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«Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 1111: Death Notice

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Chapter 1111: Death Notice

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When weighing risk and reward, the Aslan people would play it safer.

But Wang Zheng had not come back yet. The second wave of people had come. On the captain battlefield, their analysis skills were all strong. Lin Feng’s wave had brought many people along as well. After pros took their tags, then subsequent clashes were either personal vendettas or attempts at fame.

The Dark Knight battle team’s captain, González, had a fickle mood. “Ghost King” González was not technically a student, which was why he had to be even more aggressive. Passive plays were not in the nature of the Darkness Empire. At the same time, the Darkness Empire people were even craftier than Arbiters. To risk fighting Lin Feng or Aragorn was needless, but this Wang Zheng seemed like a good target.

Greatest King. Although his skill level was there, he had enough fame to feed the Darkness Empire reputation.

González was not surprised that Lin Feng and company were here. It would be strange if they had been absent. If Aslan people could tolerate such a thing, they would not be Aslan people.

Seeing González, Lin Feng, and the rest frowned slightly as well. González smiled. “Very crowded. Who knew that Wang Zheng was so popular. Lin Feng, how about leaving this round to me?”

Lin Feng and González had clearly met before, but it was definitely not at the school level. Lin Feng smiled slightly. “As the host wishes.”

Qiankun Zadeh was discontented. They needed no one’s aid in such matters, but Lin Feng was held in high esteem, so Qiankun Zadeh raised no objections in the end. He switched his perspective. Perhaps it was better to let González handle it, because the Darkness Empire people were known for their “dark” tactics.

González did not stand on ceremony either, and sat down. He looked over at Mars. These were no strangers. Even if it was their first time meeting, the most outstanding of each country’s younger generation were just those few. Even if they had never met before, they would have heard of each other. But as to why he was here, it looked like… he was injured.

Zhang Zhun had felt the atmosphere grow cold ever since González arrived. This person was not on the same level as them at all. For such a person to join SIG was… shameless. The level of maturity and his control over his aura were on a different level. And it was directed towards Wang Zheng.

If the Aslan people could still be regarded as within reasonable boundaries, this González oozed a dense bloodthirst. Of the very fatal kind.

Those that came at Wang Zheng would not be wave after wave of people, but those with pressing reasons and opportunity seekers like González. Sweet targets with no comebacks like Wang Zheng were a rare find.

“Is this going to be a gangbang?” Dong Er said. “That’s too unfair!”

Even if there were Aslan people present, in that instant, Dong Er stood on Wang Zheng’s side. When did Aslan ever have to rely on numbers?

“Dear Little Dong Dong, this is a battle. From the start, there have been many deaths and injuries. The only logic is that the weak will feed the strong. Look, even I know that.” Qian Xuedie furiously licked her lollipop. This was over. He was about to be beaten to death in series.

“Ruoliu. This black guy. Is he strong?” Lin Huiyin asked. Finally, even the little princess was getting worried. Because she knew her cousin Lin Feng’s ability was top-class. Plus, there was Qiankun Zadeh and Di Maria, and even Lear. And now another point had appeared.

“González, called Ghost King. The Darkness Empire’s former assistant chairman of the student council. He has already graduated, but sneaked his way back in. Ability X at Earth 2 level, and physical technique should be the Blackheart Arts of the Darkness Empire. Ability? I don’t have that much information, but he’s currently affiliated with the death troop in the Darkness Empire. He cuts people down like wheat. That’s a known fact.” Ouyang Ruoliu flipped through her data. “Actually, if I were the organizer of SIG, I wouldn’t let guys like this in.”

Real military students were still far from these professional soldiers. And 31 years old was a person’s prime, at least in terms of physical ability. This meant that Wang Zheng would have a disadvantage in the fight. But in these circumstances, it was not even a problem of disadvantage.

“If I were Wang Zheng, I would run as far and fast as I can. Leave this bunch hanging.” Qian Xuedie smiled.

“He’ll be back,” Lin Huiyin said softly.

All three girls started. They did not understand, and yet they did. If he shrank away here, then he would not have made his stand back then.

But it looked like a wall of death he faced. If he wanted to live, he would fight a battle, and then find a way to surrender. At least he would keep his life. Perhaps he would return a laughing stock, but at least it would not be in a coffin.

Wang Zheng had come back before too long, holding supplies in his hand. He was not surprised to see this crowd. He was not in a bad state, although his left index finger was injured. But such small injuries did not mean much to him.

He tossed the supply bag to Zhang Zhun and looked at Lear and his gang, then at González. That was no surprise either. Given Wang Zheng’s intellect, he had foreseen this as the worst case scenario. But he had not imagined that the worst case scenario would come so quickly.

