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Chapter 2217: Exultation (5)

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Translator : MoonWhisperer, BlackieMeow Editor : Frozenfire, Cey

Su Luo knew when it was time to quit. Seeing her like this, she immediately hopped to the blackboard like a white rabbit would do.

Looking at Su Luo's back, Fairy Wu You was so mad that she huffed and puffed with anger.

However, seeing Su Luo standing still in front of the blackboard, a peculiar sneer curled up at the corner of Fairy Wu You’s mouth: "Vile wench, if you can’t solve the problem, you, are, dead!"

She had admirers present within the Eighth Elder’s disciples. With just a casual word from her, crushing Su Luo to death would be as simple as crushing an ant!

The whole class looked at Su Luo with sympathetic gazes.

Although they could only see Su Luo's back, they could imagine how helpless, anxious, and tangled Su Luo's face was at this moment…

Why didn’t she pay attention in class? Out of everyone, why did she have to offend Fairy Wu You? Look, wasn't she looking for death?

At this time, Su Luo’s eyes stayed focused on the blackboard as she was looking at the very complicated question.

Do I have to solve this problem——?

Had it been before, this question would be really difficult for Su Luo. She would have definitely scratched her ears, cheeks, and broken into a cold sweat if facing the difficult problem. However, since she had merged the Fallen Red Lotus flame into her body while training the Gravity Chamber Room Number 13, Su Luo had developed an unprecedented understanding and comprehension towards the fire element.

It was a kind of an instinctive understanding, as though it was ingrained in her.

With that, Su Luo picked up the white chalk, faced the dark green blackboard, and started to write.

Su Luo had never learned those formulas before; however, there was a kind of talent that was born with one’s body, another kind of talent called the integration of knowledge, and another kind of talent called ascension to the top.

Ever since Su Luo had merged with the first cluster of flames born between heaven and the earth, her comprehension of the fire properties had naturally reached integrated knowledge, and might have even reached ascension to the top.

Screech, screech, screech!

The tip of the chalk rubbed against the dark green blackboard, causing faint scratching sounds to ring out.

Thought-provoking and elegant looking words appeared in a uniform line.

At this moment, Su Luo seemed to have fallen into an unprecedented state of seriousness, as though she was the only one existing in this entire classroom. More than that, it was as if she was the only one left in the world. Her surroundings were incomparably quiet in her ears, with the whole world becoming silent.


Su Luo finally finished her line.

She then proceeded to toss the chalk into the tiny wooden box with a confident stance.

After that, Su Luo took her own sweet time to walk slowly and carelessly, taking step after step back to her place.

At this moment, the entire classroom was silent.

No one dared to breathe, as they were filled with shock from looking at the script written all over the blackboard.

This hand-writing is really good…

As for whether it was right or wrong…

Looking at Fairy Wu You's distorted and hideous expression on her face, with hands clenched into fists, you could tell a thing or two.

The bottom of the Eighth Elder’s eyes were as dark as ink, as profound and unpredictable as the cold blue ocean.

He looked at the blackboard with a single glance at the neat and flowing script, nodded slightly, and said, "The answer is correct."


The pen in Fairy Wu You's hand was crushed by her own force.

The Eighth Elder turned a blind eye to that, glanced at her with indifference, and walked to the lecturing platform to explain to everyone.

Although the Eight Elder explained in detail, most people still looked confused after he finished.

When the Eighth Elder explained for the second time, half of them still didn't understand.

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