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«Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 844: The Greatest Hidden Danger (7)

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Chapter 844: The Greatest Hidden Danger (7)

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“Where are my clothes?” Ruan Zeyan asked.

The ponytailed girl who was standing in a daze immediately reacted and fetched Ruan Zeyan’s coat from the rack.

“This is your jacket. The shirt you were wearing when you arrived was already soaked in blood and was ruined, so I threw it out…” The girl bit her lip. “It is in the rubbish bin downstairs. If you want it, I will fetch it for you now.”

The traditional physician glanced at his daughter, then pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

Ruan Zeyan accepted his jacket from the girl and took out his phone. It didn’t look like it was damaged, just powered off.

“Do you have a charger for this phone model that I can borrow?”

The man’s voice didn’t have any particular ups or downs but instead held a faint hint of distance from mortal beings. It was that distance that made the ponytailed girl’s heart pump faster. She nodded her head vigorously. “I have! Wait a moment, I’ll fetch it for you!”

The physician watched his daughter leave hurriedly and couldn’t help but to shake his head. He turned around and asked Ruan Zeyan, “How did you get wounded? Who are you guys?”

Just then, the girl returned with the charger. Ruan Zeyan plugged his phone into charge and successfully turned it on.

He logged into the secret guards’ portal and sent out the coordinates of his location.

The physician watched Ruan Zeyan’s actions and waited for an answer to his question.

Seeing that this physician didn’t seem to recognize Ruan Zeyan, Du Gang glossed over the facts in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. “We are businessmen. We met with an incident just now, that’s why…”

The physician nodded, “Alright, I understand. You guys don’t need to explain yourself anymore. Some things are better left a mystery.”

“Good.” Du Gang nodded. It appeared that this physician had a good brain and knew how to use that wisdom to protect himself.

Ruan Zeyan’s location coordinates had been sent out. After receiving the message, the secret guards who were still alive in Country E would definitely rush over here to meet him as soon as possible.

At this moment, the news was showing on the television. The report was about a large-scale terrorist attack that had taken place near the airport and had caused many injuries and deaths.

The physician dressed Ruan Zeyan’s wound as he said, “The world is really getting worse every day. These terrorist organizations are too outrageous. Now that I think about it, it is still safer back in our home country, but what can I do? I have already left and even changed my nationality. I can’t return.”

The physician’s voice held a trace of helplessness. After replacing the dressings on Ruan Zeyan’s wound, he left with his daughter.

“Have you contacted the mansion?” There were outsiders here earlier, so there were some things that Ruan Zeyan couldn’t ask and Du Gang couldn’t say.

Du Gang nodded. “I borrowed the landline here earlier to call the mansion, but I couldn’t get through. I wanted to call Madam’s phone but was worried that would expose this place, so I didn’t make the call.”

Ruan Zeyan’s brows furrowed. Normally, there shouldn’t be any occasion when the mansion’s phone couldn’t be reached. Since it couldn’t be reached, that must mean that something had happened at the mansion.

Apparently, Du Gang had realized this as well and had a tight expression on his face.

Now, they could only wait for the other secret guards to gather here, then wait for the boss’s order before taking their next step.

Downstairs, the traditional medicine physician continued to work on his medicine, and the ponytailed girl pouted while staring at upstairs.

“Stop staring!” the physician said to the girl while his eyes continued to look at the herbs in his hands.

“I’m not looking…” The girl thought for a while, then climbed onto the desk and asked, “Dad, do you think that man has a girlfriend?”

“Which guy?” The physician looked askance at his daughter.

“The one whose stomach was injured.”

The traditional medicine physician looked back at the herbs again. “He’s married.”

“What!” The ponytailed girl widened her eyes. “How do you know!”

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