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«Supreme Emperor of Swords (Web Novel) - Chapter 976 He Really Couldn’t Bear Them

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Chapter 976 He Really Couldn’t Bear Them

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“Go away,” Ding Hao replied with only two words.

The expression of the master from the God’s Palace with white hair and beard changed. His attitude suddenly turned cold and he said, “Young man, don’t be insensible. Don’t be an overreacher. Thinking more than an angel, living no better than a rat. You are destined to be just a foil. Why do you have to compete with His Highness Ding Ling and the others? Even His Highness Ding Ling may not have the chance to obtain the Immortal Artifact.”

“You’ve lived in vain for so many years.” Ding Hao sneered. He really despised these God Realm Masters. Opportunities, talents, and efforts were indispensable for those who could reach this realm, but these people in front of him really did not have the bearing that a God Realm Master should have.

In Ding Hao’s imagination, God Realm Masters should be like the God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region and the Central Region Supreme God of War. They should support the fate of a clan, suppress alien clans, and live for the survival of the clan, but these God Realm Masters were just the stooges of the God’s Palace.

“Looks like you’re courting death.” The expression of the God Realm Master with white hair and beard turned ghastly. He smirked and said, “Go to hell then.”

Before his voice died away, he had suddenly made a move. With a shake of his palm, three streams of flowing light burst out without warning. He had used hidden weapons.

Fortunately, Ding Hao was prepared. With a shake of the divine sword Sky Attack in his hand, the three piercing nails were knocked away.

“Old dog, you are vainly in the God Realm. You attacked a man of the younger generation with hidden weapons!” Ding Hao shouted and was about to make a move.

But at this moment—


A light golden square seal fell from the sky.

With the cultivation of the God Realm Master with white hair and beard, he was unable to react at all. In an instant, he was pressed beneath the square seal, which left a deep square pit on the ground. When the seal rose again, there was only a pool of dark red muddy blood below…

The God-suppressing Seal!

The Divine Artifact from the Land of Infinity completely crushed this God Realm Master.

“It’s for returning your favor. Leave immediately. I’ll deal with them.”

Yu Miejue slowly walked over, and the God-suppressing Seal above her head was spinning. After absorbing the golden Immortal Qi in the Gold Divine Hall, this seal had some kind of change, and it became more powerful. There was a kind of aura surging as if it could kill gods and demons.

“Bitch, you dared to kill a man from the God’s Palace?” The other two God Realm Masters were both shocked and furious. One of them was holding a silver spear in his hand. He suddenly shouted and stabbed with the spear with a shake of his hand. The spear radiance broke the void into pieces.


The God-suppressing Seal fell down.

The God Realm Master holding the silver spear had only resisted for a moment before the silver spear in his hand was shattered. He spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying backward. His body was almost broken into pieces inch by inch. Obviously, he was no match for his opponent.

The current Yu Miejue was no longer the young girl in the Towering Buddha Pagoda who had just obtained the God-suppressing Seal and could not fully activate it. She had long completely integrated with the God-suppressing Seal and had mastered how to control it skillfully. Under her control, the divine seal was extremely powerful. It was difficult for a master at the initial stage of the God Realm to resist her attack with the seal.

The beautiful girl looked majestic like a Killing God. She had an invincible aura.

The expression of the remaining God Realm Master from the God’s Palace changed greatly. He turned around and left when he noticed that the situation was disadvantageous.

“You who have no guts, where do you think you can run to?” Yu Miejue’s eyes were full of killing intent. She did not intend to let him go. With a stir of her mind, the God-suppressing Seal with destructive power turned into a beam of light and was about to fall on the God Realm Master.

“Bitch, why do you have to kill us all!” The God Realm Master from the God’s Palace couldn’t fly and he was on the verge of being killed. Although he was terrified in his heart, he shouted fiercely, “Aren’t you afraid of the revenge of the God’s Palace?”

