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«Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 1130: The Business Partner Has Arrived (2)

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Chapter 1130: The Business Partner Has Arrived (2)

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“Grandma and Mom.” Ling Tianya was smiling so much that her eyes were also curved. “They sure are two loving people.”

Ruan Zeyan followed Ling Tianya’s gaze and saw the two people in the small garden.

They were clearly distinguished people, but they were wearing straw hats, casual attire and their sleeves were pulled up as they took care of the plants.

Ruan Zeyan also smiled while looking at them. The sunlight shone on his face, making his normally cold face warm up as if he was an angel that had descended from the heavens.

Ling Tianya lifted her head and looked at his face, and she was momentarily stunned. “I think that you look much better. Recently, your health has been improving well.”

“I am well.” Ruan Zeyan tightly held Ling Tianya and then lowered his head to the hollow of her neck. His thin lips lightly nibbled on Ling Tianya’s earlobe, causing her to shiver.

Upon seeing her reaction, Ruan Zeyan let out a low and sexy laugh. “Not only am I recovering well, but I can also prevent you from getting out of bed.”

Ruan Zeyan’s words immediately made Ling Tianya’s small face redden. The warm and harmonious atmosphere from before was quickly shattered by the man’s lustful words.

“Why are you like this…”

“Aren’t I always like this?” After he finished speaking, he turned Ling Tianya’s body around and pressed her to the wall, not giving her the opportunity to escape and imprisoning her between his arms. His body suddenly pressed down, and he kissed her cherry red lips.

In the blink of an eye, it was Monday. Ling Tianya had promised Xu Cheng that she would personally bring her to Zhiya Entertainment to report.

In the morning, Xu Cheng was already at the mansion before Ling Tianya even woke up.

When Butler Zhong called to say Xu Cheng was here, Ling Tianya was still asleep. She vaguely heard him say that Xu Cheng had arrived. Then, she woke up and sat up in bed.

Ruan Zeyan’s arms were suddenly empty, and he unhappily pulled Ling Tianya, who was sitting, back into his embrace. He looked at the clock. It wasn’t yet seven. “Sleep a while longer.”

Ling Tianya also wanted to sleep longer but there was no way she could. “Your cousin’s here…”

“What cousin?” Ruan Zeyan subconsciously asked and then opened his eyes. “Xu Cheng?”

“En.” Ling Tianya once again sat up. “I promised to take her to Zhiya Entertainment to report today. This is also considered a favor for Grandma, therefore, I must go.”

After she finished speaking, Ling Tianya got out of bed and opened the curtains. The early morning light flooded the room. Satisfied, Ling Tinaya stretched and then turned around to kiss Ruan Zeyan.

“Be obedient at home. The doctor said that you are recovering well. Therefore, don’t take advantage of the fact that I’m not here to think about work. If I find out, you will suffer!”

Originally, Ling Tianya wanted to directly go and wash her face and clean her teeth; however, Ruan Zeyan suddenly reached out and grabbed the back of her head and returned Ling Tianya’s kiss. “How are you going to make me suffer? I’m quite anticipating it.”

Ling Tianya glared at Ruan Zeyan. “You’re already so improper in the morning.”

After she finished speaking, Ling Tianya went to the bathroom to wash her face and clean her teeth.

Just then a text from Christine sounded on Ruan Zeyan’s phone: The Chairman of LAYNA, Miss Lina, will arrive today at ten.

When Ling Tianya walked out of the bathroom, she realized that Ruan Zeyan was fully awake.

“It’s still early. Why didn’t you sleep a bit longer?” Ling Tianya asked.

“Without you here, I can’t fall asleep.” Ruan Zeyan looked at Ling Tianya, a look of grief in his eyes.

Ling Tianya’s smile disappeared. Originally, she had wanted to give Ruan Zeyan a short kiss to cheer him up but in the end, she ended up being nagged by him.

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