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«Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 1055: You Have to be Direct With Girls

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Chapter 1055: You Have to be Direct With Girls

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Building a new trade route was not something that could be decided by two stars. Wang Zheng had forgotten the key matter, which was the attitude of the Milky Way Alliance. If the Milky Way Alliance did not approve, then everything else was just no use. Luckily, there was help from Luo Er and Ai Xiaolu. Then there should not be any problem. Wang Zheng also needed to focus on his preparations for SIG, which was at Aslan’s door. He could lose everywhere, but not at Aslan.

While the intelligence was not very comprehensive, Wang Zheng had seen the world and knew that there were many powerful people in this world. Some might even be totally unknown. Talking about that, before he took part in the Greatest King Competition, he was also of that sort. It was just that he had become famous through a competition. There must be more than one with the same experiences as him, or even some people who were very famous and he just did not know of them.

Aslan and Arbiter, the two big empires, and it was not only them. Countries like Manalasuo were the same. Saruman Snake really had to prepare well. At this moment, everyone represented not only themselves.

At the moment, based on the Saruman Snake’s formation, they really had a huge weakness, and it was the sniper position. If their mid-field members were aplenty, and their heavy mech was passable, then their scout and sniper were weaknesses. If it was a high intensity battle, then there would be a high possibility of injuries. Every position really needed a strong reserve.

They had to solve this problem.

Marzu and the others were also back. Dendi and Pampas were about to graduate. While they did not complete their missions, based on both of their abilities and excellent performance, they would have new beginnings in the military.

Marzu wanted to graduate after taking part in this time’s SIG with Olivios. This big brother still worried about his younger brother having to fight alone. In reality, the stress for this round of SIG was indeed huge, coming not only from internal, but also external sources. While Arbiter was sending out two teams, this team from Elite Academy was also a pure Arbiter battle team. The people from Arbiter thought that they were an embarrassment.

To outsiders, Saruman Snake was a grand success legend. But to the Arbiter Empire, this was the uselessness of Marzu and Olivios. It was impossible to not have stress but, Arbiter was a country that simply looked at results and not the process. Two Earth-rank warriors? Yet they had lost. This only made their uselessness more obvious.

The Asura battle team also needed to strengthen themselves. At least Marzu also needed to use more of his brains on battle tactics. If it was considered training at Elite Academy X, then at the international stage, mistakes could not be made. Whoever treated the international stage as child’s play would be risking their futures.

Dendi and Pampas were light-hearted without missions. When there was no more competitive relationship, the two of them seemed more enthusiastic.

“Wang Zheng, you are being friendly for no reason. This makes the two of us uneasy.” Pampas laughed.

“Senior, what are you saying? I learnt much from you guys during this period of time. You guys are graduating, isn’t it only reasonable I treat you to a meal?” Wang Zheng laughed.

“Tsk tsk, Pampas, I also feel that things are not looking good. Our strongest king wants to praise us to death. How about the two of us just not eat?”

Dendi also teased.

“Please don’t, please don’t, it’s just the academy canteen, I’m also not bribing. Wait till you guys become generals, then I’ll bribe you,” Wang Zheng quickly said.

“Haha, we don’t even know who will become general first. Just say it, you rascal. I’m sure you have some favour to ask. If we can help, we will definitely not just be onlookers,” Pampas said.

“That’s true, everyone knows that our two seniors are very righteous and have a sense of justice. Let me toast the two of you. Fulfil your ambitions at the military, be our role models,” Wang Zheng said.

Pampas and Dendi were also hearty. Actually thinking that they were finally leaving the academy, the two of them had much emotions in their hearts. On one hand was the feeling they had for the academy, and on the other was the unknown battlefield waiting for them. The situations needing the use of martial abilities were decreasing, and it was possible they had to face more social problems. To be able to live freely according to their emotions was practically an illusion. While calm, actually the two of them were not confident. However, only Wang Zheng believed that the two of them could very quickly adapt.

The food in the academy canteen was quite good. The three of them were also very relaxed. “Just say it, are you thinking of borrowing people from us?” Pampas laughed.

Wang Zheng gave him thumbs up. “My senior is smart, mighty, and can predict the future!”

“En, not bad. To be praised by the strongest king is indeed a good feeling. This treatment is also one and only, Haha.”

“The SIG this time is also made to win praise for our Elite Academy. Our two battle teams are not formally in the competition, so as long as the people you want are willing, we have no problems on our side. You can consider this as our little contribution.”

Dendi said.

Actually, both of them also knew that based on the current formation of Saruman Snake, if they entered the SIG, they would most likely be disabled just halfway through. They could only rely on Wang Zheng alone. Perhaps they wanted to have a one versus five for every battle?

“Vincent and Ao Ziwei. With those two, I’ll have more confidence in my two positions,” Wang Zheng said.

“Hehe, they are also old friends of yours. There shouldn’t be much problems. But Wang Zheng, don’t blame me for saying too much - your sniper position is very problematic. Our Elite Academy only has just these few teams, and they all are very familiar with each other’s situation. At the SIG competition ground, if the formation is not complete. It is very easy to be targeted, especially when you guys are now the target of everyone.”

Pampas said sincerely, “I’m older than you, but please don’t think that I’m being long-winded.”

