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«Supreme Emperor of Swords (Web Novel) - Chapter 528 Rusted Sword VS Magic Sword

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Chapter 528 Rusted Sword VS Magic Sword

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After a while, Ding Hao looked down and couldn’t see clearly the ground, which had become a bottomless chasm. As the wind howled and the red storms roared, Ding Hao found no trace of the sky and earth, and could only hear the never-ending sound of swords, as if there were only endless long swords emitting cool light in the world.

If he were to fall down, under such great pressure between the sky and earth, even Ding Hao would fall down and break into pieces and become the first great grandmaster who slipped down and died in history.

Ding Hao had to make sure that every step he took was very stable.

He had to ensure that he would not be thrown down from steps, which were less than one meter wide, by the terrible red storm.

After some time, night fell.

As the crimson moon appeared in the sky, the red storm finally stopped and the wind disappeared. The earth was filled with endless crimson brilliance. Standing high and looking down, Ding Hao saw countless metal pieces crazily absorbing the brilliance as a heaving crimson sea flooded out the innumerable swords.

Without the harassment of the wild wind, Ding Hao felt more relaxed.

In order to reach the peak as soon as possible, he did not stop to absorb the essence of the crimson moon and continued to climb.

Evil Moon and Adorable were shamelessly standing on each shoulder of Ding Hao, cozy and effortless. One was transformed into a moonlit-night wolf cat that cried and absorbed the brilliance, while the other didn’t want to lag behind and also absorbed the brilliance, flicking her tail and spitting bubbles happily.

Ji Yingqi lay quietly on Ding Hao’s back, holding a handkerchief in her hand to constantly wipe the sweat from Ding Hao’s forehead.

In fact, the handkerchief was already soaked.

As they approached, another night passed in the twinkling of an eye.

But when the crimson moon disappeared, the wild wind never appeared again.

Ding Hao looked down and he couldn’t see the ground below. Everything was covered by crimson clouds. According to the meteorology of his previous life, he knew very well that he had walked out of the troposphere and reached the stratosphere, and there would be no storms at this height of the void.

A night passed.

Ding Hao’s footsteps became slower and slower and he was not able to walk in a steady way, but his mind became more and more firm.

His physical strength was almost exhausted, and his body seemed to have lost consciousness. He just walked toward the top of the tower instinctively, but the sense of kinship coming from the calling above was getting clearer and clearer.

The peak was just a few steps away.

He sat down for the last time to adjust his breath and then picked up his pace.

After an hour, Ding Hao finally climbed to the top of the tower.

Upon climbing to the summit, he knelt down with his hands stretched out on the backs of long swords. He breathed heavily, sweating all over. It took a long time for him to recover some strength. When he looked up, he found that the top of the tower was a platform composed of countless long swords with a diameter of less than 10 meters, neat and smooth.

A piece of crimson rock lay quietly on the platform.

It was like a mass of solidified blood.

Ding Hao’s eyes froze.

But what attracted him was not the crimson rock, but the long sword that was inserted into the rock.

This was a long sword that looked light red. Its handle was crimson and it could be held by both hands. The blade was about 30 centimeters wide. It was quietly inserted in the rock, and only a small part was exposed outside the rock. A faintly indescribable devil spirit radiated from the blade, and a hint of bloody radiance clearly gleamed around the blade.

The vaguely connected sense of kinship was just coming from this magic sword.

At that moment, the sword gave Ding Hao an illusion that it had endured the tribulation for millions of years. It just lay there to wait for him.

Some power surged inside him.

Ding Hao stepped forward subconsciously and went over to the crimson rock, reaching for the handle of the magic knife.

At this moment—


The rusted sword, which had been silent for a while, suddenly shook violently in Ding Hao’s right hand.

This unprecedented tremor made Ding Hao’s wrist very numb and he was almost unable to hold it.

In the end, the rusted sword finally broke free from Ding Hao’s control.

It turned into a flowing light and flew out of his hand. Without the drive of Qi, the rust on it automatically fell off, exposing its flawless jade-like body and releasing endless radiance. The sword completely resurrected, and a kind of powerful and indescribable dreadful force was released from the sword as if it were the dominance of this world.

The silver lights shone around.