Seemed like the name of Greatest King did not intimidate these pros at all. If he did not remember wrongly, this was González of the Darkness Empire. He emanated the aura of a military veteran, and strict and severe discipline.

“Who’s first?” Wang Zheng said. As his gaze fell on Lear, Lear actually smiled slightly without malice. The smile of seeing an old friend.

González stood up. “Dark Knight battle team captain, González. If you surrender now, I’ll spare your life. If we start fighting, I won’t really know how to hold back.”

Militaries trained killing moves with no mercy. They were unwilling to show mercy, not even in such situations. Otherwise, bad relations would linger.

This was González’s death notice.

At the same time, this was something that others were willing to see. Lear’s smile had been there too long. He could not only accomplish his goal, but he could also enjoy the process and ending. This was the perfect scenario.

That was why Lear believed that survival was the ultimate way. Because God would exterminate your enemies.

González had leapt up, and Wang Zheng walked over steadily, crooking a beckoning finger.

“González, you’re not the first to say that, and you won’t be the last.”


González suddenly lunged, his body almost flat and his hand in a karate chop. This move allowed him to easily penetrate bodies. Wang Zheng stood unmoving, then jerked his left hand to fling aside González’s chop. González’s body twisted instantly, a leg sweeping towards Wang Zheng’s head. Wang Zheng’s right hand immediately moved to the defense.

But this was a feint, and González’s single leg flexed, using this instant of misjudgement to deliver a series of frenzied kicks with his right leg, which rained down on Wang Zheng’s cranium like autumn leaves.

Wang Zheng’s right hand blocked consecutively. He was on the backfoot from the get go. González was kicking hard. He wanted to break Wang Zheng’s hand.

After more than 10 kicks, Wang Zheng’s defenses were still solid. González took a deep breath. This time, his leg’s backswing was larger, but in that instant, Wang Zheng lunged in with his elbow!

Instant reflexes born of endless training, that had completely become instinct. Boom…

González was sent flying more than 10 meters, sliding to a stop. His left shoulder was guarding his chest. In an instant, he bended, resisted, let through, and rebounded. Four techniques which dispersed the elbow technique.

Clearly, González had also seen Wang Zheng’s battle footage. At this level, pros could always find the counter if they had watched the move enough. Even if it was not the perfect counter, they would not be left helpless.

When different classes and tiers watched the same battle, their understanding was very different. González had seen a few of Wang Zheng’s key battles, and seen his physical technique from his mecha fights. Wang Zheng’s attack style was very straightforward. His spinning shovel spoke of excellent wrist strength. The elbow techniques were his main aggressive move, and were polished and inflicted heavy damage. But he had very little moves. And the military trained killing techniques endlessly, which were the fastest methods.

Rewind time by five years, and González would have been uncertain of the win. But now, his comprehension was on a completely different level.

González drew his titanium knife. Everyone’s gazes froze. Knife or not was a completely different notion. Without the knife, even a loss would not translate to a fatal wound. But with a weapon, especially at this level, a slip up would mean death or grave injury. Which meant death.

The dagger in González’s hand gently traced some weaving patterns, like an elf dancing in front of him. His gripping method was rarely seen, even in Elite Academy X.

The major military schools focused on learning battle fundamentals, from theory, to practice, to body training. And they focused on different battle tactics. Whereas killing techniques would be learnt in the military.

Killing was a different matter from school.

If it were mecha, then the distance would be compressed. But in close combat, the gap would be exacerbated. The knife was artistry in González’s hands. An extension of his body that could slice through a finger easily with a gentle kiss.

A warm part of his body, and cruelty and coldness to his enemy.

González was setting up some psychological pressure. This Wang Zheng’s counter ability was not bad. González had to finish him off while ensuring he himself remained unharmed. Otherwise, he would be in a dangerous predicament. That was why the knife was the best choice.

The sky slowly darkened. Night on the island was darker than on normal planets. There was only faint starlight. To fighters, seeing things was not a problem, but a battle was a different matter. The risk was astronomical.

And this was just what González was waiting for. Darkness was his domain.

González’s pupils vanished, turning grey. He was wearing the bracelet, so he could not use Ability X. But for some people, or the exceptionally talented, their Ability X changed in nature after it emerged. Of course, this must be linked to the Blackheart Arts that González trained in. He had complete night vision, and was unhindered by the darkness. Everything about him was clear, even down to people’s heartbeats. It was not even that he could see clearly, but he could even analyze everything. All was within his sight, and his heart thirsted for blood.

He actually channeled everybody’s thirst onto the target, Wang Zheng.

In the instant that the light faded completely, González attacked. He vanished!

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