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«Swallowed Star (Web Novel) - Chapter 1459 - Comprehension under Destruction

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Chapter 1459: Comprehension under Destruction

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After Sector Beast Beddy entered level five, bloody engravings had formed on his originally black skin. As Beddy screamed and performed his supreme technique “Destruction,” the engravings started to flow on the surface of Beddy’s body. Then they swam out of its skin and started to float behind it.

The giant bloody engraving picture floated behind Beddy. There were no longer any engravings on the surface of its body.


An ancient scream rumbled, and the enormous engraving image behind Beddy started to gleam with radiant light. The image was like a skeleton, and the light it produced was like skin and flesh. They quickly clotted, forming the silhouette of a Sector Beast with two heads.

It was a Sector Beast formed by the engraving picture, and it was gleaming, putting out endless light.

“Destruction!” Sector Beast Beddy roared.

“Destruction!” roared the enormous Sector Beast silhouette behind it.

The two voices resonated with each other. The combined yelling made even Luo Feng’s soul tremble as he was watching it with single thought void space.

Beddy suddenly reached out its right hand.


All five fingers were moving, triggering the space and time around them.

Hong! Long! Long!

An extensive, gleaming white whirlpool appeared out of nowhere. It was billions of times shinier than a star.


Beddy pushed it with its right hand, and the image of the Sector Beast behind it also pushed. The gleaming white whirlpool spun as it flew forward, destroying everything it touched.


As the whirlpool portal moved forward, it was still revolving, and the power from its spinning could mince everything.


The huge wall of branches and leaves crumbled and scattered. Countless vines were retracted. The giant, oval-shaped mass of huge vines, branches, and leaves dissipated, turning back into the dark green plant valuable, Thousand Strands of Vines.

The whirlpool portal seemed to be moving slowly. However, that was because of the illusion that time almost stopped. On the contrary, it was moving rapidly. After piercing through Thousand Strands of Vines, it charged at Luo Feng in the distance. There was a nine-level tower standing in the golden waves in the distance. Luo Feng had already entered Star Tower. Even though he was confident that he could resist the attack, Luo Feng still couldn’t afford to be reckless.

“Die!” Sector Beast Beddy gazed at Luo Feng in the distance, its eyes twinkling expectantly.

In Star Tower, Luo Feng watched the glowing whirlpool portal rushing at him.

“Destruction? Is this Destruction? This is the most powerful attack technique out of all the six levels of Sector Beasts, which contains part of the ‘destruction origin.’”

Luo Feng was thrilled. Weaker true gods would only feel that the power was immense and extensive; they wouldn’t have been able to discern the mysteries behind it.

As for Luo Feng, he could understand some of the mysteries! Even though he was also a true god, he was a true god who could create techniques at top-tier level 11, which meant he was already as powerful as ordinary true gods of void space! If he was willing, he could certainly morph his miniature universe to a higher level, becoming a true god of void space after that!

There was only one threshold to becoming a true god of void space. As long as someone was able to create techniques at top-tier level ten, they would be able to become a true god of void space, just like Teacher Origin.

As for Divine Eye True Master, Jue He True God, and Primal Chaos City Leader, they were only able to create techniques at top-tier level nine. It was exceedingly difficult for them to break through! Similarly, most universe masters could only create techniques at top-tier level five, and it was difficult for them to advance.

Luo Feng had become a true god after his godly body reached 100,000 times, which was more difficult than becoming an eternal true god… Besides, he had a solid foundation and had gained a lot when comprehending the evolution of chaos, so he was able to create techniques at top-tier level 11… Yet Luo Feng didn’t dare to become a true god of void space now!

Once he became a true god of void space, he needed to go transcend incarnations within a very short period of time. That meant he would lose the chance to resist the Sector Beasts, and when he was transcending incarnations, Sector Beasts could go and swallow his miniature universe. They would destroy the original universe, and the entire human race would go extinct. The earthlings and all Luo Feng’s family members would die. That was something Luo Feng wouldn’t allow to happen. No matter how powerful he was now, he didn’t dare to achieve a breakthrough. Instead, he remained at the level of a true god. It was the only way he would have enough time to fight the Sector Beasts.


“Is that the destruction origin? And the original universe is the life origin…” Luo Feng was mesmerized by this move. “That whirlpool portal represents part of the destruction origin, yet it’s so shiny and bright?”

The white and gleaming whirlpool portal coming at Luo Feng cast a reflection on his eyes. He kept discovering the mysteries of the whirlpool portal, and in the distance, his godly power avatar was studying and comprehending in the space of the black-striped stone pillar, where time moved ten million times faster, to improve himself.


He had never met the destruction origin before. He was a creature born in the original universe, so he was totally amazed by this move.


Time was almost frozen, and the gleaming whirlpool portal suddenly hit the nine-level tower, blasting the entire Star Tower away.

