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Chapter 2285: Result (4)

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Translator : MoonWhisperer, BlackieMeow Editor : Skyrise, Sera

"It’s Li Luoming, he is a disciple of the Fifth Elder. I could recognize him even if he turned to dust."

Under the Sixth Elder's intense gaze, everyone nodded their heads and showed their agreement.

The Sixth Elder frowned instead, with some surprise and disbelief in his eyes.

He had previously heard Fifth Elder saying that Li Luoming was a gifted talent who had already refined a good batch of pills before he reached the age of 30.

However, the Sixth Elder had never in the least expected that Li Luoming's talent would be this great. He had become a Grandmaster at such a young age.

Sixth Elder could not believe this, and so he suspiciously pushed the door open.

But the Sixth Elder was stopped by everyone before he could open the door.

"Sixth Elder, it's not right, this is the room that the little girl previously used to refine the pill."

"Yes, I remember Li Luoming was on the right-hand side, not on the left."

"Sixth Elder, this is the room Li Luoming used."

Everyone pointed at it to show the Sixth Elder.

The Sixth Elder stared irritably: "Stop nagging! This room refined nothing but Elite pills. Do you think I'm too old and confused to even know this little? Is such a medicinal room worthy of my visit? What I want to see is this room, this one!"

Everyone was confused by Six Elder’s scolding and didn’t understand what he meant.

The Sixth Elder gave the group of people a fierce glare, then pushed the door into the medicine room where Su Luo was in earlier.


The door closed heavily.

It was the sound of the closing door that brought everyone back to their senses in an instant.

Everyone looked at each other. One looked at the other. The other looked back. Their eyes were full of questioning, but they couldn't think of an answer.

The Sixth Elder pushed the door open and entered the room. He hurried to the medicine cauldron.

At this time, the ground fire had been extinguished, but probably because the other party had left in a hurry, they had not disposed of the pill residue.

The Sixth Elder examined the medicine dregs carefully. The more he studied it, the wider his eyes grew!

This technique, this medication, and this flame… perfect, so perfect! This was definitely a genius Apothecary!!!

The Sixth Elder looked at the mess in the room in front of him, but it was as if the mess was his most beloved person, and he was suddenly lost in it.

The Sixth Elder was shocked, standing there in a daze, trying to simulate the other party's pill refining techniques time and time again, but he still couldn’t think them through.

Of course, it couldn’t be simulated, because Su Luo had the Fallen Red Lotus in her hand, while the Sixth Elder only had Spiritual Fire. Therefore, no matter how much he tried,

he wouldn’t be able to simulate Su Luo’s technique.

Unknowingly, the Sixth Elder had been in the pill refining room for a whole day and night.

By the time he came back to his senses, it was already the early morning of the next day.

"No, I have to dig out that genius, and ask them to teach me!" Thinking of this, the Sixth Elder pushed the door and came out.

However, by the time the Sixth Elder came out, it was already empty outside. The few Apothecaries who had been guarding outside had long since dispersed.

Even if the Sixth Elder wanted to ask someone at this moment, he couldn’t find anyone to do so.

Those people had originally been watching for the excitement, but after being reprimanded by the Sixth Elder, they had all slipped away quietly, afraid of getting into trouble.

Although the Sixth Elder was stunned for a while, he quickly came back to his senses. There would be a Medicine Conference at the Pill Refining Tower in a short time. That expert would definitely come to participate, right?

He would consult with that person when the time came.

The Sixth Elder hadn’t listened to the people’s conversations seriously before. Had he listened to them carefully, he would have known what the onlookers were talking about was the little girl who had come from outside…

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