Yu Miejue sneered and said, “The Fake God Emperor’s stooges all deserve to die.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the God-suppressing Seal fell down and directly smashed the God Realm Master from the God’s Palace into meat paste. Even his divine soul had dissipated. He was dead as a doornail.

Ding Hao was stunned.

“What a ruthless move!

“Why does it sound like Yu Miejue doesn’t have a good impression of the God’s Palace? It seems that there is a deep grudge between them. The God-suppressing Seal is really much more powerful than before. It can kill a master at the initial stage of the God Realm in an instant.”

Ding Hao was a little envious.

The God-suppressing Seal and the Heavenly Samsara Disc were both among the Three Great Divine Artifacts in the Towering Buddha Pagoda. Why was the power of the God-suppressing Seal getting more and more terrifying? However, the Heavenly Samsara Disc he had obtained was like a lazy lord who was difficult to be served.

“Look at her Divine Artifact…”

The surrounding area was in chaos, and people engaged in ruthless battles.

Many people with outstanding strength defeated their opponents as soon as possible and continued to rush toward the strange peak. This scene was even crueler than the previous Battle of the Chosen on the golden fighting rings. Many masters who survived the Battle of the Chosen lost their lives here.

Ding Hao and Yu Miejue walked forward side by side.

Along the way, there were many black-armored monsters rushing out to stop them, but they were instantly killed by Yu Miejue, who was controlling the God-suppressing Seal. When others saw that the girl was so murderous, none of them dared to stop her again.

Ding Hao soon discovered a strange phenomenon.

The zombie-like black-armored monsters did not kill or impede masters from the God’s Palace. They seemed to be able to distinguish between enemies and friends in a certain way. All those who were not from the God’s Palace would suffer from the monsters’ crazy suicidal attacks.

The combat strength of these black-armored monsters was very powerful. Many people had to engage in tough battles. Some masters were attacked by dozens of black-armored monsters together and finally died with unwillingness.

“These combat dummies of undead creatures must be a force of the God’s Palace.” Ding Hao was sure at this time.

In the sea of consciousness of the man with a golden hook in his hand, Ding Hao saw Ding Tong’s back. Ding Tong had something to do with the dark power. Combined with all the signs, the truth of the issue was obvious. It seemed that the forbearance and silence of the God’s Palace these days were not really a show of weakness. Instead, it was scheming in the dark.

“Chase after them!”

Ding Hao increased his speed, and his powerful physical strength broke out. He was so fast that it looked like he was flying close to the ground.

Yu Miejue was fast, too.

She stood on the God-suppressing Seal and could fly in the air in this way.

Suddenly, Ding Hao’s eyes fell on a black light not far away in front of him. It was speeding wildly and silently toward the distant immortal peak. Its speed had far exceeded that of ordinary low-level God Realm Masters. It was the mysterious old guide with messy hair.

He was acting sneakily. There were two small red nails on his two thighs and two on his two insteps. He was advancing at high speed as if he had tied a Divine Speed Talisman on his body.

“This guy has managed to reach this place alive?” Ding Hao was secretly surprised.

Previously, the old guide with messy hair was with Evil Moon, the Demon King. He should have been swept into the Gold Divine Hall. Ding Hao was not surprised about this. What surprised him was that the old guide with messy hair, whose cultivation seemed to be only in the Martial Emperor Realm, had survived all rounds of Battle of the Chosen.

“Could it be that he was concealing his strength previously? Who exactly is he?”

At the moment when Ding Hao saw the old guide with messy hair, he couldn’t help but think of Evil Moon, the Demon King. He felt a little sad. When he thought that it might be this guy who had enticed Evil Moon to go to the Saint-alighting Mountain Range, he shouted, “Hey, Qu Feng, stop right there. Why are you here?”

The old guide with messy hair was sneaking forward. He was startled by Ding Hao’s shout and looked frightened. He subconsciously wanted to sneak into a crack in the mountain. Suddenly, he realized that the voice was a little familiar. He turned his head and saw Ding Hao. “Boss, it’s you. It’s so good to see you again. I was separated from the Fat Cat…” he immediately said with joy.

