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«Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 1061: The Last Big Gift (2)

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Chapter 1061: The Last Big Gift (2)

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Gu Zhiqian’s heart felt sorrowful, and he partly blamed himself. He was dismayed that Wang Manpeng had been able to pretend to be him and stay in the Gu residence for so long without anyone recognizing him. However, he blamed himself more. He blamed himself for not caring about his mother more. Because he lacked concern and care for his mother, she became dependent on Wang Manpeng. This was his mistake as a son.

Gu Zhiqian lifted his head and looked at Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya, who were standing there and confronting Wang Manpeng. His eyes carried his trust towards the two. He was not at all worried that he would die here.

Because Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya were here.

“What about it?” Wang Manpeng laughed fanatically. “Ruan Zeyan, you still lost. Even if I cannot kill you today, as long as I escape, then I will still have a chance.”

“No, you won’t have another chance.” Ruan Zeyan’s voice was soft but firm.

“What do you mean!” Ruan Zeyan’s calm attitude made Wang Manpeng fearful.

“Aren’t you curious that it’s still so quiet outside?” Ruan Zeyan lifted Ling Tianya’s hand and lightly kissed it. “Wang Manpeng, where are your people?”

“They’re outside…” Wang Manpeng said and then he paused and looked at Ruan Zeyan.

“You understand?” Ruan Zeyan laughed.

“You’ve taken care of my men?”

Ruan Zeyan laughed and did not express his opinion. There was a hint of craftiness in his billowing eyes. “That right, not only the ones outside but also the ones in City H. Ruan Zeyan looked at Wang Manpeng and coldly said, “I have also taken care of them.”

Ruan Zeyan’s words were like a bolt of thunder and caused Wang Manpeng’s head to buzz.

This was what the problem was. No wonder Ruan Zeyan hadn’t been at all surprised that he was still alive. No wonder why he hadn’t been surprised to see him wearing Gu Zhiqian’s face. So he had known everything for a long time and had made it impossible for him to get away.

“Impossible!” Wang Manpeng could not accept this. “Weren’t you at the company? You were clearly very busy at work. Why would you go to City H?”

“I was the only one in the company.” Du Gang was in front of Ruan Zeyan, and he coldly glared at Wang Manpeng. “If we hadn’t created a believable diversion, how could we have deceived the fake that you planted in the mansion?”

Du Gang shot a glance from the corner of his eyes at the already crazy Wang Manpeng. ‘Wang Manpeng, did you think that because you understand the hidden guards and understand the boss, you are now unrivaled? With just one glance, my boss knew that she was a fake. That is the power of love!”

Du Gang had witnessed so many moments of PDA after being beside Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya for so long, and he felt that he definitely had the right to say these words.

At this moment, Zhong Chuchu, who was helping out in the kitchen, was also here. When she heard Du Gang say that sentence about the power of love, she immediately became limp. She grabbed the small female servant next to her and shook her affectionately, “Look, quickly look! Isn’t he handsome! Look, what he has just said has charmed me to death!”

The small female servant had been sobbing, thinking that she was going to die here. In the end, after hearing Zhong Chuchu’s words, she didn’t know what to do.

Du Gang did not look at Zhong Chuchu, who was still rambling on, and continued saying to Wang Manpeng, “Wherever the boss is, I, Du Gang, also am. Everyone knows that. In other words, wherever I appear, that would indicate that the boss is definitely also there. The boss wanted to take advantage of that belief of yours. Wang Manpeng, you believe yourself to be infallible!”

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