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«Supreme Emperor of Swords (Web Novel) - Chapter 839 The Reincarnation of the Immortal Emperor Star

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Chapter 839 The Reincarnation of the Immortal Emperor Star

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His gigantic body trampled directly on Zhang Fan like a collapsed ancient mountain.


Zhang Fan was knocked back by its tremendous force and hit the net of golden light beams in the void.

The Black Buffalo suddenly crashed into Zhang Fan with agility and speed that would not normally come from such a huge body.

With Zhang Fan’s strength, if he displayed the power of the Ten Shadowy Totems, he might have a chance to defeat a middle-level Martial Sage. However, when facing the senior Demon Saints such as the Black Buffalo Demon Saint, he simply did not have the slightest ability to retaliate.

A while ago, Ding Hao, Zhang Fan, and Xie Jieyu shuttled back and forth in the army of the Demon Clan. The two Demon Saints couldn’t stop them, for fear of injuring the disciples and masters of the Demon Clan. However, if the two Demon Saints displayed magical powers with all their might regardless of their subordinates’ lives, Ding Hao and the other two geniuses would soon fall into a disadvantage.

“Let’s end this fight as soon as possible!”

Ding Hao flashed continuously to avoid the invisible sound waves. Suddenly, he stopped in the void. The Devil Saber in his left hand and the Rusted Sword in his right hand were activated almost at the same time. Bi Fang’s Fire in his chest’s Upper Dantian and the Hell Ice Qi of the Lower Dantian under the abdomen were surging wildly and burst out all the strength in an instant.

It was the first time that he had activated the power of the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword at the same time with all his power.

The scorching hot and the extreme cold gradually emerged in Ding Hao’s hands.

The Rusted Sword buzzed in his hand, and the rust granules fell off the blade-like living creatures, rotating around the huge crystal blade. Clusters of hot flames and mysterious powers spread out from the sword.

The broken blade of the Devil Saber burst out a bizarrely diabolical red light, and glow completed the blade. Ancient and mysterious blood runes flickered in the fissures as if an ancient Devil was reborn at this moment, and the destructive power emanated outward.

At that moment, the whole world seemed to be trembling.

Miles within in the surrounding area, all warriors of the Demon Clan and the Human Clan had an indescribable strange feeling at the moment. They couldn’t help but have an urge to kneel and prostrate themselves.

Everyone was looking in the direction of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect from afar in shock.

Millions of experts of martial artists were surprised to find that the familiar weapons in their hands seemed to come alive at the moment. The weapons went out of control and began to tremble as if the souls were trembling and prostrating to their king.

“What’s going on?”

“Why can’t I control my weapon now?”

The crowd was in a state of shock.

A rogue swordsman was shocked. He looked at the trembling long sword in his hand and said, “Old chap, what’s wrong with you? What makes you so excited?”

In the divine temple of a great force of the Demon Clan, the same things happened.

An elder of the Demon Clan shouted in panic, “What’s going on? Why was the Ancestral Weapon wailing and howling? What happened? What kind of power is it? How could it interfere with the operation of the Ancestral Weapon?”

Outside the divine temple, numerous people of the Demon Clan also felt that the inexplicable terror had strangled their throats.

Everyone was panicked, although nobody mentioned it.

The Ancestral Weapon that had maintained its power in slumber suddenly fluctuated in panic. The weapon spirit in it trembled as if it had encountered the most terrifying opponent, which was nearly a breakdown of will.

“What kind of power has reappeared in the world and awakened the Ancestral Weapon? Go and check it out now! That is where the Snow Province in the Northern Region is located!”

After receiving the command, masters of the Demon Clan all rushed up to the sky and flew toward the Snow Province.

Tens of thousands of miles away, in a human sect, the Sect Master looked at the broken divine sword in the ancestral temple in horror. “What on earth happened? The sect-guarding divine sword has awakened as if it had sensed something. What is summoning it?”

The divine sword was passed down from archean times. Unfortunately, it was broken, and its weapon spirit was obliterated. It was no longer as powerful as it was when killing demons. The sect had fed this divine sword with the blood of the most powerful experts for many years and hoped that they could revive it. Unfortunately, they had done everything in vain. Almost everyone did not expect that this divine sword would revive now, and the glory of the divine sword had been buried in time and tides.

However, at this moment, the broken divine sword which had been dim began to shake. Then, with a golden brilliance slowly spreading out from it, the strange power of divinity engulfed the entire sect.

“The divine sword came to life!” The Sect Master burst into tears of joy.

Tens of thousands of disciples of the sect were also cheering.

Tens of thousands of kilometers away from there was a mysterious place. 108 strange round floating mountains were slowly rotating in the void and changing their trajectory at a weird rhythm and speed. They seemed to correspond with the rotation and revolution of stars as if they were the Wheel of Fate. The thick air in the void flashed like transparent ripples.

At the foot of those 108 round mountains were black and white temples shaped like yin and yang fish.

Fog has filled the air in the temple.

