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«Supreme Emperor of Swords (Web Novel) - Chapter 360 Striving For the Primordial Realm

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Chapter 360 Striving For the Primordial Realm

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It was unexpected for Ding Hao would be that brave, that he had begun to strive for the higher realm without arranging inscriptions and a tactical formation, preparing pills and dark stones to replenish his strength and having experts to stay by his side, as protectors. It was too obtrusive.

That was an extremely critical step.

Once the strength was not enough, which caused the failure of his striving for the primordial realm, all his previous efforts would be wasted. His strength of a peak Great Master would be completely resolvent and even weaker than an ordinary person. In addition, from then on, he would not be able to practice magic skills anymore, completely becoming a disabled person.

That was the so-called barrier between heaven and humans.

Also, it could be called tribulation.

That was what every warrior had to pass on the road to become an expert.

That was because a warrior needed to get rid of various post celestial defects and a threshold. From the perspective of the martial arts spirit, it meant that warriors needed to be recognized by heaven and earth. According to tradition, tribulation was the test of the shadowy Heaven and Earth Dharma on the Land of Infinity.

Martial Disciple Realm, Martial Soldier Realm, Master Realm and Great Master Realm under Primordial Grandmaster Realm did not have tribulations and were very easy to practice. However, every stage beyond the Primordial Grandmaster Realm had a tribulation, and the harder the realm you strove for, the more horrific the calamity would be.

From the cynical man’s perspective, it was too adventurous and obtrusive for Ding Hao to strive for the Primordial Grandmaster Realm without any preparation.

Wang Juefeng cried out and shot out the electricity without hesitation.

Being in the air, he raised his hands and threw several cyan jade plates, which fell evenly on the places 20 meters around Ding Hao’s body. The jade plates shone dazzlingly, and lumps of clear light waves spread silently. Then, they interconnected and became a giant inscription array to protect Ding Hao.

“Pay attention and lock off; Qi pass through the palace; three three four four; seven seven eight eight; mind to the heaven; Body was as still as roots; Mind seems to wander in the sea; sweeping between heaven and earth; connecting to the dome of God…”

A series of complicated incantations spread out from Wang Juefeng’s mouth. That was the incantation for the cultivation method that countless experts concluded when they experienced their first tribulation in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect in the past thousands of years.

At the same time—

“What happened?”

A figure flickered and Qi Qingshan, who was full of the smell of alcohol appeared on the lawn without warning. He glanced at the scene and immediately understood, “This bastard always makes trouble for me. I’ve already found that only his attack force achieved the primordial realm, but his qi cultivation was still in the realm of Great Master. However, I didn’t expect it would be so quickly…”

“What can we do, master? The Sword-hidden Peak has the Water Curtain Heaven to isolate it from the outside, so the third junior brother can’t strive for a higher realm completely. Do we need to move him somewhere outside?” The cynical man did not have a playful heart as usual.

“The strife for a higher realm has already started, so we can’t move him,” Qi Qingshan had a stern flash in his eyes and said, “Maybe this is a good opportunity… Juefeng, withdraw the Water Curtain Heaven and let Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth from the outside world come into the Sword-hidden Peak!”

“However…” Wang Juefeng hesitated a little.

“It’s ok, I have my own opinion.” Qi Qingshan raised his head and poured himself a mouthful of precious wine. Then he suddenly opened his mouth and sprayed; the gush of alcohol was like a rainbow, shooting out from his mouth. It was magnificent and had various colors, which included red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. It was like a shield, and was placed upside down over Ding Hao.

At the same time, Wang Juefeng threw a silver token.

A flame was blasted from the void space. Then, it was like countless falls precipitating down to the galaxy, and a layer of vast water curtain rippled. The sky seemed to turn into an ocean, and layers of clear and transparent water curtain slowly uncovered, then the Sword-hidden Peak showed its original appearance.

The water curtain was slowly withdrawn under the control of Wang Juefeng.

Crazy Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth in the surroundings immediately rushed rapidly to Ding Hao’s position.

The clouds between heaven and earth rolled, and various visible and invisible auras operated crazily. They gradually formed a giant spiritual qi vortex with the Sword-hidden Peak as the center. It was like a revolving and surging sea eye, displaying an incredible spectacle between heaven and earth.

“The movement of this brat is quite big!”

Qi Qingshan stood by Ding Hao, with a peculiar smile on his face.

A delicate aura bloomed silently and gradually from Qi Qingshan’s body, forming a strange force field. Grass and dust seemed to lose their weight and floated slowly. His clothes flapped in the wind, and his black long hair, which was like a waterfall also began to float.

Wang Juefeng stood by Qi Qingshan with a nervous expression, after he withdrew the Water Curtain Heaven. His vision continuously shuttled back and forth, peering at the void space around them, and he maintained complete vigilance from beginning to end.

Time flew slowly.

Ding Hao sat silently under the peach tree all the time, as if he did not know anything from the outside. The peach trees around him swayed in the surging spiritual qi vortex, and pink petals fell down. They were like raindrops, falling on Ding Hao’s head and shoulders, which was very beautiful!

What made people feel strange was that although the petals on the peach trees fell down one after another, it seemed that they would never run out. The peach blossoms on the tree were always luxuriant and the number of them was never reduced.

As time flew, the aura of Hell Ice Qi and Heaven Fire Qi surging in Ding Hao’s body became more and more ruthless. Two light columns rushed out from his head and became thicker and thicker. All of Ding Hao’s body was gradually immersed completely in the light columns.

Those two light columns were entangled and bent in the void space, which formed various strange patterns and runes. They curved like bows and extended constantly to the edge of the sky. It was like a golden dragon and a silver dragon fighting with each other, and they tore the sea of clouds in heaven; the phenomenon was full of a scary momentum.

“There are two different forces in one body, and both of them are so violent… What cultivation skill did this brat practice?”

Even if Qi Qingshan, an old monster, was informed, he was still inwardly surprised.

Though he had accepted Ding Hao as his disciple, he did not teach him any special cultivation methods or movements besides the Closed Door Sword Movement that he had previously taught him before. He didn’t even tell him how he should practice, and rarely restrained his behavior. Everything was done according to Ding Hao’s true intentions.

That was because after one year’s close observation, that old monster had already clearly found that his three disciples were not ordinary people, and they would fly to the sky sooner or later. Also, it was obvious that Ding Hao had his own opportunities and cultivation methods. If he forcibly interfered, maybe it would bring about a bad effect on Ding Hao’s practice.

Therefore, in the past ten days, though Qi Qingshan did not appear, he actually continued to observe Ding Hao secretly. At last, he chose to insist on his free-ranging style of teaching, allowing Ding Hao to do everything freely.

From that aspect, no wonder Qi Qingshan was a man in the Grandmaster Level.

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