Wang Zheng was also depressed. “I’m also thinking about that, but isn’t this a smart woman lacking rice to cook? Asking for a familiar and cooperative sniper for the team is too difficult.”

“Why don’t you look for Snow Li?” Dendi asked.

“I did, but Rennes directly rejected me. There wasn’t even a chance to meet.” Wang Zheng smiled bitterly.

Dendi and Pampas looked at each other in dismay. Then they indeed had no other way. If people were willing to join him, then that was ties of friendship. If they were unwilling, then they could not do anything too.

If Snow Li joined the battle team, then she could not just leave as she wished, so this thing had to be agreed on Rennes’s side. But Rennes did not like Wang Zheng.

Rennes was speechless as Ai Xiaolu had also came to talk about this. What the f**k, what did they have to get him to help?

“Xiaolu, ah, I’ll not stop you if you want to help Saruman Snake, but our Icefire battle team is not Saruman Snake’s reserve battle team. This is also the face of our Hail Cloud Alliance; hence, you should stop trying to persuade me. This is it, I still need to train and will hang up now.”

After saying that, Rennes switched off his Skylink. The results of the Icefire battle team did not pass. He was now having a headache thinking about how to tighten his management in this period of time. They had to train bitterly in order to reach greater heights. Wang Zheng, that rascal, actually still coveted for his sniper. Was this not a dream?

Besides, with such an attractive team member, why should he give her to Saruman Snake?

Some people naturally worked well with each other, and some people could not see eye to eye from the first meeting. He and Wang Zheng were the latter.

Anyway, as long as he did not agree, then they had no way. This was the academy’s rule. What was Wang Zheng? If he had the ability, come and bite him.

Ai Xiaolu had no other way. Some matters could not be resolved with tricks. Pampas and Dendi also had no other way. They did not have any relations with Rennes.

Not everyone liked to see others doing well. Rennes’ greatest hope was to trade his current situation for Wang Zheng’s. In his heart, he hoped for Saruman Snake to return in low spirits following their defeat at SIG.

Wang Zheng was already very satisfied to be able to get Vincent and Ao Ziwei. The team finally had strong reserves. Wang Zheng knew these two people very well. They could very quickly integrate into the team. Ao Ziwei, he knew her since IG. Her ability was very special. Her style was not showy and she could integrate into the team. Her basics were strong, a typical representative of Gemini Star.

Wang Zheng also had to do some hard work to perform well in SIG. There was no good ending to belittle the heroes of the world.

Just as Pampas and Dendi had worried about, the sniper position was a headache. Even if Snow Li came, it would still not be enough. At least two snipers of that level were required for that position to be stable.

If SIG was the upgraded version of IG, then it was definitely not as simple as a competition, and the organisers would definitely think of ways to torture them.

Wang Zheng himself was not afraid. An Earth-rank Ability X was definitely a top-grade at this level. If there really was an appearance of some Heaven-rank warrior, then everyone could pack up and return home.

Besides, raising Ability X needed enlightenment, and this was really not something that could be achieved by hard work, except Wang Zheng needed to achieve a breakthrough on his Primordial Regression Technique. Based on Charcoal’s opinion, when the Primordial Regression Technique entered the third stage, it could match up to his current Ability X. Human bodies very easily entered the stage where the spiritual powers were larger than the body’s energy source. The older a person was, the more so. It was alright to have a difference of one or two levels, but too large a difference in levels was not good for human bodies. And to super warriors, the best situation was definitely a match in levels, or even to say that bodies were stronger than the strength of their spiritualities. However, this obviously did not match the characteristics of living things, unless there was some bioengineering.

On this aspect, Butcher was the expert. He had researched deeply into the depths and the Zerg’s bioengineering and rune techniques. But he had never suggested to Wang Zheng any sort of transformation. This type of human transformation could achieve some effect in the short period but would ultimately destroy spirituality. This was only a last resort.

Professor Butcher was very happy. Qi Bin and Kulifa had already been transferred to special departments to be handled. Butcher naturally would be there personally. Wang Zheng did not know about the follow-up affairs and only knew that the technique was very important and very valuable. It could solve some of the hereditary problems of humans. While humans were very cautious of bioengineering, technology was improving, and they could not stop in their steps. No matter if they used it or not, they needed to master it.

“Xiaolu, ah, how was your talk with Rennes?” After leaving, Wang Zheng dialed Ai Xiaolu’s Skylink.

“Of course I was rejected,” Ai Xiaolu said.

“Then what do we do? If you don’t have a good recommendation for the sniper, then this formation is a little problematic.”

Wang Zheng had a headache. There was no one else from the Solar System. This was a very obvious lack. The other federations had talents from all aspects and hoped that the Solar System would perform better at the SIG this time. This way, they would have greater chance to enter the Elite Academy.

“Wang Zheng, sometimes you are quite smart, but sometimes you are really dumb,” Ai Xiaolu said resentfully as Wang Zheng was unable to realize sooner.

Wang Zheng was stunned. “What did I do?”

Ai Xiaolu shook her head helplessly. “If you want Snow Li to come back, why don’t you look for her directly? For this kind of thing, you should directly look for the person involved!”

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