The three old Taoists with gray hair and gray beard were sitting cross-legged on a rush cushion, being the Heavenly Taoist, the Earthly Taoist, and the Human Taoist respectively.

“Amazing! Amazing! The Immortal Emperor was reincarnated and the tribulation finally started!” The Heavenly Taoist with gray hair and a childlike face suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were gray without pupils, but there was something like a galaxy floating inside.

“The cry of tens of thousands of warriors is a sign of killing. The Asura World is about to be opened.” The Earthly Taoist with gray hair and a childlike face was lost in thought. His eyes were as dark as the abyss, without any light in them.

Hearing this, the Human Taoist also opened his eyes. Endless white divine lights burst out from his eyes as if he had seen through the vanity of life. He solemnly said, “The Immortal Emperor Star moves erratically, which is a sign of instability.”

“Anyway, with the reincarnation of the Immortal Emperor Star, it’s the time for the primeval world to re-emerge.” The Heavenly Taoist said, “We should also be ready to welcome the return of tide of energy. If we can’t return this time, it would be impossible to rebuild the Six Paths of Reincarnation.”

“Exactly,” the Earthly Taoist and the Human Taoist replied.

Numerous swords and sabers owned by the disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and by the warriors within several hundred kilometers escaped from the Red Gauze and shot toward Ding Hao, buzzing and shaking as if they were on a pilgrimage.

The power of ice and fire was gathered in Ding Hao’s body.

When the flames and the ice met, a brand-new power was generated.

It was not the elimination of mutually counteracted forces but the creation and rebirth.

Silver and golden rays of light enshroud Ding Hao.

The space and time seemed to have been frozen at the moment. The gigantic body of the Black Buffalo Demon Saint remained in a dashing position in the air. The right forelimb of the Giant Toad Demon Saint was on his belly and his left forelimb was raised high, remaining in a drumming posture.

Horror and pleading look appeared in the eyes of these two Absolute Superiors.

However, their bodies were sealed by a mysterious force, just like a snail trapped in the swamp. Instead of giving the most reasonable response, they could only struggle.

Ding Hao slowly crossed the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword in front of his chest and then slowly shot them out.

The invisible force was as irreversible as the will of immortals and demons. It surged out like a roaring river.

The Black Buffalo Demon Saint and the Giant Toad Demon Saint were already ferocious. They didn’t hesitate to burn Power of the Origin to summon all their powers. However, they still couldn’t get rid of the mysterious power. They moved still slowly and unsteadily.

In the blink of an eye, the two Demon Saints were about to die.

Right at this moment, a familiar voice resounded between heaven and earth. “Don’t be so mean. Why do you have to kill them all?” With that, a force beyond the Sage Realm came from the distant sky, trying to block Ding Hao’s attack.

It was the voice of the Supreme Master of the Demon Clan.

Now, when the Black Buffalo Demon Saint and the Giant Toad Demon Saint spotted the Supreme Master, they became wild with joy like a drowning person with his life-saving wood.

There was a vicious and angry look in their eyes. Both the Demon Saints swore that if they survived today, they would never let go of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect easily. They were no match for Ding Hao at strength, but it did not mean that they could not do anything with those disciples who were not protected by Ding Hao. The great shame made them crazy and resentful.

“They’ve intruded into the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. It was suicide. Please stay aloof from the affair.”

Ding Honglei’s voice almost rang at the same time. The Red Gauze Curtain that had enveloped the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect rose into the sky and it turned into a red barrier, isolating the power of the Supreme Master of the Demon Clan coming from afar.

The Supreme Master of the Demon Clan insisted, “Never kill a Martial Sage on the battlefield.”

Ding Honglei burst into laughter and said, “It is not the case for the intruders.”

The stalemate lasted for a moment. Finally, the Supreme Master of the Demon Clan sighed and left. With that, his power also dissipated like tides.

Ding Honglei’s Red Gauze has also retreated to the ground.

As the Supreme Master left, the hope in the eyes of the Black Buffalo Demon Saint and the Giant Toad Demon Saint quickly vanished.

Only a breeze blew their bodies that were as huge as ancient mountains.

Everything was over now.

The body of high-level Martial Sage experts who had burned Power of the Origin was finally unable to resist the mysterious power that burst out from Ding Hao’s Devil Saber and Rusted Sword. The Demon Saints stood stiff in the sky as if petrified. Very soon, there was the loud crackle of shattering bones coming from the sky. Under the glazed gazes, the gigantic bodies of the two experts turned into waves of green ash and were shattered into pieces.

They died!

The two Demon Saints died at the same time!

With the remaining momentum of the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword, the masters of the Demon Clan trapped here were also annihilated at the moment.

Ding Hao was staring at the ground in the void.

Without the support of Qi, the sound of the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword gradually weakened. The forbidden power inside them slowly receded like a tide and returned to a dilapidated rusted sword.

The golden and silver lights covering Ding Hao also dissipated gradually.


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