

“He uses this method to improve his cultivation level.

“That’s the reason why he has set foot in the Deity Realm in such a short period of time.

“The Wind Clan is truly an evil organization.

“Yu Jingfeng didn’t even hesitate to sacrifice his fellow disciples in order to obtain more power.”

At the thought of that, Li Mu waved his broadswords.

He certainly wouldn’t wait for Yu Jingfeng to fully absorb the power of the evil sword before he took action.

“Ha-ha-ha, it’s too late to react now.”

Yu Jingfeng roared with laughter as he wielded his longsword.

A strange, devilish red light flashed.


The faint sound of fabric ripping rang out.

Li Mu felt the load in his hand became light. The Samsara Knife made of rare stone of the Silver Mountain had been cut into two pieces from the middle.

“How could his sword be so sharp?”

Li Mu was greatly shocked.

The strange, devilish red light flashed again.

He had to admit that Yu Jingfeng’s swordsmanship was superb.

Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank!

Sparks splashed like fireworks in the air.

Li Mu breathed a sigh of relief after exchanging several blows with Yu Jingfeng.

Sure enough, the Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword had a higher grade than the Samsara Knife, and it could resist Yu Jingfeng’s evil longsword.

However, after making a careful observation, Li Mu found numerous notches as thin as hair on the cutting edge of the Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword. Obviously, these notches were formed when the Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword collided with Yu Jingfeng’s evil longsword just now.

The power of the evil longsword was far beyond Li Mu’s imagination.

Yu Jingfeng had the same thought.

There were quite a few fine notches on the cutting edge of his blood-red evil longsword.

“The legendary Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword really deserves its name! It can actually block the attack of my Cyan Divine Sword. Unfortunately, you don’t know the real secret of that broadsword and can’t give full play to its power, but I…” Yu Jingfeng said with a smile on his face.

Sticky blood flowed on the blade of his blood-red evil sword.

The notches on its cutting edge soon disappeared.

Li Mu was not surprised to see that. What really shocked him was the meaning of Yu Jingfeng’s words—the power of the Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword was beyond his knowledge, and there was a bigger secret about it.

Yu Jingfeng brandished his sword and launched another attack.

Without any hesitation, Li Mu activated the power of the golden runes in his body and rushed forward to engage his opponent.

The broadsword and the sword clashed and clanked, making sounds like a storm sweeping through the abandoned garden.

The stupid dog that had been kicked away by Li Mu came back at some point in time. He was lying prostrate on the ground next to the Immortal Taoist, looking very loyal to his master.

In fact, he didn’t leave Li Mu because he was afraid that the fairy in yellow would really catch and eat him.

“Alas, they are really boring and stupid humans.

“When are they going to stop fighting?”

Anyone else would probably be attracted by the fight between the two geniuses and watch it attentively in the hope of learning something. However, for the stupid dog, it was probably no different from a fight between two shrews.

“Woof… I feel a little bloated. My stomach aches.”

Lying on the ground, he felt bursts of sharp pain in his stomach and suddenly realized something. “Is this because of the few overripe peaches I’ve eaten?

“I have to find a place to poop.”

He sneaked into a corner of the garden, squatted down behind a rock, and began to solve his problem.

Suddenly, he found that the rock was engraved with numerous thin horizontal and vertical stripes that were connected to some strange patterns including squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, triangles, and parabolas. When he saw these stripes and patterns, his eyes widened, and he even forgot to poop.

“What are these?

“They are obviously part of some complete pattern. They are dilapidated and meaningless.

“This rock is just a broken piece of the cornerstone of a divine statue that has collapsed. It has been weathered by the wind and rain, and its mottled and rough texture tells the story of the vicissitudes it has gone through.

“However, I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere before.”

The stupid dog felt like something in his mind was lit up. It was as if a mirror clearly reflected the true appearance of something after the dust on it had been wiped off.

He had always been in a state of confusion, but now, he suddenly felt that his mind was filled with much more things.

“I feel like I have become smarter. Why is that?”

The stupid dog was so excited that he stopped pooping.


The sound of a violent explosion rang out in the distance.

Li Mu fended off the evil sword with his long broadsword and threw a punch called Laughing at Immortal Demons with his left hand.

Blood spurted from Yu Jingfeng’s throat as he flew backward. Half of his body was smashed by the strong wind produced by Li Mu’s punch.

“Your evil sword is sharp, but you are too weak.”

With that, Li Mu launched several fierce attacks in a row.

