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«The Big-Shot is Pampered after She Becomes the Villainness (Web Novel) - Chapter 720: Reversing the Battle

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Chapter 720: Reversing the Battle

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The time limit for the attack was only 24 seconds. Seeing that the time limit was almost up, they would violate the rules if they did not shoot!

Cheng Luo made up her mind and wanted to throw the ball out to shoot when she was still a distance away from the basket.

Zhao Jing looked happy. With her understanding of Cheng Luo, it was impossible for her to be able to shoot the loop this time. This time, Shi Man had worked hard for nothing. In the end, she still couldn’t get a single point.

However, just as she was feeling smug, a figure suddenly rushed out from behind.

Zhao Jing was shocked and hurriedly stopped in her tracks. She saw the figure quickly pass her and rush towards Cheng Luo.

Gao Shu thought that her teammate had come to snatch the ball, but in the next moment, she realized that the basketball jersey that the figure was wearing was clearly from Cheng Luo’s side!

She took a closer look and only saw an afterimage. Soon, Cheng Luo’s basketball fell into the person’s hand.

The person tapped the ground with her toes and moved her wrist skillfully. The basketball drew a perfect parabola in the air, and right on the heels of that, it fell into the hoop in front of everyone.

Things happened so quickly that Gao Shu forgot to defend for a moment. She watched helplessly as the basketball fell through the hoop.

How could someone play basketball so well!

Zhao Jing admitted that she couldn’t make such a precise shot, so she followed that figure angrily with her gaze.

Unexpectedly, she realized that the person was standing on the spot just now. She tucked her hair behind her ear, revealing her exquisite and beautiful side profile.

Who else could it be but Shi Man?

But didn’t Gao Shu say that she didn’t know how to play basketball at all?

Zhao Jing looked at Gao Shu in surprise. Then, she saw the same confusion in her eyes.

She immediately reacted and gritted her teeth in hatred.

“Shi Man, why did you pretend not to know how to play basketball?” Zhao Jing questioned with a ferocious expression.

Shi Man blinked innocently. “1 don’t know how to. This is the first time I’ve touched a basketball today.”

Zhao Jing felt her vision darken. She wished she could tear Shi Man’s stubborn mouth apart immediately. “Don’t deny it! You clearly know how to play, but you still pretend not to know. I’ve never seen such a hypocritical woman like you!”

Seeing that Zhao Jing actually made things difficult on the spot, Cheng Luo hurriedly walked over and explained, “Instructor Zhao, it’s indeed Instructor Shi’s first time playing basketball. I just handed her the rules. Don’t deliberately make things difficult for her after losing a game.”

Even Shi Man could not help but laugh.

Zhao Jing’s face turned green as she growled at her angrily, “I’m not making things difficult for her. I just want to ask if she knows how to play basketball! You saw her actions just now. Can you do it? I think you were deceived by her. When she sells you, you’d be counting money for her!”

Shi Man couldn’t be bothered to waste time with her. She retorted with an indifferent expression, “Did I have anything to do with you in the past? Why? Could it be that you only dare to play after knowing that I don’t know how to play basketball? Now that you think you’ve been deceived, you’re worried that you’ll lose and embarrass yourself?”

“I’ll lose?” Zhao Jing immediately sneered. “You’ve only scored a goal. Don’t be so smug. I was just distracted just now. 1 didn’t expect you to be so sinister. 1 won’t give in to you next!”

Shi Man nodded with interest. “Yes, Instructor Zhao, don’t let me win.

Otherwise, it will be too easy to win against you. It’s meaningless.”

Zhao Jing was so angry that her eyes widened. “You!”

A whistle suddenly interrupted the conversation in the middle of the arena.

Seeing that they were about to fight, the judge hurriedly blew his whistle and stood between the two sides. “Competition comes in second, friendship comes first. We’re all comrades and colleagues. It won’t look good if we quarrel here.”

Zhao Jing snorted, but the team member beside her handed her a towel to wipe her sweat. “See you in the next round!”

Shi Man raised her eyebrows slightly and refused to be outdone. “Anytime.”

Before the second round began, Shi Man took the initiative to suggest changing her position as a small forward to a shooting defender.

The person in this position is usually the best bowler on the team and is very good at throwing accurately from the furthest distance.

No one had any objections.

Everyone had seen Shi Man’s strength just now, so they trusted her very much.

Soon, the competition began again. This time, the opposing team still planned the formation with Zhao Jing as the center and Gao Shu as the second-in-command.

Cheng Luo was more confident than in the first round.

Looking at Zhao Jing’s exasperated expression just now, she knew that Shi Man’s strength was definitely above Zhao Jing’s!

In that case, what was there to be afraid of!

After the whistle sounded, the team members rushed forward.

Yi Zheng was personally welcomed to the audience seats of the basketball competition by the army leader.

For no other reason than the fact that Yi Zheng had agreed to help the troops custom-make a batch of military supplies at a low price and saved the troops a lot of expenses, they could not reject hon.

Yi Zheng just wanted to see Shi Man, even if she might not want to see him now.

However, he did not expect to see his fiancee’s heroic posture on the competition ground the moment he arrived. He immediately felt that even if he was beaten up by Shi Man later, it would be worth it…

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