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«The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1042 - Pressing Her into the River

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Chapter 1042: Pressing Her into the River

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ou Ming, who was calm and confident, said, “If you have no other questions, we will leave now. Master Shen, please take care of yourself.”

He put his arms on Yu Lili’s shoulder and walked toward the elevator with her. Shen Zhilie remained in his original place, immersed in contemplation.

It was the third day after being abandoned on her wedding day. Shen Manting still kept herself in the room. She had no intention to go out at all. She solved all her needs in her room.

It was not only because she was in a bad mood after being abandoned, but also because she didn’t dare go out.

She was afraid to see Shen Luo’an. At the same time, she wanted to display her sadness to the Ou family.

The media had all reported on the wedding and constantly paid attention to her state. As long as she gave the people outside the illusion that she had been heartbroken, then the Ou family might change its mind.

After all, Ou Ming couldn’t made the final decision for his family. If she made an effort, maybe she could still marry Ou Ming. No matter what happened, she couldn’t get together with Shen Luo’an.

Shen Manting stood in front of the wash basin and stared at herself in the mirror. There were water droplets on her face. She had a messy hair, had on makeup, and wore pajamas, which made her face look paler.

Sister Zhang was a little worried about Shen Manting’s condition, so she knocked on the door several times. No one responded. She was flustered. But, at that time, she did not dare act rashly.

She listened carefully to the sound inside. Just when Sister Zhang thought about whether she should just get the key to open the door, it opened in front of her.

When she saw Shen Manting’s pale face, Sister Zhang was a bit worried. “Miss, would you like to go out for walk? You haven’t gone out for a few days, which is bad for your mood.”

Shen Manting had always been a girl who preferred moving to staying quietly. She normally couldn’t stay still for several days. In the past few days, she had been acting abnormal.

Ou Ming’s running away from the wedding was a big blow to her. Thinking about that, Sister Zhang took pity on her and felt sad.

Shen Manting clearly saw her emotions and said, “I am fine, Sister Zhang. Go do your work. I want to sleep for a while. If I need your help, I will call you.”

Sister Zhang nodded and said, “OK. Remember to take a good rest. Don’t think too much, will you?”

“Ok, thank you, Sister Zhang.” Shen Manting smiled and closed the door.

Sister Zhang was still somewhat worried, but she indeed had other things to do. Glancing at the door for a while, she walked away.

Shen Manting locked the door. She laid down and fell asleep. She dreamt she was walking to a river and saw Ou Ming resting in the shade under a big tree. When he saw her, he smiled at her and reached out.

Shen Manting was stunned. After hesitating a moment, she walked toward him. She soon heard someone laughing behind her. She looked back and found it was Yu Lili, the mistress who had stayed with Ou Ming for many years. She was walking toward Ou Ming. Suddenly, Yul Lili and Ou Ming were in a happy embrace.

Shen Manting stood and watched them with astonishment. After a while, a tall figure suddenly appeared. Shen Luo’an, who had a gentle and handsome face, pushed her down and pressed her into the river with a mysterious smile on his face. She felt like she was about to suffocate. It was difficult for her to breathe, so she struggled. She clearly felt a man’s burning temperature and could smell alcohol.

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