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«Supreme Harem God System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1161 W What did you do to mea?|

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Chapter 1161 W What did you do to mea?|

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1161 W-What did you do to me…


A loud explosion was heard.

Step Step Step

The smoke and dust hadn't even settled but the two people who were caught in the explosion could hear footsteps that seemed to be getting close to them.

"Hmm. That was much stronger than I expected.

Guess I wouldn't have to fight today as well."

Nux spoke leisurely as he continued to walk forward. His Clones then appeared in front of him, passing the Arcane Missile to him, they disintegrated into nothingness.

"It does cost quite a bit of Essence though…" He muttered to himself. Almost half of his Essence was used for this attack.

Not that it would matter, with his Incubus Blood flowing through his veins, recovering Mana and converting it to Essence was not a big deal.

"Y-You fucking bastard!"

Suddenly, Nux heard an angry shout.

A smile appeared on his face as he then waved his hand to clear all the smoke and dust away and have a good look at the fish he just caught.


Nux finally raised his eyebrow.

"You are a woman? And quite a beautiful one at that. That's a surprise."

He spoke as his eyes fell on the woman lying on the ground, her face bloodied, her cloak completely torn off and there were burn marks all over her body.

This however, didn't stop Nux from having a good look at her features, her green eyes glared at Nux in anger, her skin was white, she had short black hair with a few stripes of Green added in, it was a unique color that gave her a special charm.

What attracted Nux the most, however, were her fierce eyes that seemed to hold the anger of all the world in them.

"Nux Leander." The woman spoke in a hoarse voice, she wanted to stand up and attack Nux at that moment, but she couldn't do it. She didn't have enough strength to do so.

The Arcane Missiles could even harm a Divine Stage Cultivator, so although this time, the number of Arcane Missiles of the Mana provided to it was less than what was used against Prima, there was no way this woman could have gotten out of this situation without any harm.

Half of her left hand had disappeared, her legs were charred black and were in a completely unusable state, her right arm seemed like it was in a better situation, but that wasn't usable either.

The woman was completely helpless, but even then, she didn't give up on glaring at Nux as if he were her worst enemy in the entire world.

"Hey, hey, don't expect me to apologize just because you are a beautiful woman, okay?

I am not weak to beautiful women.

Not to mention that you aren't even that beautiful, just slightly above average."

Nux shrugged jokingly.

"You are a coward." The woman spoke in a hoarse voice, not caring about whatever bullsh*t Nux was spouting.

"Hmm? I wouldn't want to hear that from a member of the Black Order. You people have been hiding for literally hundreds of thousands of years, who is the real coward here?" Nux questioned.

Then, however, a frown appeared on his face and,

"Wait, are you really from the Black Order? You are a member of the Fallen Clan… Fallen huh…?

Well, the timeline does match, you were one of those Clans that emerged when all other clans representing the Dark Order emerged, so you should be part of the Black Order as well."

Nux muttered.

Yes, he had remembered the names of all the Clans that could possibly be affiliated with the Black Order and didn't just leave everything on Amaya this time.

He realized that his wife had better things to focus on than to keep telling him things that were normally obvious. Not to mention that with different dimensions being around, the chances of him being able to contact his wives were not 100%.

He needed to keep himself up to date.

"H-How did y-you…"

While Nux was thinking about all this, the woman, on the other hand, couldn't believe what she heard and widened her eyes in surprise.

"Hmm? Are you not Morwen Curse of the Fallen Clan?" Nux tilted his head in confusion.

The woman froze.

She was indeed a member of the Fallen Clan, however, she had never made a public appearance, it should be absolutely impossible to know about her unless…

Unless there was a mole in their ranks…

'But how is that possible!?'

Morwen couldn't believe the theory that she just come up with. Honestly, now that she was in such a position, she planned to end her own life, now, however, things had changed.

The possibility of their being a mole in their Clan…

She needed to alert her allies in some way or the other!

'Is it the Order? Did they arrange it? But how did they break through our defenses? That should not be possible. Also, how does he know about it? Is his connection to the Order stronger than what we initially thought?

I need to alert them.

Nux Leander is dangerous.

He was able to sneak up on me and put me in such a state… No normal Semi Saint should be able to do it.

He is much more dangerous than what we initially thought.

We need to change our approach towards him.'

Morwen thought inwardly as she observed Nux with a careful look on her face.

Of course, what she couldn't imagine was that she was looking too deeply into the situation, there was most probably not a single mole in her Clan, as for Nux knowing 'secret'.

Well, there was a simple explanation for that.

[Name: Morwen Cruse.]

[Age: 4376]

[Cultivation: Saint]

[Race: Decay Demon]

[Occupation: Member of the Fallen Clan] [LVL: 153]

[Battle Power- 2,800,867]

[Potential a?? 10,000,000]

The upgraded [Eye of Discerning] was enough to give Nux whatever answer he sought.

"A Complete Saint huh… you are slightly weaker than me if we compare only Battle Power, but again, I know that Battle Power is a terrible way to predict the result of a battle.

I can destroy you with my eyes closed.

That inflated Battle Power of yours is absolutely meaningless."

Nux commented and even though Morwen didn't understand what he was talking about, she certainly didn't like it one bit.

"Quite rich coming from a guy who attacked from behind, not to mention used artifacts rather than attacking on his own."

She snorted.

Nux, however, just shook his head, "Again, words like that coming from people like you are meaningless, so don't bother and the fact that you allowed me to sneak up on you speaks volumes in itself. If you are so useless that you can't even sense my presence, how are you supposed to defeat me?

Also, keep this in mind, the reason I used Artifacts was not because I was unsure of defeating you, but because I wanted to make the future story more reasonable so that you could be more useful to me after turning into my Slave.

If you don't believe me, I'll prove it to you when we spar, but that will be done after you become my Slave. There are also some things that I wish to know, so I am hoping that you will be cooperative."

Nux spoke as he walked forward and stuffed a high-grade Healing Potion into the mouth of Darrain, who was caught up in the explosion as well.

"The missiles weren't even aimed at you, why do you look like you are about to die…? You even knew I was coming, how could you be this useless…? For God's sake, you are a fucking Saint you bastard."

Nux shook his head. Then, he used Celestial Heal, an Artifact given to him by Rune, and once the Artifact was used, Darrain finally regained his consciousness, but before he could say anything, "Don't disturb me."

Nux threw him into the Portal and closed it.

"You are delusional if you think I will submit to you," Morwen spoke as she glared at Nux.

Nux however, just smiled.

"Darling, you have no choice."

Then, he grabbed her hair, lifted her head, then, his Golden eyes turned purple and,

"Morwen Curse, are you willing to be my Slave."

[Say yes.]

Nux ordered and as he did, Morwen's eyes widened in horror.

"Y-You are a V-Vampire…"

She realized.

"B-But… you are a human…"

She couldn't understand.

Nux was clearly a human, how can he be… a Vampire…

"Hmm? Is it still not strong enough?" Nux frowned in confusion.

His eyes then turned Purple, then turned Red again, he turned towards Morwen again and,

[Say Yes.]

He ordered.

And this time, Morwen's bright eyes turned dull.


She spoke and a message appeared in front of Nux.

[Slaves: Morwen Curse.]

A big smile appeared on his face as he stood up. It did cause him a slight headache, both an Incubi and a Vampire are known for their high Mental Powers, combining their mental powers, was not an easy feat, especially since they dealt with 2 completely different areas. One dealing with [Charm] and the other in [Illusion].

"Fuck… I should have just tortured her…"

Nux cursed as his headache increased.

"W-What did you do to me…?"

Morwen, on the other hand, had no clue what happened to her.

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