An air of mystery spread out.

At this moment, an incredible thing happened.

Almost at the same time, all the broken swords in the ninth section of the ancient westward road began giving responses as if they were responding to the rusted sword, which suddenly went mad, and there was also a wave of sword chanting sounds.

The sound was like the cries of a dragon.

Between heaven and earth, a variety of broken swords slowly floated up.

Ding Hao was so astounded that he couldn’t believe what was happening.

Ever since he picked up this rusted sword in the garbage area down the cliff, he had never encountered such a situation. The rusted sword was not as quiet as it used to be, and it took the initiative to release a frightening force that contained the power of gods. Had it completely recovered?

This force was really terrible.

It seemed that the rusted sword could destroy the small world with only one blow.

But Ding Hao could feel that the power of the rusted sword, more or less, was protecting him.

Otherwise, with its power, which almost surpassed the supremacy, with just a trace, he would be turned into ashes without difficulty.

The rusted sword exerted a force and went at the magic sword.

Before Ding Hao knew what had happened, the magic sword in the crimson rock also seemed irritated and shook violently. With a resounding sound, it immediately came alive!


Amidst the resounding screech of metal clashing, the magic sword gradually broke free from the crimson rock and showed its most true shape.

Ding Hao was so close to it, so he first saw the whole image of the magic sword.

To his surprise, the magic sword was not intact.

It was broken.

Only two-thirds was left, while the remaining one-third was missing. The fracture was incomplete, and part of the blade tip was also gone. This was a broken sword without its tip.

More oddly, not merely was the body of the sword broken.

Even the remaining blade, which was attached to the handle, was smooth, but it was also torn and cracked. He could see through the clearly visible crack on its body. Between the cracks, there were only crimson rust-like stains connected, as if it would fall apart at the slightest touch or with a gust of wind.

But the power that came out of the broken blade was astonishing.

Ding Hao clearly saw that after the blade broke free from the rock, a series of flame-like inscriptions flashed on the broken blade. He soon realized that the red stains, which did not split apart and connected the magic sword, were inscriptions.

When the inscriptions flashed to the extreme, a thin layer of bloody curtain appeared, faintly transforming into a complete crimson battle sword.

Like the birth of the devil, this magic sword immediately burst out the supreme power against the rusted sword.

As the crimson radiance spread out, the crimson storm of the whole world stopped. All the metal fragments, as if there heard the call of their king, also slowly floated up, faintly gathering toward the tower like a pilgrimage.

Ding Hao felt extremely confused about what he saw.

The rusted sword and the magic sword stood opposite each other, as if there were two supremacies standing up to each other as equals.

The broken swords on the ancient road and even the entire world were shaking and murmuring violently.

Layers of invisible breath erupted from the rusted sword and the magic sword, rushing out in all directions like raging storms and setting off waves of plume-like air to cover the whole world. The sky, the earth, and even the space barrier began to tremble. Obviously, they seemed to no longer be able to withstand the forces that this pair of swords had erupted and could collapse at any time.

However, these two swords were afraid of hurting Ding Hao and didn’t touch him.

The power released by them could even destroy all creatures and Martial Emperor and Martial Grand Emperor experts in the world, making the world tremble. But it did not affect Ding Hao at all.

“You…” Ding Hao was about to say something.




The rusted sword and the magic sword instantly turned into two flowing lights, soaring into the sky and directly puncturing the void. They cut open the space barrier, and left a shocking crack there. The two swords had a dogfight and attacked each other violently, and then disappeared without a trace.

However, their power had not disappeared in this world.

In this world of broken swords, all weapons were still shaking and mourning.

Ding Hao stared dully at the sky as his mind went blank.

He vaguely felt that it was not the first time the rusted sword and the magic sword met, and there was a surprising sense of deja vu.

Was there any grievance between them?

Was there a story that had occurred long ago?

The minutes ticked away.

In a flash, half a day passed.

Ding Hao sat cross-legged on the top of the tower, adjusting his breath, but suddenly an anxious feeling overpowered him.

The rusted sword was his greatest trump card. Apart from its terrible power, it was also the first weapon and partner he saw since he traveled to this world. If he lost it, he would be as regretful as if he had lost an old friend.

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