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«The Divine Martial Stars (Web Novel) - Chapter 781: Gold Stick

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Chapter 781: Gold Stick

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In the capital.

“What? But why? How could you leave him alone?”

As the general manager in the capital of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance, Luo Xuanxin raged at the decision of the National Security Agency that no cultivators would be deployed to Dunhuang. She broke into the management association office and questioned them face to face.

“Leader Luo, please pay attention to your attitude and words.” A middle-aged man in a tunic suit sat behind a huge mahogany desk, expressionless, and said, “It is the unanimous decision of the Administration Meeting. There’s no need to explain it to you.”

Luo Xuanxin said angrily, “Don’t you know what you are doing? Giving up Li Mu and even allowing foreign cultivators to enter into Dunhuang… You are lessening our national strength.”

The man indifferently replied, “Li Mu possesses remarkable abilities. He will definitely be able to handle those contemptible clowns.”

“You…” Luo Xuanxin was too furious to say a word.

She turned around and strode away, saying, “I don’t care about the resolution made by the National Security Agency. I’m going to support Li Mu with my fellows right now. As for you… don’t regret it when he comes back.”

The man slapped the table and stood up. He shouted, “Captain Luo, don’t forget your identity. As the third group leader of the National Cultivators Association, you are disobeying orders. You have to be responsible for your words and deeds.”

“Defy orders?” Luo Xuanxin suddenly turned around. She was known as the most beautiful female cultivator in the association. Staring at the middle-aged man sternly, she said, “It’s a shame for me to stay in the same association with you short-sighted fools. From today on, I’m no longer a member of the association. I warn you, Liu San, that don’t command me with a superior tone. Otherwise, I will kick your ass.”

After saying these words, she turned around and left.

The door opened and her crisp sound of high heels faded away in the corridor.

The man looked sullen with a scowl and slowly sat on the huge leather sofa.

He clapped his hands.

The wall on the south side of the huge office slid silently.

It turned out that this wall was a one-way transparent mirror. Behind it was a huge reception room.

And the room was already full of people, including monks, Taoists, men, women, and children.

“Now that you’ve heard her words, show me your opinions. She is bound to go to support Li Mu, in spite of quitting the association.” The man got up and came to the living room. He looked around and asked, “How to deal with her?”

“Luo Xuanxin has always been loyal to Li Mu. It was a mistake to admit her into us.”

“Right, our association has replaced the Hero Martial Arts Alliance, becoming the largest cultivators’ organization of Hero Country. Well, Luo Xuanxin is merely a powerless woman. Don’t worry about her.”

“Saint Changchun, what do you mean by ‘a woman’?”

“Humph, Vice President, if you hadn’t coveted her beauty and indulged her, she would have been totally obedient to me. Humph, I don’t believe that Li Mu can control everything.”

“However, we must be vigilant as well. Never should Luo Xuanxin ruin our plans.”

“Right. Lu Xun has been lost in the secret realm of Mogao Caves. I guess that he is already dead. But we must pay attention to Xiao Dong, Li Mu’s direct disciple, and Qiu Shuiming. They are also variables. Although they have been deliberately divided to different destinations, we can’t guarantee that they won’t go back to spoil our plan.”

“Hehe, the headquarters of Hero Martial Arts Alliance has been wiped out by the Demon Coalition. What could these losers do? They used to be arrogant in the country, which made me disgusting all the time. They will definitely be miserable after Li Mu’s death, ha ha ha!”

“Thanks to our sophisticated president who lured the elite warriors away on missions, the Jiuquan Base was left too weak to defend the Demon Coalition.”

“Xu Chenzi, what are you talking about? Stop the nonsense.”

“Hehe, we’re all on the same side. What are you afraid of? There’s no need to fear that someone will reveal the truth. Besides, so what if it’s leaked?”

The reception room was chaotic like a busy market.

The middle-aged man rubbed his forehead while a trace of disappointment flashed in the depths of his eyes.

Compared with the people cultivated by Li Mu, these people were nothing but a group of unorganized bandits. If it were not for their terrible strength and cultivation, how could he make friends with them?

The scene of Luo Xuanxin’s leaving flashed through his mind. Her graceful figure and female cultivators’ unique heroic spirit made him covet her. He had fantasized many times about pressing her under his body and wantonly ravaging her, which made his blood boil every time.

A wicked smile appeared on his face.

That day was coming soon.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the plan is depended on you to carry out. The die is already cast in Dunhuang. Now, it’s time to take over branches of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance all over the world. Our association will take charge of everything. The Hero Country rectified by Li Mu finally belongs to us completely. When we succeed, every one of you will be a hero, and the order of the new era will be determined by us.”

As he spoke, he opened a bottle of white wine and pointed with his finger. The wine flew out on its own and poured into everyone’s cup on the small table. He said, “I bid you farewell and wish you success.”

His cultivation method was quite extraordinary.

The people present raised their glasses one after another.

“Thank you, Vice President.”

“Ha ha, vice president, please wait for our good news.”

