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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 572 - The Cheng Clan Dojo Blocking the Way

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Chapter 572 - The Cheng Clan Dojo Blocking the Way

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

However, Wei Xiao Bei’s vitality was activated, allowing the huge wound to quickly stop bleeding and for him to recover. Wei Xiao Bei endured the pain as the wound closed. Wei Xiao Bei would only be able to relax after half an hour. His wound was already closed. As long as he did not enter into a fierce battle, his wound would completely heal in less than half an hour.

This was not good enough for him so he took out Inferior World Tree Sap from his storage bracelet and drank it. He also smeared some on his wound.

A refreshing feeling came from the area around his wound as it quickly healed. His wound completely healed in less than 10 minutes.


When Wei Xiao Bei healed his injury, he couldn’t help but frown.

A powerful aura was currently moving towards him.

This is the aura of the Mutated Farmer’s Market!

This thing actually moved again?

Right, the Mutated Farmer’s Market must have been angered after its transformed humans were killed.

Previously, he killed the Giant Flesh Cow, causing it to chase him.

However, it could not move very fast. Wei Xiao Bei decided to ponder over something first.

He turned to the gate of the Cheng Clan Dojo.

He originally thought of killing the remaining transformed humans that were not killed by the dojo to gain more evolution points, but the transformed humans were already collapsed on the ground.

Not a single corpse was intact.

They were chopped by sharp weapons into palm-sized fragments. In this state, the transformed humans could not recover no matter how powerful their recovery abilities were.

Seeing the tragic state from the doors, Wei Xiao Bei was able to understand the temperament of the Flying Double-edged Sword.

It seems that I was lucky that I was only hit by that blade once.

Those transformed humans by the gate were much more tragic as they were cut into pieces.

Wei Xiao Bei observed his surroundings and immediately moved in a half-circle around the dojo and climbed up a nearby building.

The building was not high as it was only nine floors, but this was enough for Wei Xiao Bei to see a lot.

I will wait for the Mutated Farmer’s Market here!

On the other hand, if the Mutated Farmer’s Market wanted to reach him, it would need to take a detour around the Cheng Clan Dojo to directly destroy it.

It was still the strategy of shifting the source of calamity!

With the size of the Mutated Farmer’s Market, it was impossible for it to evade the Cheng Clan Dojo.

Just think about it. With a million tons of reinforced concrete moving in its direction, would the Flying Double-edged Sword just obediently allow the Mutated Farmer’s Market to pass through?

Don’t joke around.

At this time, the Flying Double-Edged Sword’s rage was not yet quelled.

In truth, this strategy of shifting the source of calamity did not require strength, but intelligence.

If Wei Xiao Bei’s enemy was a human, then this strategy might not even work.

Humans were not stupid enough to recklessly bulldoze through the Cheng Clan Dojo.

However, the Mutated Farmer’s Market was different.

Let alone its low intelligence, every time it moved, other than killing enemies, it had another important matter to do; go and eat buildings to expand its size.

In truth, Wei Xiao Bei had seen some problems with the Mutated Farmer’s Market when he checked it moments ago.

The Mutated Farmer’s Market’s area was previously larger, but its current form was the result of going head to head with the strange house back in the plaza.

Every building that it passed would be swallowed by it without any resistance.

What’s more, the Cheng Clan Dojo had a rare quality besides its name.

Boom! Boom! Rumble……

The sound of chaos was continuously approaching.

Wei Xiao Bei did not need to look to see that it was the Mutated Farmer’s Market coming over.

This was the sound of its advance.

Layers of concrete surged like waves. No matter how high the buildings were, they would quickly be swallowed by the Mutated Farmer’s Market.

Naturally, the smaller ones were the easiest for it to digest. On the other hand, the taller buildings would remain protruded until they were digested.

The distance was less than 3-4 kilometers from the Mutated Farmer’s Market original location to the Cheng Clan Dojo.

Thus, when Wei Xiao Bei looked at the Mutated Farmer’s Market from afar, it did not have many tall buildings.

Of course, in addition to the short distance, there were not many tall buildings in the region.

Just thinking about it, the small alley where the Cheng Clan Dojo was located was tiny. There were not many tall buildings that could fit in such a small space.

In any case, every time Wei Xiao Bei saw the Mutated Farmer’s Market, he could feel its magnificence.

The Mutated Farmer’s Market was just a pile of cement and steel mixed together.

Its floor size was around 14,000 square meters, roughly the size of a few football fields.