The longer he fought, the more he found out about the subtle power of the golden runes in his body. He found it easy to practice the Zhenwu Boxing with this new power.

This was the first time he had felt that his physical body and internal power merged so perfectly with each other.

By launching fierce attacks, he defeated Yu Jingfeng overwhelmingly.

“A peerless genius of the Wind Clan?”

He stepped on Yu Jingfeng’s chest and looked down at the latter.

“Ah, ah, ah… Li Mu, you lowly bastard! I’m going to kill you…” Yu Jingfeng struggled desperately like a mad dog and activated the evil power in his body in an attempt to fight back. His broken body was gradually recovering.

Li Mu waved his broadsword.

“Ah…” Yu Jingfeng’s hand holding the evil sword was cut off.

Li Mu directly crushed Yu Jingfeng’s chest with one foot and said, “Are you very angry and desperate? Those innocent mortals that you have brutally killed were thousands of times more desperate and indignant before they died.”

“He-he, they… are just… grasses…” Yu Jingfeng coughed up blood, and his handsome face was distorted with anger and pain. He said, “Who cares about how grasses think when pulling them out? Ha-ha.”

“If they were grasses, you wouldn’t even be counted as grasses in my eyes.” Li Mu was irritated. “The so-called immortal sects always look down on mortals in such a self-righteous manner, so let me teach you a lesson so that you understand a furious mortal can kill immortals.”

“Ha-ha, your poor and stupid confidence.” Yu Jingfeng spat out a mouthful of blood and said, “You’re just like a rootless duckweed with a dazzling emerald color, but how long can you hold on?”

Li Mu directly kicked Yu Jingfeng.

“You won’t see how long I can hold on. Go to hell to apologize and repent to the mortals you’ve killed.” He pointed the tip of the Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword at Yu Jingfeng’s glabella.

“Ha-ha-ha, do you want me to die? Do you think you can kill me? Do you know that the three lists are actually…” Yu Jingfeng roared with laughter, his eyes flashing with a fire that burned madly.


Li Mu stabbed Yu Jingfeng in the head with his Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword.

The Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword had special destructive power against the people from the Divine Clans of the Celestial Court. Yu Jingfeng’s divine soul had dissipated, and he was completely dead this time.

Li Mu withdrew his broadsword.

He wondered why it was so strange.

Yu Jingfeng was not the kind of people who were faithful and unyielding, but he acted so toughly this time, which took Li Mu by surprise.

However, Li Mu was sure that Yu Jingfeng was dead.

Li Mu had activated his Eye of Flaws, but he didn’t see Yu Jingfeng’s soul escaping. He believed that Yu Jingfeng’s body and soul had both been destroyed.

He walked over to the corpse and picked up the evil sword that had quietened down after losing its master.

As soon as he grabbed the hilt of the evil sword, he felt a piercing chill from the sword. He felt like he was not holding a sword, but a violent, brutal and evil spirit. The strong killing intent from the sword frantically tried to invade and contaminate Li Mu’s Divine Consciousness.

Li Mu gasped.

“What a terrifying evil sword!

“It can definitely devour and contaminate ordinary people’s minds. I’m afraid it can control their minds, and they will eventually become its slaves.”

Li Mu performed the Xiantian Skill to remove the cold killing intent from the sword. At first, he wanted to destroy it, but inexplicably, he changed his mind in the end. He sealed it with his Taoist magic and put it away.

“Mr. Li, it’s beyond my expectation that your power has already… but we must get out of here as soon as possible.” The Immortal Taoist, whose heart had been in his mouth, suddenly said, “The lord of the Wind Clan has gone insane and been possessed by the devils. He’s launched a massacre in the immortal palace, and he is looking for you…”

Before his voice died away…

A rumble rang out.

The earth quaked.

A shadow was projected from the distance.

Li Mu looked up subconsciously, only to see a giant figure that was about ten thousand meters tall and reached the clouds, surrounded by ancient demonic Devil Qi swirling like burning flames. The light rays around it began to twist.

The giant was rushing toward Li Mu. The giant’s two eyes were like two seas of blood looming in the white clouds of the immortal palace. In a breath’s time, the giant soared through the void, generating numerous tornadoes.

“Li Mu…”

An angry voice rang out from the giant’s shoulder.

It was the lord of the Wind Clan.

“Woof, what the fuck! You people of Chunyang Clan really have a crow’s mouth. Speak of the devil.” The stupid dog jumped out from behind the stone and said with a look of horror on his face.

Li Mu’s face darkened.

“Are the people of Chunyang Clan foretellers?”

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