The atmosphere in the scenic area suddenly changed when two giant Buddha statues appeared in front of Li Mu and the others. The statues were about 20 to 30 meters high with one in the south and one in the north.

“They are… the Northern and Southern Buddhas.”

Li Mu recognized the giant Buddha statues in an instant.

There were two giant Buddha statues in Mogao Caves, both of which were built in ancient times. In the entire Hero Country, they could be ranked in the top ten among Buddha statues in the country’s profound history with the North statue one ranked second, the South statue tenth. Although both of them were made of clay, the technique of ancient times was amazing. That was why they had been preserved in perfect condition so far. The exquisite statues deserved to be the best among all cultural relics in the Mogao Caves.

But now, the two Buddha statues had come to life progressing towards Li Mu and the others with one from the south and the other from the north.

Meanwhile, fairies were scattering flowers in the sky with the sound of stringed instruments playing. Auspicious clouds were rolling among which Arhats, Bodhisattvas, and Buddhas were flickering. All of them were looking at Li Mu overwhelmingly.

It was more marvelous that the mist of void that appeared beneath the feet of the two statues.

The warhorses neighed while the sound of weapons rubbing against each other could be heard.

The drums beat continuously with flags waving everywhere.

The ancient soldiers were wearing the armor of that time, passing through the dust and mist of history and slowly coming to the front of Li Mu and the others. The soldiers were full of evil spirits with their horses armed…

The troops had gone through hundreds of battles. Their armor and weapons were cold. Their faces were clear. The long troops were surrounded by thick fog, making them endless.

Had the ancient people traversed to reality, or the present people traversed back in history?

Everyone felt a sense of confusion.

Li Mu opened his Third Eye and took a closer look at Buddha statues, troops, and others… But he couldn’t tell whether the troops were real or not. That was to say, it was probably not an illusion; instead, they were real and their weapons were chilling.

As for the two Northern and Southern Buddha statues, they were clearly visible. They were corporeal entities, instead of supernatural power, magical laws, or other virtual objects.

“Kill!” Shouts arose.

The ancient troops launched a charge as a response to the command.

Tang Tian and other young men of the Martial Alliance held their weapons tightly and were about to rush forward.

Looking back at them, Li Mu nodded and waved his hand.


Tang Tian, Zhao Feilong, and others went straight to the enemies.

The war started in an instant.

The two Buddha statues lifted their feet to stamp toward Li Mu directly.

It seemed that they knew Li Mu was the most dangerous one among them.

“It’s weird. What makes me terrified isn’t their martial arts realm but their strength. It’s not natural qi, magic laws, or physical strength… What on earth is it?”

With a movement, Li Mu made a handprint. His natural qi came out through the handprint and materialized into two huge palms, propping up the giant feet of the Northern and Southern Buddha statues.

“It’s just the strength at the top of the Soldier Realm.”

All of a sudden, Li Mu felt the power of these two clay statues.

There was nothing to worry about.

But it was strange that his palms of natural qi which could resist the attack of the top kings quickly collapsed under the attack of top strength in Soldier Realm.

“That’s interesting.”

Li Mu took physical offenses.

Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom!

In an instant, he exchanged ten punches with the Northern Buddha and the Southern Buddha respectively, making the two statues stagger back several steps.

He felt that a strange force had entered his body, which turned out to be the invisible natural qi. If it were not for his strong body, he might have lost in the exchange with the power of the King Realm alone.

“Buddhism energy?”

Li Mu leaped up to observe and judge as he launched continuous attacks.

“Woof, woof, leave the smaller one to me.”

Husky, who was standing aside, suddenly jumped up excitedly and rushed toward the Southern Giant Buddha statue. It suddenly flashed in the sky and turned 100 meters high, much higher than the 27-meter Southern Giant Buddha. It stretched out its claws and the statue was knocked down directly.

“This stupid dog doesn’t come out unless it sees something good. It actually made attacks of its own accord. Could it be that it has discovered something?”

Li Mu looked over in surprise.

Then, the giant Husky opened its mouth and bit the head of the Southern Giant Buddha statue.

Holy crap!

It was a cultural relic of ancient times.

Before Li Mu could say “Stop”, Husky had already bitten off the head.

“Bah bah, plasters taste terrible.”

The stupid dog spat out the mud in its mouth.

It was a miracle that these two clay statues of ancient times were kept intact today. But they were ruined by Husky.

All of a sudden, Li Mu saw a golden metal at the broken neck of the Southern Giant Buddha statue. The mysterious Buddha power was definitely diffused from this metal.

“Woof, what is it?”

Husky took a bite out of curiosity and pulled out an 18-meter-long metal stick. Two dragons coiled at the ends of the stick respectively and auspicious clouds were surrounded in the middle. The carvings were extremely exquisite with perfect technique.

Was it a simple golden stick, a weapon, or some treasure of Buddhism?

Li Mu felt a terrible power lying in the stick.

The giant Buddha statue seemed like a suddenly dried sand sculpture, losing its vitality and luster. Then it turned into a pile of dust.

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