Looking at his smiling face, Ding Hao felt he could say nothing.

Ding Hao’s Mind Essential intuition told him that the joy and relief that the old guide with messy hair showed at this moment was definitely not fake. Previously, the fear and panic on the guide’s face were not fake, either. It seemed that he had a hard time these days.

“Let’s go.” Ding Hao waved his hand and continued to rush forward.

The old guide with messy hair immediately followed Ding Hao excitedly and breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t have to worry anymore. The young boss had a reassuring aura, which made the old guide with messy hair trust him.

“We’re almost there.”

Ding Hao looked up and saw that the mountain peak emitting the chaotic immortal Spiritual Qi was right in front of him. He could feel the Spiritual Qi was getting denser and denser. The strange immortal aura could make every cell in a man’s body groan comfortably.

Qi power was surging behind them. More and more people caught up.

“Let’s go!”

Ding Hao and Yu Miejue looked at each other and continued on their journey.

Finally, they arrived at the foot of the immortal peak.

“This mountain peak is a little strange…” Ding Hao tried to jump with strength in his legs, but he was surprised to find that he could only jump less than two meters high. The kind of restriction formation of the rules for flying became more and more horrible. Not only could people not float in the void, but even jumping was suppressed.

Yu Miejue tried to use the God-suppressing Seal to fly but soon failed.

This Divine Artifact had also lost some effectiveness here.

“Let’s crawl up.” Yu Miejue’s gaze was firm.

Ding Hao looked up at the towering peak reaching the clouds. If they climbed up step by step, it would definitely take at least one or two days. He thought of the people he had seen before. If those people could jump and fly, he was afraid that when he climbed to the top of the peak, the Immortal Artifact would already have been taken away by those people. He would have no chance to get it.

But there were no other ways to go up except climbing.

Ding Hao gritted his teeth and climbed up after Yu Miejue. Holding onto the protruding stones, Ding Hao was agile like a strong ape. He climbed up as fast as lightning.

The old guide with messy hair gritted his teeth and inserted a small red nail into each palm. His palms now looked as if they were made of red metal. His nails grew wildly and became like divine weapons. He could easily insert his nails into the rocks.

Like a koala bear, he climbed up the mountain as he kept inserting his claws into the rocks.

The speed of the three was not slow.

After 15 minutes, the three of them were six to seven hundred meters above the ground. As for the latecomers, they began to frantically climb the peak as well.

The mountain peak was very steep and was almost vertical to the ground. It was extremely difficult to climb it.

Since there was suppressive power in this place, even the masters who came here could hardly imagine whether they would fall to their deaths if they accidentally fell off the cliff.

“Phew, there seems to be a stone platform in front of us. We can have a rest there.” Ding Hao saw a protruding stone platform about 50 meters above his head. It was like a small square. He was delighted and told Yu Miejue about it.

There were beads of sweat on the forehead of this gorgeous and cold girl.

The entire immortal peak was enveloped by a strange force field. The higher they climbed, the stronger the gravity they would face. When they climbed more than 700 meters, the three of them felt as if they were carrying a heavy ancient mountain on their backs.

“Watch out!” Yu Miejue suddenly gave a warning loudly.

Ding Hao looked up, only to see an arrow silently shoot down from above with gruesome and vicious intention. He quickly changed his position and dodged it at the critical moment. The arrow was close to the mountain wall as it shot down, and a master from the Beast Clan got shot. He screamed and fell off the mountain wall.

“It’s him again.” Ding Hao gritted his teeth.

The person who had launched the sneak attack was the master from the God’s Palace who was with Ding Ling before.

He was standing on the stone platform above and looked down with a mocking and cruel look. There was a sinister glint in his eyes. The strange longbow in his hand was pulled into the shape of a full moon. Ten light arrows were slowly formed and were aimed at Ding Hao and the other two.


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