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«The Divine Martial Stars (Web Novel) - Chapter 634 Is That You?

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Chapter 634 Is That You?

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The blurry figure of Holy Sage Flying Light was sporting a ripped cut on the right side of his waist. And his left arm had been cut off. Even though he had dissolved into nothingness, he was still seriously maimed. In just an instant, he had lost his combat capability.

“How did you know my weak spots?”

Holy Sage Flying Light gaped at the ponytailed girl with horror and desperation in his eyes. He backed away quickly. Obviously, he had lost the ability to fight.

A moment ago, the sword and broadsword momentum of the ponytailed girl changed subtly, and then the killing intent abruptly erupted. The parts she had injured were exactly the only two weak spots that he had not been able to cover up after tens of thousands of years of industrious cultivation.

She had hit the targets at one go.

And the moment her attack arrived, he collapsed.

His cultivation had been ruined.

In the whole world, apart from himself, no one knew where his weak spots were.

But why did this ponytailed girl suddenly change her move and successfully hit his weak points at one blow?

What was more, she had hit both of his two weak points.

This was definitely not a coincidence.

Could it be that she had been playing dumb and secretly planning her moves the whole time?

The more Holy Sage Flying Light thought about it, the more scared he became. That strike almost scared the life out of him, so he no longer dared to fight again. Even though the huge face of Ghost Seer was supervising from the sky, he still decided to run for his life first.

Because if he was hit in his weak points again, he would really die.

At the moment, what Holy Sage Flying Light feared the most was that the girl would come after him.

Yet, the ponytailed girl simply stood where she was in a daze, with an incredulous look in her eyes. She didn’t seem to have the slightest intention of chasing after Holy Sage Flying Light at all.

At this moment, she was no longer as proud and arrogant as she was when facing the three Holy Sages. Her beautiful hands, which were holding the sword and the broadsword, were trembling slightly. Her slender body was also quivering. There seemed to be tears welling up in her bright eyes.

“Big brother, is that you?”

That voice had come from behind her, but she did not dare to look back for the moment.

Because she was afraid that when she looked back, she would find that there was no one behind her. Then, it would be confirmed that it was her hallucination, just like all those times she had had in dreams.

At this time, two more scandalized and miserable roars rang out on the battlefield.

The fleshless figure of Holy Sage White Bone Shadow had also been forced into a retreat.

His head had been chopped off. His white fleshless left hand was carrying his own skull. With his head severed from his body, the skeleton rapidly backed away.

Although there was no expression on the face of the skull, even the weakest ghost cultivators in the surroundings could still clearly feel the indescribable horror and fear in the energy fluctuation of the soul of one of the three Holy Sages. Needless to say, he had lost the ability to fight, too.

Holy Sage Black Sun was in an even worse situation.

His body—the ball of black ghost fire—had directly been pierced. His huge body collapsed in the void. The black ghost fire fanned out like a puddle of soft mud. It seemed that he had lost the ability to move and could not run away even if he wanted. Like a dying beast, he kept howling in horror and wrath in the center of the black flames.

The black ghost fire, which looked like black blood, continued to flow out of his broken limbs and dyed the sky an eerie inky color.

He had lost!

In just one second, to everyone’s intense disbelief, the three Holy Sages had been crushed.

It was so fast that no one understood what really happened at that moment.

The reaction of the Two Sages of the Bone Sacred Mountain was just like that of the proud ponytailed girl. They were trembling from head to toe with excitement and could hardly hold their weapons in a grip.

“Young Master!”

“Mr. Li, Your Honor!”

The woman sage and the man sage called out at the same time.

In an instant, they were overwhelmed by a wave of indescribable ecstasy and astonishment.

Who would have ever thought that the person they had thought about day and night had actually come to the Ghost Rally Star?

It was not until this moment that all the others ghost cultivators found that a figure had quietly appeared on the battlefield.

The figure was tall and slender.

The energy fluctuations he was emitting were not very much impressive.

His face was alight with heroic spirits.

There was an attractive smile on his face, which seemed to be enough to warm up this gloomy and cold world of ghosts.

It was the kind of smile hard to forget.

“It’s the Wild Broadsword!”

Elder Zhen Ye slipped into a huge shock, and his mind went blank. He almost blurted out this exclamation in an instant.

He was the only ghost cultivator who had seen Li Mu rise to the air from his side and effortlessly enter the battlefield.

Then, he saw that Li Mu pulled some tricks that he could not understand, then, the battle, which was supposed to bring them doom, suddenly took an incredible turn, and the three Holy Sages all suffered heavy losses in an instant.

“No, he’s not the Wild Broadsword. Who on earth is he?”

Zhen Ye’s heart was filled with great curiosity.

And this question also unstoppable popped up in the minds of all the ghost cultivators on the scene at almost the same time.

“Who… who the hell are you?”

After putting his head back, the crestfallen Holy Sage White Bone Shadow gazed at Li Mu in disbelief.

Even a fool could have already guessed that the only reason why the tide had been turned in an instant was the sudden appearance of the figure.

The three Ghost Lords standing outside the battlefield were stunned at once.

It was especially true for the head of the Lost Land.

Because he knew Li Mu.

Because not long after the war began, this junior ghost cultivator known as the Wild Broadsword killed two of his personal guards with just two strikes and seriously injured another trusted subordinate of his. That goaded him to come to the battlefield and fight in person. In the end, right before he was about to kill the Wild Broadsword, he was stopped by the woman sage of the Bone Sacred Mountain.

Regardless, for all the head of the Lost Land knew, this junior ghost cultivator was as humble as an ant in his eyes. He could crush him with just one finger.

