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«The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad (Web Novel) - Chapter 778 A Great Calamity Is at Hand

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Chapter 778 A Great Calamity Is at Hand

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Everyone looked inside through the small window. There was a simple wooden bed in the room. There was a little girl about 10 years old lying on the bed; she was unconscious.

Li Laogen said, “When Niu Erwa was sick, this girl of the Zhang family was the first one to be bitten. She was originally a good girl, but she had a fever since that day.”

It was so far away that no one could see anything. Dong Anna and the others didn’t even dare to approach the window, as if they were afraid of being infected.

However, Qin Haodong had the Spirit. He had already seen the majority of the girl’s physical condition with his eyes. At this time, Zhang Erya had a high fever. There was a faint black Qi in her blood. It should be the so-called virus.

Qin Haodong asked, “Mr. Li, did the hospitalization unit ever deal with these high fever conditions?”

Li Laogen said, “How can they not be dealt with? But these people’s diseases are very strange. They have used all kinds of medicine, but it’s useless. They can only be like this.”

Qin Haodong nodded, and everyone went to the second isolation room. There was a woman in her 30s lying inside. She was also a villager who was caught and infected by Niu Erwa. Her symptoms were not much different from Zhang Erya’s. She was in a state of fever.

After that, they saw four more isolation rooms. The villagers inside were all injured in the process of stopping Niu Erwa. These people were all strong men, but their symptoms were no different from Zhang Erya’s. They had a high fever and their bodies were full of black Qi. They were lying in bed unconscious.

When they arrived at the seventh isolation room, Li Laogen said, “Be careful, everyone. The one locked up here is that damn Niu Erwa. This guy is very crazy.”

This isolation room was different from the other rooms. It turned out to be the warehouse of the countryside government. To be safe, the windows were equipped with steel bars that were thicker than an adult’s thumb.

Although Niu Erwa had been tied up after going crazy, Li Laogen always felt that it was not safe enough, so he locked Niu Erwa up in this warehouse.

Everyone was also very curious about this patient, who was similar to a zombie. They looked into the window together.

Although there was also a bed in the warehouse, there was no one on it. A strong young man stood straight in the corner.

Niu Erwa was originally a hunter, and his body was much stronger than others. After going crazy, he was even more powerful. He was only held by a few ropes that were as thick as fingers tied around his body.

At this time, there was no trace of blood on his face. He was just like a real zombie, which was gloomier and more horrible under the dim light.

Seeing this scene, several female members of the team couldn’t help but step back, and Dong Anna screamed.

Niu Erwa was standing in the corner like a wooden pillar, but the scream seemed to stimulate him. After a bloodthirsty light flashed in his eyes, he rushed to the window.

Although his limbs were tied by the ropes, his legs jumped very fast. Like a cannonball, he slammed into the steel bars by the window.

The impact was so strong that the whole building began to shake after a loud bang.

Dong Anna was almost scared to death. She turned around and ran away. The others were also shocked by Niu Erwa’s imposing manner and retreated one after the other. Only Qin Haodong was still standing in front of the window with a calm look. His Spirit had already seen the situation inside Niu Erwa.

What was shocking was that there was no trace of blood in Niu Erwa’s body. Instead, there was thick black Qi. This was also a clear difference between him and those patients who were unconscious.

At the same time, the black Qi also strengthened his body. If an ordinary person had collided with all his strength like Niu Erwa had just done, even if he didn’t kill himself, his head would be damaged and bleeding. But Niu Erwa’s head was not injured at all, and it seemed to be harder than the steel bars on the window.

“Damn Niu Erwa!” After cursing, Li Laogen said, “Doctor Qin, this guy is also very strange. He hasn’t eaten anything for four days since he got sick. Not only did he not starve to death, but he also became stronger day by day. I really don’t know what kind of evil spirit he has attracted.

“And his head is also very hard. He often hits the steel bars here with his head. It looks very scary.”

Qin Haodong asked, “Mr. Li, other than these, does he usually have any other characteristics?”

“Something else?” Li Laogen thought for a moment and said, “Besides that, this guy is very interested in blood. I can’t let him smell blood at all.

“A few days ago, when we were entertaining some guests with chicken, he accidentally got the smell of blood. He immediately went crazy and almost destroyed the building.

“Since then, no one has dared to do that here, and they don’t even dare to bring him fresh meat. When they cook, they all go to the foot of the mountain and don’t dare to approach him.”

After asking about the situation briefly, he returned to the station with the others.

The tents were divided into two groups: Su Hui, Kathaway, Dong Anna, and Ye Liying stayed in one tent, and the rest of the male members stayed in the other. Li Laogen also stayed with Qin Haodong and the others.

Before entering the tent, Li Laogen warned them again.

“All you experts, our place is not like a big city. This is in a mountainous area. At night, there are a lot of beasts, so everyone must be careful. Don’t leave this place except for going to the toilet.

“But don’t worry, everyone. There are lights here, so the beasts don’t dare to come.”