“What an amazing move.” Luo Feng was thrilled. “That Beddy doesn’t have Wu Qi God, Shi Wu Wing, and Blood Shadow Blade. All it has is its own power, yet it’s still able to put out such power. If I didn’t have Star Tower, I would be at a severe disadvantage even if I could resist the attack.”

The whirlpool portal struck Star Tower. Luo Feng could clearly sense how powerful the move was, and he could immediately tell that he was able to resist it.

The prerequisite was that he had Wu Qi God and Blood Shadow Blade!

“Hide in Star Tower all you want if you’re such a coward,” Sector Beast Beddy said savagely. The enormous image of the Sector Beast behind it had disappeared while that bloody engraving picture merged with its skin.


Sector Beast Beddy turned around and started to flee. It wasn’t stupid. Luo Feng could easily resist Destruction by hiding in Star Tower, so there was no point for it to keep fighting.

“You’re the most powerful Sector Beast, Beddy,” said Luo Feng. “Why are you leaving so soon?”

Star Tower quickly flew toward Beddy.

Hua! Hua! Hua!

Both Pearl of the Golden Ocean and Shi Wu Wing were trying to control the golden waves and the time and space that were frozen in place. They were both constricting Beddy. Luo Feng was already terrifically fast under his limit, and Beddy was strictly suppressed, so they were getting closer and closer.

“Damn it.” Beddy looked ferocious. It was so furious that it was clenching its teeth.

It didn’t bother to separate its body, as it knew that if it did, those 99 bodies wouldn’t be able to resist Star Tower.


Star Tower rushed at Beddy, getting closer to it.

“Beddy!” yelled Beddy.

Hong! Long!

A godly power wave immediately rushed out, enveloping Beddy, who was trying to run away. Although godly power itself couldn’t do much to slow it down, it was like tossing red-hot iron into water, and when the godly power ocean surrounded Sector Beast Beddy—

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The godly power and the power of the Sector Beasts kept consuming each other. Beddy was infuriated. It had never been suppressed like this in its life. Now, it understood that the godly power of Milky Way Horde Leader was much greater than he was, which was why he had dared to use that move.

“Do you really think you can kill me with that move?” Beddy looked at Star Tower with both its heads. “Come out and fight me if you dare.”


A white being flew out of Star Tower.

Beddy was astounded. He hadn’t expected Milky Way Horde Leader to be brave enough to fly out of Star Tower.

Isn’t he afraid that I’m going to kill him? Beddy wondered, confused.

Beddy had been forced into a difficult situation and had almost decided to use Sector Light Portal to run away, as that was the ultimate means of escape. But once it was performed, it had to burn its own “sector,” reducing the level of its sector by at least one full level.

Beddy was a Sector Beast at level five, so if it performed Sector Light Portal, it would at least drop down to level four, which meant it would at least need to eat 30 Sector Beasts at level four to get back to level five. It wouldn’t resort to that move unless its very life was threatened.

“Beddy!” Luo Feng flew toward Beddy with Blood Shadow Blade in hand. “I respect you and will kill you in a fight.”

“Arrogant!” Beddy grew even angrier.

All of a sudden, bloody engravings appeared on its skin again and were spinning around its godly body. They flew behind its body, and it started to glow. The light quickly condensed. The bloody engravings were like the skeleton, forming a gleaming Sector Beast once again. Beddy and the Sector Beast image utilized the same move. They both reached out their right hands.


Beddy performed its most powerful move yet again. Though it also consumed a great deal of energy, it wasn’t as relentless as Sector Light Portal.

“Great.” Luo Feng stared at the radiant, gleaming whirlpool portal, trying to study it.

Why had Luo Feng come out to fight it? Because he wanted to witness the move “Destruction.” Destruction contained part of the destruction origin, and unless he was fighting a Sector Beast, he didn’t have any other chance to comprehend it.

“So, that’s how it works…”

While Luo Feng was watching it, his godly power body was analyzing it in a place where time moved ten million times faster.

Beddy glared at Luo Feng, clenching its teeth. “Die!”


The gleaming whirlpool portal crushed everything in its path and flew at Luo Feng. It destroyed all it touched. Nothing could stop this whirlpool portal that represented destruction, yet Luo Feng stood still with his Blood Shadow Blade, concentrating on the whirlpool portal.

Luo Feng suddenly waved the Blood Shadow Blade in his hands. “Light wing.”

Blade light burst forth, and all of a sudden, an enormous white dragon with huge wings appeared. The dragon was over 100 million kilometers long. Its individual scales were distinct. Each scale was brighter than a star, and the eyes looked indifferent. It shook its wings, then struck the whirlpool portal with its head lowered.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The whirlpool portal and the light wing dragon suddenly struck each other.

Luo Feng was as powerful as a true god of void space, and he had Wu Qi God, Blood Shadow Blade, and Duan Mie. The attack was just as powerful as a top-tier true god of void space and could have destroyed a miniature universe.

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