As for height, its body’s tallest building was more than a hundred meters. It was the building where Wei Xiao Bei had been observing it from before.

In short, the Mutated Farmer’s Market was a huge monster!

A few million tons of cement and steel monsters!

In truth, if a monster like this appeared in the real world, other than nuclear warheads, normal weapons could not even deal it any damage.

Additionally, its advance was enough to destroy any enemy.

Every time it moved, it swallowed the cement road in front of it. After it passed, only yellow earth was left behind.

1000 meters, 800 meters!

At this time, the Mutated Farmer’s Market sped up. Previously, it moved at a walking pace, but now it was at the speed of a bicycle.

There was no doubt that it had found Wei Xiao Bei who was standing on the roof of a nine-floor building.

For it, Wei Xiao Bei was a small dot, but one that could bring out its enmity.

Previously, it had probably only sensed Wei Xiao Bei’s position, but now, it had seen him.

600 meters, 400 meters, 200 meters……

Just when it surged like a flood, it suddenly decreased its speed. In the end, it stopped less than 100 meters in front of the Cheng Clan Dojo.

Did it stop?

Could it be that it could sense the danger of the Cheng Clan Dojo?

There was no other way to explain its current action.


Wei Xiao Bei did not say anything and opened his eyes, activating [Enlightenment].

He firmly gazed at the Mutated Farmer’s Market.

There was no doubt that the Mutated Farmer’s Market was incredibly sensitive to [Enlightenment] taking a peek at its status. When Wei Xiao Bei’s gaze landed on it, the flood was once again restarted as it charged towards the Cheng Clan Dojo.

1 Pop!

With a light sound, the flowing cement directly stuck to the wall. The flood of cement continued to rise as it stuck to the cement.

On the other hand, the wall also continued to rise.

However, the advance of the Mutated Farmer’s Market was not only cement. A 13-floor building quickly struck against the continuously rising wall. In the next instant, a steel canopy also struck it.

When the 100-meter tall building separated from the cement ground and flew 100 meters in the air and dropped toward the Cheng Clan Dojo, Wei Xiao Bei quickly evacuated from the nine-floor building he was on.

This could not be helped. When the 100-meter tall building dropped down, it would land on the building he was currently on.

After all, the area of the Cheng Clan Dojo in the Dust World might not be small, but the building was falling from the sky. It was enough to cover all sides of the Cheng Clan Dojo.

Just when the 100-meter tall building was about to crush the Cheng Clan Dojo, a light whoosh sounded! A white light flew out from the dojo and circled the 100-meter tall building before disappearing.

The 100-meter tall building suddenly broke into countless fragments. However, a membrane of sorts seemed to have appeared and rebonded with the falling fragments.

There was no doubt that the building the Mutated Farmer’s Market threw was instantly turned into fragments by the Flying Double-edged Sword. However, the falling fragments were not able to break through the Cheng Clan Dojo’s defenses.

However, the Mutated Farmer’s Market did not react to this at all. It still continued to fight against the Cheng Clan Dojo. The continuously surging cement was like a tide that kept attacking the walls. It had even surrounded the entire Dojo as if it wanted to directly pull up the dojo and eat it.

However, countless white lights shot out from the courtyard and cut in all directions.

The surging cement was cut by white light, but nothing happened before they then merged with each other. It seemed that the white light did not hurt the cement at all.

However, the white light continuously shot out from within the walls, making the Mutated Farmer’s Market seem as though it could not support itself anymore.

The white light did not disappear after penetrating the cement. It continued to advance until it penetrated the Mutated Farmer’s Market, before disappearing.

At that time, Wei Xiao Bei heard the sound of something hard being cut.

His [Response Pulse] could not penetrate the Mutated Farmer’s Market’s insides, but it had actually quickly pulled back the cement wave as it distanced from the dojo.

It could be said that the cut-off hard objects caused significant damage.

Detour! The Mutated Farmer’s Market began to take a detour as it moved toward Wei Xiao Bei.

Wei Xiao Bei, of course, would not let it escape. He quickly moved to the opposite direction of the Mutated Farmer’s Market.

The Mutated Farmer’s Market would, of course, not let him go so simply either. It continued to detour, but Wei Xiao Bei continued to move as well. With the Cheng Clan Dojo at the center, they moved in a circle.

1 Soon, the Mutated Farmer’s Market couldn’t help it and once again attacked the Cheng Clan Dojo.

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