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«The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 941 The Terminator and Initiator 1

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Chapter 941 The Terminator and Initiator 1

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Upon hearing this, he laughed. In his heart, he also felt that she was truly not worth it.

When Wu Hao entered the bar, only a few people were inside. Qin Yinan saw him and, as he was now familiar with Wu Hao’s regular patronage, he nodded his head at him.

Wu Hao ordered a drink, and Qin Yinan delivered it to him personally. He’d seen the news about Wu Hao’s company listing, and he placed the glass bottle down and said, “Congrats.”

Wu Hao grinned while pouring out two glasses and then passed one of them to Qin Yinan. “Care for a drink?”

Qin Yinan did not stand on courtesy and pulled the chair across from Wu Hao to take a seat before he accepted the glass of alcohol. After a word of thanks, they touched their glasses and yanked back their heads to take a gulp. They didn’t speak much and, once the bar had gotten busier, Qin Yinan got up and prepared to leave but Wu Hao stopped him. “Mr. Qin, can I ask you a question?”

Qin Yinan gestured to him to take another shot. Wu Hao did, and once the spicy sensation spread to his stomach, he looked up at Qin Yinan and asked, “Did you regret giving up all that glory and wealth for your wife?”

“If I had lost my wife for glory and wealth, I would definitely have regretted that.” After Qin Yinan said this, he smiled amicably and indicated for Wu Hao to make himself at home before he turned to entertain the other customers.

It was a simple sentence, but it was like a hand that clenched Wu Hao’s heart tightly, causing him to exalt a breath of air in pain.

Glory and wealth? One true love?

Which will I choose when these two are in conflict?

Wu Hao thought that there would definitely be many people in the world who would choose glory and wealth like he had. He also believed that, at the beginning, these people had chosen to pursue glory and wealth for the sake of the person to whom they had wanted to give this glory and wealth. However, after one has obtained them, the person for whom they were intended was no longer by one’s side.

As this thought crossed his mind, Wu Hao’s lip twitched into a faint smile. Lifting up his glass, he began furiously gulping down alcohol. When he was completely drunk, his phone began to ring. He dug it out from his pocket and forced his eyes to open. He looked at the caller ID for some time but he couldn’t manage to make out who was calling. After he picked up the call, before the person on the line could speak, he said, “My wife, Nuannuan. Nuannuan, my wife…”

When Jiang Qianqian, who was on the other end of the phone, heard Wu Hao call out these words repeatedly, her eyes became cold and sharp.


Xu Wennuan had dreamed of Lu Bancheng the night before, making her restless the next day at work. Once it was time to leave work, Xiao Qin, a colleague with whom she was close, asked her out to a bar later that night.

Xu Wennuan had turned Xiao Qin down the previous night when she had asked her out to dinner, and she felt that it would be inappropriate to turn her down again. Also, Xu Wennuan felt she should get out to socialize, so she agreed. After dinner, they went to a bar.

It was only 9:00 p.m., and there weren’t many people in the bar. As Xu Wennuan was afraid that her stomach would ache if she drank alcohol so late, she ordered a glass of fruit juice, and Xiao Qin ordered a bottle of alcohol. As they drank, she complained to Xu Wennuan about her problems with her jerkish boyfriend.

Xiao Qin could hold her alcohol well and, within an hour, she’d gone through six bottles. There were now many more people in the bar, and they’d started gathering on the dance floor swaying to the music.

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