After he finished speaking, everyone went back to their tents. They had taken a day’s flight and walked on such a long mountain road. They were indeed tired. There were no other entertainment activities here. Everyone lay in bed and began to sleep.

Qin Haodong was not tired. He lay on the bed with his head in his hands, thinking about the weird condition of Niu Erwa.

After a while, he saw a figure stand up from the corner of the tent. He put on his shoes and walked out quietly.

The man was Guo Tao. Qin Haodong thought that he was going to go to the toilet, so he didn’t pay any attention to it. But it could be seen that the guy didn’t go to the toilet after leaving the tent. Instead, he went to another tent.

Su Hui stayed in another tent. For safety’s sake, Qin Haodong had been paying attention to the movements here.

At this time, the door of the tent was also opened, and Dong Anna came out like a thief.

They gathered together, holding each other’s hands and walking towards a dark corner.

Seeing their sneaky behavior, Qin Haodong knew what they were going to do. He couldn’t help but be speechless.

After suffering for a whole day, they still had to do that kind of thing in the evening. They were really energetic.

Especially Dong Anna, who had done that on the plane with Zhao Meng and had been bitten by a venomous snake on the way. In the evening, she still had such a strong urge. It seemed that she had secreted a lot of hormones.

Since Qin Haodong was sure that it was not a threat to Su Hui’s safety, he did not have the hobby of peeping, so he no longer paid attention to them.

In the dark, the light bulb on the top of the village government office gate looked like a small sun. It was very bright. In order not to be discovered by others, Guo Tao and Dong Anna walked far away to a corner at the foot of the mountain.

As if he had been thirsty for many years, Guo Tao reached out and held Dong Anna in his arms, stroking her.

Dong Anna let out a soft and tender laugh. “Bad guy, are you in such a hurry?”

“Can I not in a hurry? You little demon, you make me crazy just by looking at you.”

Guo Tao untied his belt and began to lift the skirt around Dong Anna’s waist.

All of a sudden, he stopped there as if his body had been fixed, with a depressed look on his face.

Dong Anna was already in the mood. Seeing him stop, she asked in confusion, “Dear, why did you stop?”

Guo Tao said in annoyance, “You’re on your period.”

The air in the mountains was particularly fresh, and he could clearly smell the scent of blood in his nostrils.

“What a coincidence!”

Dong Anna said, but she didn’t intend to stop. Instead, she looked at Guo Tao with her charming eyes and said, “Dear, don’t you dare to run a red light?”

Guo Tao had been completely provoked by her words. He wanted to find a place to quench his urge by himself. When he heard Dong Anna’s words, he was delighted and said with a smile, “Of course I dare. I’m afraid that you won’t agree.”

“How could I disagree with this kind of thing? I’m afraid that you won’t be of any use.”

“Little bitch, you’ll know immediately whether I can do that.”

Guo Tao pulled the belt that he had just untied and hugged Dong Anna tightly.

A few minutes later, his heavy breathing echoed in the quiet mountain forest. They seemed to have been hungry and thirsty for many years, and they did not restrain themselves at all even with the unexpected period.

Guo Tao held Dong Anna’s waist tightly. Suddenly, he found that there were two green lights in the opposite mountain forest.

In the beginning, because he was in a highly excited state, he didn’t pay attention to it. But after a few seconds, he suddenly realized that there was no light there. It was the eyes of a beast!

Thinking of Li Laogen’s warning, he quickly stopped and lifted up his pants, pulled Dong Anna, and shouted, “Run, there’s a wolf coming!”

In his mind, there were mostly wolves in the mountain, but this time he guessed wrong. The beast opposite him was not a wolf, but a more agile and fierce leopard.

At this time, it let out a roar and pounced on the two people, like having a stroke in the night.

Originally, Dong Anna was enjoying the pleasure, but when she heard Guo Tao’s shout and the roar of the leopard, she was scared out of her wits and ran desperately to the tent with Guo Tao.

As they ran, they shouted at the top of their lungs, “Help, help…”

They were indeed scared out of their wits. They would never have thought that they would be able to attract a leopard in such a short period of time.

Qin Haodong had just felt a little sleepy. When he heard two people shouting, he immediately rushed out of the tent. No matter what happened, he had to ensure Su Hui’s safety.

Sun Fengqing, Li Laogen, and others followed closely behind him. Even the women in the other tent ran out. Su Hui instinctively threw herself into Qin Haodong’s arms.

Everyone looked in the direction of the incident and saw Guo Tao and Dong Anna running in their direction awkwardly.

It should be said that people can stimulate their instincts at the critical moment. At this time, the speed of the two people was amazing. If they went to the Olympic Games, they would probably get a gold medal.

But because he was in such a mess just now, Guo Tao didn’t tie his belt well. He ran so fast that his pants suddenly slipped down.

This time, he was in trouble. His falling pants were like a rope, firmly binding his feet. And as his running speed was so fast that his body had no time to stop, he fell to the ground with a plop.

As a great calamity was at hand, Dong Anna had no time to care about him and ran forward on her own way.

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