But now, he found that he didn’t know Li Mu at all.

How could a real humble junior ghost cultivator ever participate in a battle of this level and easily change the result?

Was he the real trump card of the Bone Sacred Mountain?

The miserable cries of Holy Sage Black Sun, one of the three Holy Sages, resounded through heaven and earth, causing the blood of every ghost cultivator to run cold.

The stronger one was and the more powerful his Cultivation Method was, the more serious his injuries would be once his weak points were attacked.

The weak point of a ghost cultivator was like a dragon’s forbidden lamella.

Anyone who touched a dragon’s forbidden lamella would invite his rage.

Why would the dragon flare up?

Because if the forbidden lamella was plucked out, the dragon would die.

Once one’s weak point was hit, one would either die or be crippled.

Today, if it weren’t for the suppressive ghost talisman cast by Ghost Seer, the three Holy Sages would have died at that moment. There would have been utterly no escape for them.

“Big brother, is that you?”

In the eyes of the proud ponytailed girl, everything in this world had faded.

She no longer cared about any of that.

Because the person she cared about the most had come.

Still, she did not dare to turn around.

Because she was afraid that as soon as she turned around, everything would vanish as if it were a dream.

“Caicai, it’s me. We meet again.”

The familiar voice, which had been lingering in her dreams, once again sounded.

The voice came right behind her.

It was very, very close.

When she heard that voice call her “Caicai”, the ponytailed girl finally let go of all her pride and aloofness. She even abandoned the sword and broadsword in her hands. Then, she whipped around and rushed over regardless of anything.

She flung herself into a familiar embrace.

“Big brother, it’s really you. I’m not dreaming, am I?” As Caicai felt the familiar embrace, she could no longer hold back her tears and let them gush out.

Could a ghost cultivator shed tears?

No one knew.

But at this time, there were crystal tears flowing out of the ponytailed girl’s eyes. Her teardrops were as pure as the most impeccable treasure in the world.

These teardrops mirrored her soul. These were indeed the most sparkling treasures.

“Don’t cry, don’t.”

Li Mu’s eyes were also a little moist.

He had once thought that he had forever lost this adorable and sensible little girl.

In the battles to seize the ten cities and nine counties, the Western Qin besieged the Great Moon Empire. Yu Hualong, the crown prince of the Great Moon Empire, led his army to fight back. In the end, he and his men were outnumbered, so they chose to break out of the siege and proposed to Emperor Qin Ming that he was willing to hand over the civilians and the Longcheng Pass as long as Emperor Qin Ming would give proper treatment to the civilians in the city.

Emperor Qin Ming gave his word.

However, when the unarmed, innocent civilians marched out of the Longcheng Pass, what greeted them was the most shameless and cruel massacre from the Qin Army.

At that time, Caicai and Granny Cai were also among this group of civilians.

Li Mu hurried there later and defeated Emperor Qin Ming. But then, someone broke the news of Caicai’s and her grandmother’s tragic death to him. He went to look for them in piles of corpses in person. Yet, he had failed to find them, be it their bodies or souls.

Because of that, Li Mu felt that a demon had lived in his heart since then.

In that battle, Li Mu lost a lot of friends.

He lost Caicai and her grandmother, as well as Yu Hualong.

However, owing to Yu Hualong’s profound cultivation and Emperor Qin Ming’s intention to make him suffer from humiliation, his soul had been preserved.

Li Mu had been blaming himself for hesitating over whether he should stay away from the matter for his own safety and so missing the best timing to save his friends. But now, he could finally take part of the load off his mind.

“Young Master!”

“Mr. Li, Your Honor!”

The man sage and the woman sage also came over and saluted to Li Mu.

The two moguls, who had thousands of ghost cultivators under their leadership and were strong enough to fight against the three Holy Sages, acted like the most loyal subordinates before Li Mu. They were so respectful as if they were meeting some elders of their family.

“Sister Dong Xue, Brother Ning, glad we meet again.”

Li Mu greeted them with a smile.

The Two Sages were, of course, Dong Xue and Ning Jing, a couple who used to live on the Divine Land.

“Young Master, how come you are on the Ghost Rally Star? You can’t have also…” Dong Xue suddenly came to her senses. A surprised look climbed onto her face.

Only the dead would come to the Ghost Rally Star.

Ning Jing also came to see the issue. Suddenly, a look of disbelief appeared on his face.

“Big brother, you…” Caicai also realized what was going on.

They were very happy to see Li Mu again.

However, if they could choose, they would rather not meet him in this place in this way.

Li Mu shook his head and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not dead.”

It was not until then that the three of them heaved a sigh of relief.

The voice of the huge face called Ghost Seer came from the sky. “A living person has actually sneaked into the world of the dead. Hahaha, then, don’t think about leaving. I was wondering why there was no sign of you in the divination. It turned out that you are an outsider.”

Ghost Seer had not spoken until this moment because he had been observing Li Mu in secret.

This junior ghost cultivator, who had not been captured in his divination but had changed the result of the battle in an instant, turned out to be from the world of the living. Thus, he couldn’t see him through.

“Really?” Li Mu looked up at the huge face and said, “Aren’t you also from the world of the living? You and I are of the same kind.”

“Huh?” A trace of astoundment finally appeared on the forever expressionless face.

Ghost Seer was suddenly swept over by shock.

This secret had not been discovered by anyone over all those years. But how come this youngster knew about it? Could it be that he also came from that place?

“Who are you on earth?”

Ghost Seer stared at Li Mu, and the expression on his huge face began to become intimidating.

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