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«Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 1225: Exposed(3)

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Chapter 1225: Exposed(3)

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Huang Ying silently sneered when she heard Ling Tianya’s words. She wanted her to go and take care of that old hag? Impossible! It is best that she never recovers. That way, no one will know that they had something to do with her falling down the stairs.

Old Lady Ruan was so furious when she saw Huang Ying’s uncaring attitude that she slammed her hand on the table.

“Girl, why are you wasting your words on them? The two of you!” Old Lady Ruan pointed at Huang Ying and Xu Cheng. “Quickly get ready and go visit the hospital!”

Right now, Old Lady Ruan was incredibly happy that she had stopped Ruan Qishan and Huang Ying from dating in the past and did not allow Huang Ying to marry into the Ruan family.

How could such a spiteful woman deserve to become the daughter-in-law of the Ruan family? If that had happened, wouldn’t the Ruan Family become a pandemonium because of this woman?

Xu Cheng immediately rejected Old Lady Ruan’s order for her to go to the hospital. “I’m not going! I still have important things to do. I can’t go to the hospital!”

“What important thing do you have to do? Didn’t you quit your job?” Old Lady Ruan interrogated in a cold voice.

“I quit my job because of this important affair. Anyways, I definitely won’t go to the hospital. After all, even if I don’t go, Grandma won’t die. What is the point of me going? Plus, I don’t know how to take care of people!”

No matter what, the current Xu Cheng was not going to waste her time in the hospital taking care of her grandmother. She was still thinking that in a bit, when Eric came to pick her up, she could then go to Lina’s hotel and get closer to Lina.

After all, after today, she would be Lina’s daughter. What relationship would she still have with the Xu family?

If at this time, Grandmother-in-Law’s elder sister found out about Xu Cheng’s current thoughts, would she regret all of the love she had for her over all of these years? Would her entire heart grow cold?

Xu Cheng’s words finally burned down the last of Old Lady Ruan’s patience. “I’m asking you guys one more time. Are you going to the hospital?”

Huang Ying snorted and then she sat down on the sofa, carefree, snacking on melon seeds and directly threw the melon seed shells onto the ground.

Xu Cheng shook her head. “Grandmother’s younger sister, I have a really important matter to attend to. I can’t go to the hospital. You have such a good relationship with Grandma, and you are also Grandma’s biological younger sister, so it is enough if you take care of her. You taking care of her by yourself is much better than my mother and I taking care of her together.”

Old Lady Ruan took a deep breath, and she laughed in spite of her anger. “Good, very good! My elder sister has been competitive her entire life, and she has been petty her entire life. In the end, she is left with you two shameful rats! Girl, I didn’t bring anyone today, so lend me your people for a bit.”

“Okay. Big One, Small One.” Ling Tianya looked at Big One and Small One, and the two walked forward and respectfully stood in front of Old Lady Ruan. “Madam, what do you need us to do?”

Old Lady Ruan coldly laughed, her body emitting a chillingly cold aura. “Throw all of their belongings out of this house. Don’t leave a single item! Also, immediately throw these two people out!”

“Yes!” Big One and Small One immediately walked towards Huang Ying and Xu Cheng when they received the order.

The mother and daughter were extremely shocked. They hadn’t expected that Old Lady Ruan would resort to this.

“What are you doing? What right do you have to kick us out?” Huang Ying was shocked.

“Based on the fact that this house belongs to me!” Old Lady Ruan overbearingly responded.

“But didn’t you give us the house?” Huang Ying looked at Big One, who was walking towards her and she threw the melon seeds in her hand at him.

“I gave the house to my elder sister. Now, I will teach you two unfilial rats a lesson in my elder sister’s stead!”

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